Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy – Home Medical Treatment System?


Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy is a device that consumers can implant inside their body to help them maintain the best sleeping habits, rather than dealing with the interruptions of sleep apnea.

This device is only available for consumers that get approval from their doctor and from their medical insurance.

What is Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy?

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes the individual to randomly stop breathing throughout the night, and it impacts over 18 million people in the United States alone. This condition is incredibly threatening to the person’s health, since the disruption of breathing causes major issues in the brain and the REM cycle.

The medical industry has developed the CPAP for consumers to use while they sleep to keep their breathing regular, which has been used for years. However, the CPAP is incredibly bulky, making it difficult to fully rest. Instead of trying different CPAP options, sufferers may want to speak with their doctor about Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy.

Inspire Therapy aims to change the way that the medical industry handles sleep apnea in the first place. The current treatment is effective for some, but it does not discuss all the other concerns of sleep apnea, and it does not make sleeping very comfortable in the first place. By changing to less bulky way to manage the sleeping schedule, consumers have the chance to enjoy a normal REM cycle.

Sleep is essential to the thriving body. When someone gets the rest that they need, all the connections in the brain can repair themselves and help the individual be rested and ready for the next day. The muscles need this recovery time as well to replenish the chemicals inside of them, preparing for the next workout safely.

Even the skin benefits from long nights of sleep, since the complexion and skin need time to heal from the stressors of the environment. Unfortunately, too many people ignore these needs, leading to illness and fatigue all day long. With a system like Inspire Therapy, consumers can eliminate one of the leading causes of their lack of sleep with the push of a button.

How Does Inspire Sleep Apnea Therapy Work?

The Inspire Therapy regimen is unique in that there is no face mask or hose, like with a CPAP. Instead, this system involves an implant in the body, which monitors every single breath that the user takes or does not take. It helps to stimulate the nerves that control the tongue and other muscles in the airway, keeping the airway open while sleeping.

The entire system is controlled by a remote that synchronizes the implanted device. With this remote, consumers activate and deactivate the device around their sleep schedule. The settings also allow the user to change the stimulation and even turn off the device.

The reason that this technological advancement is so impressive is that does not just assume that every sufferer with sleep apnea has the same problem. Instead, it adjusts to the user’s different patterns automatically so that the user can get the night of sleep that they deserve.

The implant is essentially unnoticeable, which means that consumers can just go to sleep after activating the device, instead of having to prepare a loud and cumbersome machine like the CPAP.

What to Do to Get Inspire Therapy:

The only way that consumers will be able to participate in the Inspire Therapy regimen is by getting approval from a medical professional. The procedure is still in its infancy, so some insurances are still adapting their approved procedures to include it.

Approval depends on the circumstances, but the most commonly approved situations presently include:

  • Being diagnosed with anywhere from moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Having the inability to improve sleep apnea with a CPAP
  • Maintaining a moderately healthy weight
  • Being over age 22

At the moment, over 200 private insurers are approving the treatment, which includes federal health insurance. If your present doctor has not yet been briefed in the benefits of Inspire Therapy, they can refer to the website, or you can visit at for a new doctor.

Contacting the Creators of Inspire Therapy

Even though plenty of details are available through the consumer’s doctor, there are some questions that they may have for the Inspire Therapy team specifically. The customer service team is available by phone call or by email.


Inspire Therapy is the relief needed for sufferers that cannot seem to find a solution for their sleep apnea, even with machines and dietary regimens that are meant to improve their condition.

While sleep apnea is caused by many different circumstances, the result is the same – dangerous nights of erratic sleep. Every person deserves to sleep and breathe throughout the night, and the CPAP machines are not the only way to make that happen.

If you want to overcome the stress of sleep apnea in your life, without risking the breakage of an expensive machine, the Inspire Therapy device is the subtlest way to do that.

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