Kemin Industries – Sustainable Ingredient Manufacturer?


The world is growing.

Each year the human population grows larger and larger. This is a fact that most are aware of, but don’t perceive the negative implications of such a staggering growth.

How do we feed that many people? How can we sustain a comfortable way of living for a population that shows no signs of slowing down its growth?

Fortunately, the call is answered by Kemin Industries.

This is a company that I believe will be on the vanguard to ensuring the human race maintains a certain quality of life as we grow in numbers.

Who is Kemin Industries?

Kemin Industries is a company that has dedicated itself to improving the human condition for the rest of posterity. They have a full staff of scientist that are located worldwide that have 1 goal in mind: To find problems, and then solve them.

Kemins presence is felt virtually all across the planet. The have facilities in North America, South America, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific.

Through their team of scientist, Kemin has created innovative procedures and products that are sure to improve the quality of life of all of those within their circle of influence. They do this primarily by offering food solutions that benefit both the producers and consumers.

When it comes to preserving the planet and our way of life, there’s no equal. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t companies out there with the same intention as Kemin. They do exist, just not no this scale.

The fact of the matter is as the human population grows, our resources will deplete. That’s basic math. We need as many companies as possible that are devoted to making sure our resources never run out. That’s the whole point of Kemin’s existence. To make sure we can sustain our lifestyles as the population grows.


One look at Kemins catalog will leave you with the impression that they’re trying to improve everything within the human experience. That’s barely an exaggeration.

This fact manifests itself in a number of markets that Kemin works to innovate in and improve.

Animal Nutrition Health

Animal health is important. Because of this,  Kemins influence is felt all over the animal nutrition health industry. Making our food safer enhances our health by extension.

Let’s face it, pathogens are a problem. This problem will only grow in severity as the population grows if nothing is done now.

Kemin works to provide antioxidants, antimicrobials, and mold inhibitors to keep these harmful pathogens at bay, for the sake of the planet.

Also under this umbrella, Kemin offers many trace minerals, enzymes, and biosurfactants help animals to more efficiently absorb the nutrition they’re ingesting. This makes for less feed needing to be used.

Some of the products Kemin offers in this market are Myco CURB, Sal CURB, Kem SAN, ButiPEARL, etc.

Pet Food Technologies

With pet owners seeing their pets as part of the family nowadays, it’s fitting for food companies to develop edibles that match the quality of the food of the owners.

To make this a reality, Kemin focuses on providing products that meet expectations of stabilization, palatability, and formulation needs.

Some of the products Kemin offers in this market include Naturox, Verdilox, Paramega, etc.


This market is an extension of the animal nutrition market. This is because the safety of feed and food is paramount. Anything that is to enter anyone’s system should be of the highest quality. This is true on both ends: Animals and Humans.

Kemin ensures that the food we trust manufacturers to provide is not saturated with any of these pathogens.

Healthy food makes for healthy humans, it’s that simple.

Dietary Ingredients

Kemin produces ingredients that are used for the purpose of preserving human health. These ingredients are used in dietary supplements, food, and beverages.

The ingredients are formulated to aid in weight loss, athletic performance, urinary health, and cognitive health.

Some of the products Kemin offers in this market include AssuriTEA, XSURGE, NEUMENTIX, as well as others.

Food Technologies

This is probably the biggest market Kemin is a part of. Why wouldn’t it be?

Food is one of the top needs for all of life to sustain itself. Kemin does everything from preserving food, to making it safer for consumption. It accomplishes this goal by leveraging plant based extracts, antioxidants, antimicrobials, and food safety solutions.

Some of the products Kemin offers in this market include Fortium and SHIELD.

Personal Care

The goods that Kemin produce don’t just apply to foods, your skin can also benefit from these services. Skin Care, color cosmetics, spa treatments, you name it and Kemin most likely provides it.

All of this is made possible by plant science. The molecules extracted from these plants are put to immediate and beneficial use.

Some of the products Kemin offers in this market include Rosamox and Lysofix to name a few.


This prevents fouling in the heat exchanger. Its benefits include increased plant flowablitiy, Lower energy usage, and reduced system shut down time.

Commercial Greenhouses

This market is where Kemin creates alternatives which aide customers overcome greenhouse problems.

Kemin leverages their knowledge of formulating, chemical blending, and manufacturing to help innovate in this area to ensure that plants grow effectively.

Some of the products offered in this market include Quantavene and TetraCURB


Having their hands in and being the market leader in this diverse group of industries requires a lot of man-power and a lot of science power.

For this reason, Kemin has 6 main technologies that allow it to innovate around food production and consumption. What follows is a list of these technologies:

Chemical Blending: This is the act of combining ingredients and chemicals together to birth new antioxidants, enzymes, acidifiers, and antimicrobials that enhance the quality of livestock and food industries.

Chemical Blending is used to prevent oxidation in animal feed and human food, which preserves the freshness.  It’s also used to preserve the flavor of food over time. Lastly, this can be used to stop mold on certain items, which include flour based items such as tortillas, and muffins.

Acid Neutralization: This is a process by which Kemin protects producers and their equipment from naturally occurring acid.

Minimizing this issue leads to workers not being exposed to this chemical, as well as increase the lifetime of machinery.

Industrial Fermentation: This practice takes live organism cultures and ferments them so they can be used as probiotics which offer many benefits to the human body.

Encapsulation:  Kemin packages individual particles of a product or ingredient to keep said ingredients in good condition.

Encapsulation is mainly used in the packaging of feed, which enhances the animals ability to absorb the nutrients.

Plant Science: This has been Kemins main focus for over 20 years. Their plant science includes breeding, screening, testing, growing and extraction.

The plants are mined for their beneficial properties which are used to facilitate a healthy body for humans and animals alike.

Extraction: The act of removing active ingredients from plants so their helpful properties can be used for multiple purposes.


While most businesses focus on a bottom line that has nothing to do with the environment or the betterment of the human race, Kemin Industries takes a different approach.

The solutions offered by this company are literally changing the world for the better, and they do it without an ounce of recognition from the masses.

My only hope is that more and more companies will begin to follow the example laid out by Kemin and collectively built a better planet because of it.

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