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Actalin Review

Actalin is a thyroid supplement that uses iodine and other nutrients to restore your thyroid health. Here’s our Actalin review.

What is Actalin?

Actalin is a thyroid supplement that uses a formula containing a blend of 17 different nutrients – like iodine, L-Tyrosine, ashwagandha root extract, and other vitamins and minerals.

Priced at around $40 for a monthly supply of 60 capsules, Actalin promises to give your body the essential ingredients it needs to support healthy thyroid gland functionality.

Some of the other promised benefits of Actalin include:

— Supports Thyroid Functionality
— Supports Adrenal Health
— Supports Energy Metabolism
— Boosts Circulatory Health
— Supports Immune System Functionality
— Fights Against Free Radical Damage

Actalin is made by an American nutritional supplement manufacturer named Medix Select.

In their sales copy, the creators of Actalin try to convince you that poor thyroid health could be the culprit responsible for everything from your weight gain to moodiness to low energy levels.

In reality, millions of people do suffer from thyroid problems. However, Actalin makes it seem like everyone can benefit from the supplement. In one section of their sales copy, Actalin claims that “a majority of American adults suffer from sub-optimal thyroid function”. Medix Select doesn’t mention a source for that statistic.

How Does Actalin Work?

Actalin claims to work using an all-natural formula. That formula contains “a strategic blend of 17 nutrients”.

One of the key ingredients in Actalin is iodine. Starting in the 1970s, nutritionists started claiming that we got plenty of iodine from iodized salt. However, this has led to people who don’t have enough iodine in their systems today. Since iodine plays a crucial role in thyroid health and in other parts of your body, many people find they can boost their thyroid health by raising iodine levels.

There are 200mcg of iodine in each serving (2 capsules) of Actalin. That’s 133% of your daily recommended value.

Other key ingredients in Actalin include vitamin E (333% Daily Value), Riboflavin (294% DV), Niacin (150% DV), and Manganese (100% DV).

All of the above are fairly common vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. But Actalin also includes some unique ingredients – especially when you start looking at its Proprietary Blend of herbals and botanicals.

That blend includes Adrenal Glandular Bovine Powder, for example. Medix Select describes that powder as containing “nutrients, cofactors, and hormones present in the adrenal organ to provide you with more adrenal gland support and more support for stress”. As the name suggests, the powder is formulated from a concentrated extract that comes from the adrenal gland of a cow.

Other herbal extracts include ashwagandha root extract. Also known as Indian ginseng, ashwagandha root extract has played a crucial role in ancient Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine for centuries, where it’s often used to reduce stress. Modern scientific testing has indicated that ashwagandha acts as an adaptogen, meaning it normalizes body physiology – especially during times of stress.

There’s also guggul gum resin extract. This is another Ayurvedic treatment used for centuries to help maintain healthier cholesterol and blood lipid levels. The gum itself is resin from a tree native to India.

Medix Select lists more information about these ingredients and the evidence behind them here. However, they don’t link to any scientific sources or peer-reviewed studies reinforcing these benefits. It would have been beneficial to see exactly how these botanicals and natural extracts boost thyroid health.

Actalin Ingredients

Actalin Ingredients

Actalin fully publishes its ingredients list online. That ingredients list includes all of the following:

How to Buy Actalin

Actalin is available online through, where it’s priced at around $40 for a monthly supply. You can purchase Actalin in three different package offers and deals, including:

— 1 Month Supply: $39.95 Plus $6.95 Shipping
— 3 Month Supply: $89.89 Plus $6.95 Shipping
— 3 Month Supply with Autoship Program: $79.92 Plus Free Shipping

You get free shipping and a discounted price with that last deal because you’re automatically signed up to an autoship program. That autoship program will deliver a 3 month supply of Actalin to your doorstep every 3 months so you never run out. Your renewals are processed automatically using an included credit card.

All Actalin purchases come with the same 30 day guarantee you’ll find on other Medix Select products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason within 30 days, then you can return the unused portion of the supplement to receive a full refund (minus shipping and handling).

Who Makes Actalin?

Actalin is made by a company named Medix Select. That company consists of a lineup of dietary supplements from Drs. David Brownstein and Chauncey Crandall. These supplements are designed to treat specific conditions and ailments.

Medix Select claims that all supplements are created in FDA-cGMP certified labs within the United States.

The company is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a BBB-accredited business with a current rating of A+ on a scale of A+ to F.

The company lists its address as the following:

Medix Select
560 Village Blvd Ste 120
West Palm Beach, FL 33409-1963

You can contact the company toll-free by calling (888) 233-4568 or by emailing them using this online form found on their website:

The company was founded on April 30, 2010.

In addition to selling thyroid supplements like Actalin, Medix Select sells about a dozen other health supplements all designed to treat various illnesses and conditions. Popular supplements include Adventorex, Alpha32, Arterin, Bactipro, Cardio Advanced, Cotrexin, Cresceo, Everto, Limbex, Metabio, and Ventricore.

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  1. I suffer hypothyroid for 2 and half years I want to stop taking Liothyronine because of side effect itching and I develop eczema on my fingers I cannot sleep because of itchiness in my whole body there is no rashes but its like someone pinning your muscles too much hair loss doctor decided to stop all medication for one week for 2 days my eczema dries and slowly the itching slowing I decided to tell my doctor I do not want to take hormones pills no more I would like to try ACTALIN if it works with me for almost 2 and half years my TSH, T3,T4 are too low doctor told me I will take hormones for life what about the side effect to me can ACTALIN helps

  2. This was very informative. Thank you all for giving your experiences and info on these issues of health. My doctor told me my blood work showed hashimoto could be an issue for me. I am on Levothyroxine, with aches and pains that make me wonder if I should retire at 59 years of age. My testing for pernicious came a bit late and I have to take b12 shot for pernicious anemia. I THANK GOD for modern meds which helps a great deal. I guess I will just have to find doctors that understand that living with these conditions is not to be taken too lightly.

  3. seems like only your doctor can answer that question. in my case the doctor prescribed levothyroxine (synthroid) because of high TSH blood work – in my case I am taking only the Actalin and it has lowered the TSH. Sometimes a full thyroid panel should be orderd (T3, T4, and reverse T3) your thyroid problem may not be the same as mine. Hope this helps it is not medical advice just another person correction TSH without meds.

  4. I want to know if Actalin can be taken with another thyroid supplement. I contacted (company that Dr. Brownstein works with to produce Actalin) and they said they couldn't give MEDICAL ADVICE … huh, Actalin is not a medication and this is a stupid reply. I left a message on another site for Dr. Brownstein and am beginning to wonder about the whole product and set up.

    There should be a response … an opinion.

    • Not quite sure why you would want to take Actalin with another thyroid sup.?? My guess is you have not taken Actalin at all, where in my case I have. if the other thyroid sup was not suggested by you doctor your question may seem stupid to others. –

    • It's called liability. If they tell you it is okay to take Actalin with your medication, and you have an adverse reaction, they can be held responsible. That is why they won't answer questions about whether it's safe to take with medications.

  5. I am so confused, due to the fact, that @ 61 years of age, I have found out I have NO THYROID @ ALL??? Any Answers to my problem would HELP me a GREAT DEAL?????

    • How do you know you do not have any thyroid at all – you may be taking thyroid meds prescribed by your doctor. – I am taking Actalin instead of a medication and works fine for me: TSH was high. – suggest you take a bottle of Actalin to your doctor and see what they say about it.

  6. To Linda Shelby:
    For your safety, ask your doctor about taking Actalin along with your Synthroid. Please don't rely on such a serious opinion to come from someone on the internet…

  7. How can actalin be good if its never been medically lab tested. This taken off my computer. Also why is this product not sold in a pharmacy or herb store?

  8. They also don't tell people with Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease that Iodine can be detrimental to out health. Look it up. Iodine is not good for those of us with hashimoto's. It's the opposite of Graves.

    • Kawana,
      You are absolutely right! I had Hashimoto's and Graves disease in my early 30's. Lucky for me they both went into remission and I have never taken any thyroid medication. This stuff would have really messed me up without you comments!

      • How could u heal from hashimoto's ?!
        My doc. Tell my i have it but my hormons still normal but it will disorder later

        Please tell me

    • guess you know a lot about the thyroid! most doctors only take a TSH blood test where the T4 has 4 atoms of iodine and the T3 has 3 atoms of Iodine do the work in the thyroid from what I have heard (not a doctor). I understand the pituitary gland is also involved.

    • seems like only your doctor can answer that question. in my case the doctor prescribed levothyroxine (synthroid) because of high TSH blood work – in my case I am taking only the Actalin and it has lowered the TSH. Sometimes a full thyroid panel should be orderd (T3, T4, and reverse T3) your thyroid problem may not be the same as mine. Hope this helps it is not medical advice just another person correction TSH without meds.


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