International Rescue Committee Seeking Donations to Protect America’s Refugees

on does not usually get into the political aspect of life, as we are centered upon the health and wellness of you and your body. This piece was basically written as an awareness to the current public noise regarding the stopping of refugee resettlement. At the end of the day, being healthy and living well will take us all to work together and come together. Here is our overview of the IRC’s urgent donation request page.

President Trump has come under fire this past week after banning refugees from entering America. In response, human rights groups around the world are seeking donations, promising to use the funds to protect refugees.

The International Rescue Committee is one such organization. The organization is one of the oldest humanitarian organizations on the planet. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the International Rescue Committee offers emergency aid and long-term assistance to refugees and those displaced by tragic events around the world.

Most importantly, more than 90 cents of every dollar the organization spends worldwide goes directly to help refugees and others in desperate need. 93% of the program’s budget goes towards programs, while 4% goes to administration and 3% goes to fundraising efforts. Those are impressive numbers for any charity.

Why The International Rescue Committee Need Your Help

The International Rescue Committee recently posted a page on their website asking for urgent support to protect refugees around the world. Here’s what that page said:

“The IRC is losing significant funding for our resettlement programs in the U.S. because of President Trump’s hasty decision to halt refugee resettlement, slash the number of refugees allowed into the U.S. and ban Syrian refugees indefinitely.”

How Does the IRC Help?

Trump’s travel ban specifically targets seven Muslim majority countries, and the President has previously promised to give Christians from those countries priority treatment. Based on this information, many have interpreted Trump’s ban as a “Muslim ban” – even if the ban doesn’t specifically mention the word “Muslim”.

The IRC, on the other hand, is seeking funding so it “can continue to provide refugees of all faiths and nationalities with critical resettlement assistance.”

Trump’s latest ban doesn’t just ban travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries; it also halts the Syrian refugee resettlement program. That means Syrian families who were preparing to travel to America – including some of those with family, jobs, or homes ready in America – are stuck in limbo.

NBC posted one story where a Syrian father was supposed to reunite with his wife and daughters this past Saturday, only to have his family rejected at the airport due to Trump’s travel ban. That father had flown to the United States early to setup a home for his family. Now, he doesn’t when he’ll see his family again.

In any case, the IRC will use your donation to “help us provide refugee families in the U.S. with housing, cultural orientation, health care, education, employment, and other services that help them rebuild their lives.”

How to Donate to the International Rescue Committee

You can donate over the internet using this page: The website accepts payments in the form of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal.

Alternatively, you can donate by phone at 1-855-9RESCUE.

Or, give a check by mail addressed to the International Rescue Committee:

PO Box 6068
Albert Lea, MN 56007-9847

Their current funding target in response to Trump’s refugee ban is for $5 million. All funds raised in excess of that emergency appeal will support the IRC’s programs around the world.

Regardless of how you donate, you can make a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

About the International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is headquartered in New York City. The organization was founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein. Since its inception, the IRC has assisted millions of people around the world.

Today, the IRC is active in more than 40 countries and 22 US cities. Notable recent humanitarian efforts have included disaster response in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and ongoing efforts in Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.


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