Joe Pod Coffee – Adapter Brews K-Cups In Regular Coffee Pots?


Coffee is the life blood of America.

I know, bold statement right? But think about it, is there really any other artificial substance on the planet that’s consumed more than coffee?

We start our days with this stuff. It’s seen us at our best and our worst. The relationship between coffee and those of us living in this Western Society reads like a love story.

As you can see, I’m very fond of the stuff. That’s why it’s my absolute pleasure to bring to your attention a coffee making technology that can make the process of consuming coffee even more enjoyable.

I know what your thinking: That’s not possible!

Oh my friends, but it is. It is because now Joe Pod exists. The world of drinking and making coffee will never be the same.

Let me explain.

About Joe Pod

Joe Pod is a new innovation that has taken the coffee world by storm and I’m so grateful for this existence. I’ll try to refrain from being too excited so I can write a readable article.

Why, you ask?

Because this coffee maker allows you to enjoy single served coffee out of a traditional coffee maker. Which has been completely unheard of until now. Are you excited yet?

Listen, I love coffee. Absolutely love the stuff. So believe me when I tell you that Joe Pod is something that I will personally have in my home and in the home of anyone else I love.

Why? Because I love myself, that’s why.

Benefits Of Using Joe Pod Coffee

This coffee maker is simple yet game changing, and that is by no means a hyperbole. I say this because Joe Pod is just a small pod that is placed in your filter. There’s no need to buy a whole brand new coffee maker. Your old one will work just fine.

There’s no coffee grounds or anything that’s needed. All you do is put your favorite type of coffee into the Joe Pod and place it in the filter.

Next, you choose the strength of your coffee, turn on the coffee maker, and await the marvelous brew to be finished. I’m actually in awe of you actually being able to choose how strong you want your coffee to be.

This is beautiful for many reasons. First off, since no coffee grounds are used there is no need to spend any time with clean up.

Cleaning up was the only part about making coffee that I loathed. Not only do you have to avoid spilling coffee grounds as you put them into the filter (an impossible task) but you also had to clean out the filter once your coffee was finished.

Joe Pod puts an end to all of that promptly.

Next, Joe Pod saves you money by allowing you to enjoy the superior taste to single-served coffee without paying the hefty price tag that usually accompanies it.

I don’t know about you but single-served coffee is to rich for my blood, by Joe Pod sells for only $10 per pod. That saves you a lot of money while also making your coffee taste ten times better. I think that’s a win-win.

Lastly, Joe Pod prevents waste. As I said earlier, I don’t want to spend excess money on a single-served coffee maker, so what makes you think I mind wasting coffee?

I do mind. I mind very much.

Normally when I make coffee the traditional way, I always overestimated how much coffee I actually needed. This led to me making too much and having to pour out the remaining coffee. Effectively wasting my hard earned cash.

That’s a no-no, my friends.

Since Joe Pod is single-served, I can make my coffee without worrying whether or not I’m making more than necessary.

This thing is really a game changer. Joe Pod should be in every coffee drinkers home asap!

Joe Pod Conclusion

Joe Pod is the next point of evolution for coffee makers and it matters not if you enjoy caffeinated or decaf.

This thing can potentially completely revolutionize the way we imbibe the dark brew. I’m actually adding a few pods to my cart as I write this review.

The funny thing about Joe Pod is that it’s almost too simple of a concept. Like, it should have been thought of years ago.

I certainly wish I thought of it. But i digress.

This thing should be in every coffee drinkers home and in every break room in America. The people need to know about this technology!

I’d highly suggest you get you one before they’re all sold out because at the rate I’m spreading the word about this thing, they will be soon.

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