Women who are looking for a supplemental drink mix to support their weight loss efforts will want to give Keto//OS a look. Formulated to boost energy levels and workout performance while accelerating fat burn around the abdominal section this drink mix may support faster weight loss results.

Keto//OS Amped Blue ocean is the newest flavor inspired by Pina Coladas.

Consumers looking for a way to have better weight loss success without sacrificing energy or focus will want to read further to learn more about his new product.

About Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean

Ketones have been extremely popular in the field of workout and weight loss supplements for their ability to naturally increase the body’s metabolism rates leading to faster weight loss results. Women especially can struggle to lose stubborn fat around their abdominal region and this drink mix can help.

Keto//OS Amped is now available in a Blue Ocean flavor that tastes like pina coladas. When sued regularly this powerful drink powder will give users more energy to help them power through intense workouts leading to better weight loss results without sacrificing muscle growth or overall strength.

Formulated to help prevent brain fog common when dieting and will help keep users focused and thinking clearly throughout their day. A diet rich in ketones but low in carbohydrates will not only support weight loss but it can actually help people look and feel younger.

This product by Pruvit Labs is forty percent stronger than their original Keto drink mix.

How Does Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean Work?

Ketones in supplement form make it easier for people to increase their body’s blood ketone levels more easily without following a restrictive diet that can affect mood and energy levels.

Available in single serving sachets this drink powder gets mixed with water and consumed as needed.

Since it is loaded with caffeine it is best to consume earlier in the day to keep people energized without affecting sleep quality. Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean offers anti-inflammatory properties while also supporting muscle growth and strength gains.

The combination of ingredients work to target fat cells and make them easier to burn away as energy instead or storing them as fat.

Ketones deliver better sustained energy levels than carbohydrates which is great to help people lose weight fast. Blue Ocean is the newest flavor option by Pruvit Labs and it tastes like pina colada.

Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean Ingredients

The combination of beta hydroxybutyrate along with amino acids L-Leucine and L-taurine and caffeine work to improve focus, boost energy levels, and enhance mood and sleep quality.

Keto//OS drink mix is gaining in popularity for its ability to support weight loss efforts without sacrificing energy levels or muscle mass. Keto//OS Amped is gluten free and dairy free.

Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean Pricing

It appears that this product is only available for purchase at Pruvit Training Events. Five pouch packs are available through EBay for $50.00 per set.

Other Pruvit Labs products are available online through Amazon so this flavor variety may soon be available there too.

Should You Use Keto//OS Amped Blue Ocean?

People who are looking for a new way to enhance their weight loss efforts without causing changes in mood or energy levels. Keto//OS Amped offers an easy way to boost energy levels as needed to help users tackle whatever their day throws at them with energy and focus.

Pruvit Labs offers a range of Keto//OS mixes but this version Amped offers higher levels of caffeine as well as other ingredients making it significantly more powerful than the original Keto//OS formulas.


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