Keto Dectector

Before we get into the product itself, we should start by looking at what a Ketogenic Diet is.

In its bare bones, a ketogenic diet (keto) consists of meals that are very low on carbohydrates and thus our body is able to burn fats at a very rapid pace. In terms of its benefits, a ketogenic diet has many potential uses in relation to weight loss, health and overall athletic performance. However with that being said, there are some potential side effects involved with this diet too if people are not careful.

Also, it is interesting to note that a ketogenic diet is similar to other strict low-carb diets, like the Atkins diet or LCHF (low carb, high fat).

The primary difference between LCHF and keto is the fact that protein is also restricted in the latter. This is because a ‘keto diet’ is designed specifically to induce a mechanism commonly referred to as ‘ketosis’ within our bodies. When ketosis is experienced, then users can reach optimal ketone levels and thereby maximise their health, weight loss potential, and even enhance physical and mental performance.

About Keto Detector

The Keto Detector is an all new ‘small, portable non-invasive keychain device’ that has been specifically developed to simplify the process of ‘measuring ketone levels via breath analysis of acetones’. To further expand upon this point, we can see that acetones are a particular kind of ketones that are released via our normal outbreath when the body is actively producing these compounds.

Similarly, acetoacetate is a ketone that is primarily released through urine (even though it is not chemically the same as a ketone, it still displays properties that are very similar in nature), and BHB is found in our bloodstream and is used by the cells for the release of energy.

How It Works?

In simple layman's terms, the Keto Detector is a portable device that has the potential to tell users whether their body is using glucose (carbohydrates) as its primary energy source, or breaking down body fat for the release of energy instead. This allows a person to see whether they are adhering to their dietary regime, allowing them to work towards their targets more efficiently. This results in the delivery of more energy and a whole host of other health benefits.

What Is Ketosis?

As mentioned earlier, the word “keto” in ketogenic diet comes from the fact that in the diet ‘Ketones’ are used as fuel molecules. Ketones are an alternative fuel source for our bodies and are primarily produced when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply.

In terms of production, Ketones are only produced in the human body if a person eats very few carbohydrates and only moderate amounts of protein (excess protein has also been shown to be converted to blood sugar). They are produced in the liver, from fat, and once present within our systems, they are then used as fuel throughout the body, including the brain. The brain is a highly energy consuming organ that has been found to run optimally only when it is running on glucose or on ketones.

How A Ketogenic Diet Functions?

When following a ketogenic diet, our entire body switches its fuel supply and starts to run exclusively on fat rather than carbs or sugars. During the course of this diet, the insulin levels of an individual become very low and the internal fat burning processes increase quite dramatically. It has been seen that it becomes quite easy to access our fat stores and burn off unwanted lipid and triglyceride formations.

Additionally, apart from all the weight loss effects, this diet is also amazing for people looking to feel less hungry and receiving a steady supply of energy through the course of their daily activities.

Pricing And Availability

A single unit of the Keto Detector is priced reasonably at $24.95, and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's official website. All payments can be completed using safe means like PayPal, Discover and JCB.

Keto Detector Review Summary

The reviews regarding the Keto Detector have been very positive online. Satisfied customers include Dr Emily P who says ‘Keto Detector measures acetone in your breath. This is a very effective way to identify whether you're in a state of ketosis or not. I'm a huge proponent of a Ketogenic diet as well as the Keto Detector. Similarly, Martin Oswald says ‘ I've compared the accuracy of Keto Detector side by side for 2 weeks with my blood ketone meter. The results were very consistent. These days, I'm only using the Keto Detector as it's just a much more convenient and cheaper way to identify your levels of ketones.’


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