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Everyone has something that is dear to them. A family heirloom. A token that reminds them of a fond memory. More often than not, these dear, precious things aren’t actually ‘things’ but people. Relationships with loved ones and family members are considered some of the most precious things ever to be experienced in life and they are treasured as such. However, there is one thing that is also treasured, but threatened on a daily basis: Personal Health.

When people aren’t sick or feeling poorly, they don’t really think about their health. They know they should eat well and exercise regularly, but health isn’t something they obsess about on a daily basis. However, that switch flips the moment someone gets a sniffle or starts to feel achy. Suddenly, having good health is something that is not at all taken for granted, something that is needed and desired above all else. Because without good health, life isn’t as free and joyful as it should be.

Until recently, there was only one big way to regain health. This involved going to a doctor or medical professional, being tested and prodded, getting results, and taking medications to fix the problem. The entire process is something so ingrained in human society that people don’t think twice about scheduling an appointment with their doctor or running in to a clinic when they get a cold. However, as more and more information is made available to people, the flaws in the system is becoming more obvious.

Even though many people trust the health care system, it is in fact a system that thrives on profit. This means that a lot of the time, the decisions being made are in favor of this profit, even if it hurts the patients. As more information supporting these facts becomes available, people are looking for a source to help them understand the ins and outs of the health care industry, with an informed and unbiased approach. Incurable Me is that source.

Incurable Me is a book and a corresponding website that provide readers with all the information that the health care industry doesn’t want them to know. Using the information available in Incurable Me, readers will be able to discover how to heal and treat themselves, what medications are actually poisonous, and how the health care industry is run by corporations that don’t have their best interests at heart.

What is Incurable Me?

There are two different sides to Incurable Me. The first is that Incurable Me is a website that provides users with a source of information to better help them understand the health care industry and medical fraud. Combining all the information available on the Incurable Me website, as well as additional, in-depth information, the Incurable Me book offers a more convenient form to learn about the points mentioned above. By offering such a thorough source of information, in both website and book form, Incurable Me is able to change how people think about health care in general and, more specifically, their own personal health care.

Incurable Me was started by Dr. Ken Stoller, who was tired of seeing his patients duped by the medical industry. Like many other physicians in the country, Stoller wasn’t aware of how deep the corruption ran throughout the country until he opened his eyes and took time to research it himself. And this is the saddest part about the health care problem in the country, many doctors are feeding the corruption without even knowing. In order to provide people across the world with the inside scoop on what is happening in the health care industry, Stoller decided to start Incurable Me, first as a wildly popular website, which then led to him writing the Incurable Me book.

In Incurable Me, users will discover that many of the sicknesses, conditions, and diseases facing the modern world today already have cures available or on the brink of these cures. Through hard work, research, and clinical tests, scientists and doctors across the world are making huge strides in curing some of the most devastating health issues in the world. However, much of that information stops at medical research, with very little of it getting into actual clinical practice. And the huge contributing factor to this lack of carry-through is that curing diseases isn’t profitable for those who run the medical industry.

Stoller lays out all his research on the website and more thoroughly in his book, Incurable Me. Through these two mediums, he is able to use scientific evidence to show that there is a direct correlation between ‘profitable’ diseases and repressed research on these different diseases. By presenting all this information to readers, Incurable Me is able to give the average person a peak into the health industry that very few get in their lifetime.

Benefits of Incurable Me

The biggest benefit of Incurable Me is that it is a clear and concise guide on an issue that is largely ignored in the health care industry. People who have health problems want to know if there is a cure or treatment option available to them. But the truth is, unless these cures are profitable for those who control the health care industry, they will never see the light of day. And most people won’t know that there are actually huge strides being made for their varying problems. Incurable Me tears away the veil that separates life changing research from practice, by showing users clear connections between research and clinical practice.

Talking about health can get extremely complicated very quickly, especially when most readers will only have a cursory understanding of many of the topics. Another huge benefit of Incurable Me is that it presents the information, both in the book and on the website, in clear and easy to understand ways. Keeping things as simple as possible, though still delving into the intricacies of the topic, Stoller is able to present information in a way that will keep readers captivated, though they are sure to be appalled by the information.

Finally, Incurable Me allows users to take more control over their health and wellness. While much of the research that is being done to make strides in treatment options can’t be applied personally, users will be able to get a clearer idea of the dangers to their health in the industry. For example, Incurable Me goes into detail about the hot topic of vaccinations, allowing readers to decide for themselves if they are worth the risk. By presenting such crucial information in a clear and concise manner, Incurable Me empowers readers to better understand their bodies, health, and overall wellness.

Purchasing Incurable Me

The Incurable Me website offers a treasure trove of information for those who want to get a better understanding of what they can expect to find in the book. The website requires no sign-ins or payments, making it a free resource to all who are interested in learning about what goes on behind the scenes in the health care industry.

For those who want a more complete look at Incurable Me, the book is available for purchase on Amazon ( New versions of the book are available for only $15.82, though users who purchase used or digital versions of the book will find discounted options. Using Amazon’s different shipping options, users can purchase Incurable Me and have it delivered to their door within 24 hours, allowing to get started on their informative journey as soon as possible.


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