Hydra Therapy – Curél Wet Skin Moisturizer For Dryness?


As winter approaches, people begin to take steps in order to prepare themselves for the colder months.

People will winterize their cars, making sure they have enough antifreeze and sturdy enough tires to make it through the rain and snow of the winter. Houses will also be tended to, as people put up insulated curtains and bring their plants inside before the first freeze. However, just as important as preparing cars and homes for cold weather is preparing the body for the cold.

While most people joke about the weight they’ll gain during the chilly, holiday seasons, there is a bit of truth in their jokes.

Caring for the body seems to be pushed to the back burner once the temperature drops, with people more focused on getting through the day than taking care of their bodies. However, it’s during winter that the body needs the most care.

Winter weather is notorious for being very dry, which is detrimental to the overall health and wellness of the body. The lips begin to crack and bleed, hair starts to break, and the skin begins to feel rough and look ashy.

These might not seem like serious problems, but when the body is treated this way over and over again, it can breakdown the health of the skin and hair. This is why it’s so important to stay moisturized during the winter months.

There are hundreds of thousands of body lotions and creams available for those who want to keep their skin hydrated during the winter. However, not many of these products are able to provide the intense relief that is needed during the harsh winter months.

For these months, a new approach is needed, one that’s as innovative as the times.

Hydra Therapy is a new way to keeping the skin hydrated during cold, dry months. Using a different approach than many lotions, Hydra Therapy is able to give users the support they need, keeping their skin smooth and soft in even the worst weather.

What is Hydra Therapy?

Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is one of the newer products offered by the world renowned skin care company Curel.

Designed to go on to the skin while it is still wet, the lotion is able to penetrate deeper than any other lotion on the market, protecting the skin from the inside out. By using this method, Hydra Therapy gives a more intense treatment that helps the skin stay soft and smooth, keeping it healthy even when the weather is rough.

The key to how Hydra Therapy works is found in what happens to the skin during a shower. Most people shower in rather warm water.

This warmth causes the pores in the skin to open up. The pores remain open until the skin starts to cool, which is often when people towel off.

In order to take advantage of the moments that the pores are open, Hydra Therapy is applied while the skin is still wet. As a result, the pathway to the lower layers of the skin is more open, allowing the healing ingredients to be more thoroughly absorbed. This gives users an all-day moisture experience that they wouldn’t be able to get with regular lotions.

Because the health of the skin is determined from the lower layers out, the fact that Hydra Therapy works in these lower layers to provide hydration and moisturizing gives the skin better support than regular lotions.

Because most lotions are placed on the skin when the pores are closed, they often sit on the surface, making them easier to wash off. However, when the moisturizing support is already deep within the skin, users are given soft, healthy skin that doesn’t dry or crack as easily.

Benefits of Hydra Therapy

The biggest benefit of Hydra Therapy is that it provides real relief to skin, especially during the dryer, winter months.

When the skin is dry, before it even begins to show the more obvious signs of being dry, it is more susceptible to damage. And, people who haven’t hydrated their skin properly throughout their lives are more likely to have skin that looks like it’s aging faster.

Hydra Therapy is able to combat these problems by offering a deep treating hydration that works beneath the surface of the skin. Because Hydra Therapy is better absorbed than other lotions, it is able to provide better hydration and better support for the skin.

One of the key factors to the success of Hydra Therapy is found in the ceramides used in its formulation. Ceramides are molecules that help protect the moisture barrier of the skin.

However, as people age or the skin becomes damaged, the ceramides in the skin begin to break down, causing increased dryness.

Hydra Therapy contains high levels of natural ceramides in its formulation, to help restore this natural process that exists in the skin. By repairing the moisture barrier of the skin, Hydra Therapy is able to give users smoother, softer skin that is healthy, too.

Even though putting lotion on after showering seems a little strange, it is actually another benefit of using Hydra Therapy.

The entire process of getting ready in the morning can get quite annoying. And putting on regular lotion every morning is one of those annoyances. If even the slightest bit of water is still left on the skin after showering, the lotion becomes useless. However, with Hydra Therapy, this isn’t a problem.

As soon as users are done showering, they can quickly lather the lotion on their bodies, moving on to their next tasks quickly. Hydra Therapy is able to cut down on preparation time by being so convenient to use.

While Hydra Therapy was specifically designed to help provide the skin with the moisture it needs to be healthy, it has also served an important role for more serious skin conditions. Eczema is a skin condition that is recognized for the dry, itchy patches it causes on people.

Often, even the strongest moisturizing lotions can’t undo the damage caused by eczema. However, Hydra Therapy received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance for offering such an amazing product. Even the most serious dry skin conditions can be treated with Hydra Therapy.

Purchasing Hydra Therapy

Another big benefit of Hydra Therapy is that it is sold by Curel, a company that has been a leader in the skin care industry for decades. Because Curel is so popular, its products are available in many stores across the world. For those who want to find a location near them that sells Hydra Therapy, the Curel website (www.Curel.com) offers a location finder.

For those who want their Hydra Therapy delivered to them, the Curel website also sells the product directly to consumers. Because Hydra Therapy is sold in so many different locations, prices for the product are subject to vary.

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