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Juice Press Review Guide

Juice Press is a plant-based beverage and food company with a variety of different products available. This is our review.

What is Juice Press?

Juice Press is a plant-based beverage and food company, which proclaims its juices are “the best on the planet.” All of the products the company distributes are fresh and safe, but also completely vegan. Many vegans have trouble finding products that do not have animal products or byproducts, but the ingredients in each food or drink are entirely vegetables, fruits, and supplements.

Juice Press is one of the few companies available that offer products that are natural, organic, kosher, and vegan. While some competitors offer a combination of these four characteristics, none of those companies also has their own store locations at the moment.

Juice Press describes on their website the exact reasons that their product is “special” (i.e. “superior”):

· A wide selection of products

· A short shelf life, due to fresh products being produces and delivered daily

· Certified USDA organic ingredients

· No high-pressure pasteurization

· No processed ingredients, preservatives, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, iodized salts, or canned products

· “The best tasting products on Earth”

· The most locations in the raw, cold pressed juice industry

· A solid team of associates

· Cold-pressed juice extraction

· Expertise in food science

· “The sharpest knives in the industry”

The company offers several locations to enjoy their products in person, but the locations are limited to the northeast area of the United States. Conveniently, you can still order any of the products from the website, with a minimum purchase of $20 for delivery in any state.

How Does Juice Press Work?

Juice Press’s creators pride themselves on the fact that all of their ingredients are fresh and clean. The company goes as far as to describe the way they clean their leafy greens, which is with the use of an industrial produce washer that uses air-powered water jets to blast the leaves.

The company doesn’t use rotary methods of juice extraction, stating that using the Norwalk Cold Press is the best machine for juicing all types of foods. Some ingredients typically yield minimal juice, so the use of this machine helps to get out as much juice as possible.

All produce is washed at one location, rather than at each of the separate stores. The company believes that it is more efficient to handle all of the washing at the corporate location, rather than assigning the work to the in-store employees.

Unfortunately, the desire for freshness in their products means that the juices and smoothies offered have a very short shelf life. By preserving the juice in the fridge, you can keep it fresh for up to three days, but the beneficial enzymes for digestion start to diminish after that point.

Juice Press Flavors and Products

Juice Press is responsible for a variety of different products, which includes:

· Juices
· Smoothies
· Super Foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
· Cleanses
· Supplements
· Vitamin-infused waters

The primary focus of Juice Press seems to be on their juice options. These juices are described by the website as “the best on the planet.” All of the juices available are not pasteurized, with a major focus on the freshness of their products. Each juice falls into one of six categories, which includes:

· Super Greens
· Fruit Forward
· Fiery Immune Boosters
· Coffees & Teas
· Specialty Milks & Shakes
· Thirst Quenchers & Shots

Most of the products available with Juice Press include the company’s “proviotic” formula, which they state is simply a vegan probiotic. Probiotics are normally used to help maintain healthy digestion, but the taste is undetectable in the drinks. The proviotic indicates in multiple recipes for Juice Press is described as “non-allergenic, truly vegan, does not require refrigeration, and will not cause gas.”

Essentially, the only difference between a probiotic and a proviotic is that the proviotic offered in Juice Press products is that it is designed for vegans, without any trace of animal products or animal byproducts. Proviotics are exclusively sold in Juice Press products, but the company also offers it in a tablet form.

Pricing for Juice Press

One of the big downsides to Juice Press is the expensive pricing for all of their products listed, regardless if you are making an in-store or online purchase.

Juices range from $3.00 to $12.99. The least expensive item listed under “Juices” is the infused water, which is 16.4 ounces. The most expensive item is Lait de Coconut, which contains both coconut water and coconut “meat.” The Lait de Coconut is only 16 ounces, and contains 540 calories.

The smoothies offered range from $9.00 to $12.00, and they are all 16-ounce containers. The least expensive items are the Almond Buttercup smoothie (590 calories) and the Simple smoothie (420 calories). The most expensive smoothie is the Rainforest smoothie, which is 420 calories.

The Super Foods is a blend of multiple ingredients and meals, but it is the broadest range of prices in the group. For $1.49, you can purchase one of the many dressings or sauces to top your salad. For $14.99, the highest price tag for food, you can get a 16-ounce serving of a variety of soups.

The most expensive purchase from Juice Press is the proviotic supplement. For even the travel-size version with only 10 tablets, you will have to pay $15.00, which seems like nothing when you compare it to the $960.00 price tag on a 12-month supply of the tablets.

The Makers Behind Juice Press

The makers behind Juice Press place a great deal of focus on Chef Daniel Ceballos, the man responsible for the creation of all of these recipes. Born in Mexico City, he is a self-proclaimed student of yoga, astrology and shamanic nutrition, crediting his experience in these areas as his reason for pursuing a career as a vegan chef.

The founder of Juice Press is Marcus Antebi, who opened the business in 2010. Little is to be said about Antebi, except that in 2014, his father David sued him to open a spinoff chain of the company in another location. At the time, Marcus told reporters, “I am particularly upset to learn about the complaint made by my father towards Juice Press — which is my baby, especially when I gave my dad the opportunity to make a career for himself operating a store, and to be healthy doing so.”

At the moment, there is no information available about a reconciliation.

Recommendation for Juice Press

Overall, Juice Press is expensive, but it also has many beneficial properties that will aid in your digestion. The price is not really accommodating for individuals who live paycheck to paycheck, which doesn’t seem to be the target audience anyway.

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