Juice Performer – Beet & Cherry Endurance-Enhancing Body Fuel?


Juice Performer is a type of drink that helps consumers to stay energized and maintain stamina through a workout. The company offers two distinct types of drinks to help with various areas of health as needed, depending on the preference of the user.

About Juice Performer

Maintaining the same level of stamina throughout a workout can be difficult for consumers, which is why it becomes so necessary to support and nourish the body. Some people tackle this issue by balancing their diet with the right levels of protein and vegetables, while others take supplements. Even though these efforts will make it possible to increase muscle gains, consumers need a way to keep up endurance while the workout is going. That’s where Juice Performers come in.

Juice Performer give the body nutrition in a way that is fast and easy to digest, which means that the user will instantly be able to improve their endurance during a workout or any other physically demanding activity. The website advertises these drinks to improve performance, which means that consumers should use it to prepare for a workout, rather than support energy during it.

There are two drinks that the Juice Performers brand offers – Beet Performers and Cherry Performers.

About Beet Performer

There are only two options available from the Beet Performer juices are Beet Juice with B12 and Beet Juice with Passion Fruit Juice.

The B12 juice offers absolutely no sugar or caffeine, gathering all the flavor from beet juice and citric acid alone. Vitamin B12 is helpful in maintaining the health of the blood vessels. Having a deficiency in B12 is common amongst adults, and the drink includes 80% of the daily recommended amount.

The drink that includes Passion Fruit Juice has the same benefits, minus the content of vitamin B12.

About Cherry Performer

There is only one option for the Cherry Performer, exclusively using the juices that come from the tart cherry. There is a high content of potassium, which has been shown to help prevent the onset of cramping and other discomfort. It also offers a small amount of calcium (for bone strength), iron (to support blood vessels), and vitamin C (to repair various tissues in the body).

Where To Buy Juice Performer?

Whether users decide to use the Beet Performers or the Cherry Performers for their assistance, the drinks can easily be found both in stores in the area, or online stores. The only online locations that are presently authorized to sell the products include Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, and Vitacost.

The physical locations that consumers can purchase the drinks will vary, since some stores are not available in all cities. Right now, the retailers that offer the drinks include:

  • Busch’s Fresh Food Market
  • Dierbergs
  • Drug Emporium
  • Earth Fare
  • Earth Origins
  • Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
  • Hy-Vee
  • Kroger
  • Market District
  • Rosauers
  • Safeway
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Whole Foods

There is no store locator tool on the website, so it is up to the consumer to contact the specific retailer to learn more information about their inventory.

How To Use The Juice Performer

The Juice Performers are meant to be used in two diverse ways, depending on which one is chosen. The Beet Performers should be consumed as part of a pre-workout regimen, while the Cherry Performers are to be used as a recovery drink.

The Beet Performer pre-workout drink should be consumed about two hours before the user’s workout begins. The most number of cans recommended per day is two.

The Cherry Performers can be consumed right after a workout or other type of major physical activity. The company also recommends that the user drink the beverage about half an hour before they plan to go to sleep.

Contacting Juice Performer

Since there’s limited information on the two types of drinks available, consumers may still have other questions about the products.

Juice Performers Review Summary

Using the Juice Performer drinks to help with the nutrients that the body needs during a workout is critical, since there is some support that the body cannot do without during a workout. Sports drinks and similar drinks may provide electrolytes and some nutrients, but they are filled with refined sugar that can attack the immune system in a way that prevents the body from progressing. By choosing either the Beet or Cherry Performer drink, anyone can support their workout both before and after the routine.

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