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The internet, without any doubt, has totally redefined the way in which we purchase our products and services. Manufacturers and marketers have found new ways in which they can outdo the competition and aqcuire as many customers as possible. It’s not hard to believe that every day there are many new online outlets which crop up across the country, and all of them are trying to offer something Ipsy Shopper, unique, and versatile.

Ipsy is one such online service provider, and over the years they have been able to create quite a bit of excitement amongst a large market of customers. Hence, it would be worthwhile to know more about them and have a look at the kind of products, services, and facilities they offer.

What Ipsy Shopper Is All About

Ipsy is an online outlet which stocks and sells hundreds of products and services, much like any other online outlet. However, they offer their products and services in a slightly different way when compared to others. This is what perhaps sets them apart from many other such service providers. They have three basic ways in which they try and offer value to their customers. They allow them to shop, earn money in the process, and save the earnings. The earnings are deposited into their Paypal accounts or through other modes of payment. Hence, there are reasons to believe that they have something unique and different to offer.

You Can Shop From Some Of The Best Beauty Brands

Sitting in the comfort of your home, it is possible to shop the products belonging to the best brands. It could range from the monthly Glam Bags to the best of cult favorites. The list of brands which are available at Shopper Ipsy is quite extensive and it would be quite difficult to list them all down. However, there are some amazing names like Naked Cosmetics, Luxie, Ciate, Lord & Berry, Nude Stix, and much more. It would be advisable for potential information seekers and customers to spend some time visiting the website so that they are able to get a clearer picture of the products and services Ipsy offers to customers.

It Helps Customers To Earn Money While They Buy

This is a website that believes in rewarding the customers, who are the most important entities in the entire distribution chain. It provides them with a suitable opportunity by which they can earn money when they make purchases. Each purchase entitles the customer for some earning, and it varies from product to product. Since the number of products in is the hundreds, there are many chances of regular purchases from this website. For dozens of customers the earning is significant, and it could make an exciting difference to their entire monthly budget on various types of items.

It Also Allows Them To Save

The third objective of this company is to allow the customers to save money. The money which is earned by way of discounts and other special offers gets credited to the accounts of the customers. This is done through Paypal and other modes of electronic transfer of funds. This completes the entire cycle, starting from shopping with some of the best brands and ending with saving money. Hence, at the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that the customers get good value for their money. The website is also able to bring in new customers because they offer some of the best brands and the chance to earn money on each purchase is a big takeaway.

How The Ipsy Shopper App Functions

The company has a unique way of bringing in customers to its fold. They have a monthly subscription system. With this objective in mind they have launched Shopper. This is a modification of their earlier system. It is now possible for customers to buy a range of products directly from the site rather than wait for the monthly Glam Bag.

This could help customers to choose from a range of products of their choice instead of restricting themselves to four or five products which come as a part of the glam bag. This has resulted in many brands directly tying up with Ipsy, and as of a few years ago, it is believed that Ipsy has been able to raise around $100 million through this model which is quite attractive to say the least.

They would like to move away from the tag of being a subscription community to more of a disruptive beauty community. Furthermore, as far as the conventional Glam Bag is concerned, Ipsy is bringing in many changes to it. It would be pertinent to mention here that each month they try to add at least 10,000 variations to the Glam Bag, and this is something which has been very well received by customers. These variations are not picked randomly but are based on deep research using the various touch points of subscribers and other stake holders.

It Depends On Word Of Mouth

Ipsy Shopper depends quite heavily on word of mouth. This method is often followed because it helps to keep the cost of customer acquisition low and manageable. With the subscriber base increasing regularly, there is no doubt that it provides Ipsy with cash flow good enough to move to other horizons.

The Downsides To IPSY Shopper

While there is no doubt that it is a wonderful business model with a win-win situation for all the stakeholders, Ipsy has to be careful when it comes to unbridled expansion of brands and products. This could lead to loss of focus and many brands might use this platform to further their products aggressively and then move away to something greener and more lucrative.

Furthermore, these brands usually try and tap the urban market. However, the good thing about Ipsy is that they are strong in the semi-urban market. Hence, they are in a much stronger position because customers belonging to this category believe in word of mouth and the loyalty is also likely to be much stronger.


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