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InstaShape is a shapewear product that is designed to help women look slimmer and more shapely, and can help you look up to 2 sizes smaller than you are without it.

It’s a one-piece shaping product that does 3 different jobs all at once; it can smooth out folds on your back, slim down your waist and flatten your tummy, and lift up your busts with complete support. It comes in three different sizes and colors and can fit women who are anywhere between sizes 6 and 24.

How InstaShape Works

Getting your Insta Shape to work is as simple as putting it on. The natural design of the fabric will begin to smooth out any lumpy or unshapely areas on its own.

The InstaShape has a support band that will lift up your bust and turn any bra you are wearing into a push-up bra, a reinforced waist the will flatten your tummy and give you an hourglass shape, and a high back that will cover any extra fat under your arms or on your upper back.

Features of Instashape

Three Varieties

Every set of Insta Shape comes with 3 different garments in varying colors. One piece will be black, one nude (tan), and one white. This is a great way to allow you different options when deciding which one will look best under each different outfit.

Three Sizes Available

When you order your set of Insta Shape, you will be able to choose from 3 different sizes, which are small to medium, large to extra large, and double to triple extra large. These correspond with women’s dress sizes 6-10, 12-18, and 18-24 respectively.

The InstaShape garments are very flexible and stretchy, so if you lose or gain any weight it is very likely to still fit you well.

360-Degree Coverage

As long as you’ve selected the right size for yourself, Insta Shape is designed to cover your torso all the way around without leaving any holes or gaps. This is designed to cover any flaws in your figure and help to smooth out the entire midsection without extra skin or fat congregating into any one place.

Comfortable And Discreet

Once you’ve got your clothes on over it, no one should be able to tell you’re even wearing your Insta Shape. It is designed without any zippers, hooks, snaps, or buttons specifically so that there is nothing to stick out or leave a bump under tight clothing. In fact, after you’ve worn it for a little while you may even forget about it yourself.

Benefits of Instashape

Promotes Better Posture

Because of the nature of the stitching and panels in each garment, you back and shoulders will be naturally pulled towards a correct posture. The product is designed to avoid sagging and flabby looking posture.

Makes Clothing Fit Better

Once you Insta Shape has given you a more hourglass-like figure, it will be much easier to find clothes that fit you properly, aren’t tight in odd places, and don’t look lumpy in certain areas. You will likely find that most of your clothes are a bit looser on you when you are wearing your Insta Shape.

One Piece

Insta Shape provides 3 separate benefits in one piece of clothing, so you don’t have to buy 3 different undergarments just to get the job done. In addition, the fact that it’s one piece means that it can get the job done much better than any 3 pieces combined.

Downsides of Instashape

No Strapless Option

Unfortunately, the way this garment is designed means that it needs straps. It works well with most types of clothing, but if you would like to wear something strapless it won’t be compatible.

Results Aren't Permanent

The biggest downside of InstaShape is that it’s only shapewear, and it can only do so much. It’s only moving your body’s shape around a bit and isn’t actually ridding you of any pesky fat, so once you take it off nothing will have changed.

InstaShape Review Summary

If you’re looking for an undergarment that can smooth out any curves that don’t quite curve how you want them to, InstaShape is a great option. It’s not going to make you may more fit, but it will help you get a better fit out of your clothes and look better instantly.

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