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JuvaGyn Review – Should You Try It?

JuvaGyn is a vaginal moisturizer, designed to prevent the discomfort caused by dryness. This is our review.

What is JuvaGyn?

JuvaGyn Personal Feminine Moisturizer is designed for vaginal use, and it helps to restore the moisture that you need to prevent pain and discomfort. The moisturizer is used to relief the dryness that causes itchiness, pain, and uncomfortable sexual encounters. Along with moisturizing this sensitive area, the moisturizer also helps to lubricate the area for a duration of time, which protects the vaginal tissue from becoming irritated as a result of friction.

JuvaGyn informs customers that the vagina is supposed to have a certain amount of elasticity, and a natural moistness from self-lubrication. However, many women experience vaginal dryness when they begin to go through menopause. Since the body stops producing the same amount of estrogen as before, the lack of hormones has certain effects on the body, like thinner vaginal tissue and less natural lubrication. Along with menopause, women can experience dryness from childbirth, hormone treatments that affect estrogen production, getting a hysterectomy, using a tampon, and many other reasons. Basically, dryness is fairly common, but JuvaGyn prevents you from having to deal with it.

There are have been multiple studies that support the claims that JuvaGyn can replenish the natural moisture that your vagina should have. It has been featured in women’s magazines, and also in reputable medical journals.

JuvaGyn is not a lubricant, since lubricants provide temporary moisture. JuvaGyn provides long-lasting moisture, which means that you only need to apply it every few days.

How JuvaGyn Works

While JuvaGyn doesn’t go into much detail about the ingredients that make it effective, the company does state that the formula works to correct certain issues that many women face. With the correct application of the cream, you can coat the vaginal tissues with hydration, which results in instant relief of the itchiness and discomfort associated with dryness.

While applied, the gel stays on the tissue, which means you don’t have to worry about reapplying it multiple times. The formula contains no hormones, so it won’t change the estrogen levels in your body. JuvaGyn also has no parabens in the recipe.

Using JuvaGyn

Due to the sensitive nature of this product, it seems that the makers of JuvaGyn would prefer that the consumer wait to find out about how to use the product until they receive the clear directions. However, they make note of multiple situations you should be aware of when using it.

If you are going to the gynecologist for a pap smear, the makers recommend you stop using the product a few days before hand. Since there are multiple ingredients, the application can give you inaccurate results.

You can apply JuvaGyn to your vaginal area during any type of day, but the makers recommend you maintain a schedule that involves application every one to three days. Since the product is designed to provide lasting moisture, the company clearly states you do not need to apply it immediately before intercourse. In fact, the product is so safe that women can use it during menstruation as well, which is helpful if you experience dryness while using tampons.

While using this product, it is normal to feel a warming sensation after the first use, but the sensation goes away after a few minutes.

Pricing for JuvaGyn

At this time, JuvaGyn is available for free, but that is a special that will only be available for a certain amount of time. In order to get pricing options, you must put your contact information in an electronic form on the website.

Once you enter this information, you find out that a 30mL container of JuvaGyn is priced at $19.95, which does not include shipping and handling. With the product, you get a “mystery gift” as well, but the company doesn’t describe what the gift is for obvious reasons.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return JuvaGyn within 30 days of your order. The benefit of this product is that there is no subscription required, or an auto-shipment feature you must agree to, which is something many other companies do with a “limited time only” product or special.

Contacting Neogyn: The Maker of JuvaGyn

You can speak with Neogyn, the creator of JuvaGyn, by phone or email.

Orders need to be processed by calling 1-800-657-9124. However, if you have questions that need to be answered by customer service, like questions about the products, call 1-877-963-6496. In either scenario, you can email the representatives as well at [email protected]


JuvaGyn is a good product to solve the problem of vaginal dryness that many women will experience in their lifetime at some point. Whether the dryness is caused by hormonal changes or other circumstances, this affordable cream is safe and effective when you want to keep the vagina well-hydrated and healthy, without altering the pH balance.

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