Karie – Helpful Health Prescription Mediciation Device Scheduler?


Aimed at lightening the burden of daily prescriptions, the Karie home health appliance creates schedules and organizes medications for users, insuring that the appropriate agenda is followed without the hassle and stress of manual organization.

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About Karie

Organizing and measuring out medications can be a tedious and frustrating task, especially with multiple medications. Standard organizers simply act as separate containers for pills after users first sort them by day of the week and time of day. This requires time for scheduling and then measuring out each dose.

Karie is a home health appliance that essentially functions as a personal health organizer. This machine not only holds medications, but also does the work of organizing and scheduling for the user.

Using special pouches, Karie can gather data about the medication and when it should be taken, before setting and strictly following the agenda intended by a pharmacist. This allows for greater peace of mind and independence for the user by eliminating the worry of managing medications.

Because each dose is carefully organized and compiled by a pharmacist, there is no concern for mixing up medications or forgetting a dose. Each pouch contains the proper medicine, with Karie organizing the proper intake times throughout the day.

The user is alerted by chimes and lights when it is time to take his or her medication. By removing the responsibility to set multiple alarms, he or she is free to go about daily tasks without the stress of missing a dose.

How Does Karie Work?

As a home health appliance, Karie comes in two parts: the main component features a screen and slot through which medications are ejected, while a removable cartridge is taken to the pharmacy to be filled with prescription medications.

A pharmacist fills the cartridge with pre-packaged and pre-organized pouches containing the appropriate doses of medication. Simply replace the cartridge into the main compartment and Karie will figure out the appropriate, pharmacist-designed schedule.

Medication time is announced with a chime and a lit up screen. Users must push a button to eject the correct pouch. Additionally, an app sends further reminders and alerts.

Karie Features

Removable Cartridge:

Karie’s multiple parts allow for convenient and intuitive use. A removable cartridge is essential for allowing a pharmacist to directly handle and deliver specific doses and medications.


Each pouch comes with a description of what medications are included and the time of day they should be ingested, all of which is organized by a pharmacist. Once the cartridge is replaced, Karie reads and organizes this information to create the appropriate schedule.

If users are going to be out of the house and miss doses for any reason, they can use the touch screen to enter how many doses will be missed. Karie will then eject the corresponding pouches and adjust the remaining schedule.


Smartphones can be linked to Karie through an app which sends additional alerts. The website implies that reminders might be sent for different users and family members, indicating that multiple medication profiles might be supported.

Karie Pricing

Karie is expected to be released in early 2018, though no official date has been announced. There is also no information available about the price.

Should You Use Karie?

This might be a useful product for those with several daily prescription medications that would like to be free of the hassle of organizing and scheduling various intake times.

Without a publicly set price, it is unclear who might be able to access Karie.

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