Humanotropin – Natural Human Growth Hormone & IGF­1 Support?


Humanotropin is a daily supplement formulated to help increase the levels of human growth hormone within the body. This supplement is a good option for both bodybuilders who want to increase their mass and also people who are losing their youthfulness as they age.

People in their forties have nearly half of the amount of HGH as their twenty year old counterparts. This decrease affects overall health and physical ability. Please read below to learn more about Humanotropin and how to order.

What is Humanotropin?

Humanotropin is a workout supplement that helps consumers support their body’s protein synthesis as well as improve overall health as they age. Boosting HGH has shown to help improve muscle strength, muscle mass, and energy levels.

Additionally, HGH helps promote fat loss while improving sleep quality and brain function. This product is not just for bodybuilders and elite level athletes, anyone can benefit by adding a HGH supplement to their daily wellness routine.

How Does Humanotropin Work?

All-naturally sourced Humanotropin and helps increase users' testosterone levels and their body’s protein synthesis. This supplement combines a proprietary blend of growth hormones and Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate (OKG).

OKG helps promote protein synthesis within the user’s body. By combining these two ingredients, Humanotropin supports people in recovering from workouts and exertion quicker while promoting lean muscle mass development and fat burn. This supplement can be used to safely improve strength, stamina, and recovery time.

When used for the long term, this supplement will noticeably increase user's' muscle mass and improved recovery times. offers a comprehensive description of how this supplement truly works.

Users of Humanotropin simply take two capsules on an empty stomach in the morning and then two capsules again on an empty stomach at night. This product should not be used by people who have diabetes, and as with all supplements it is best to consult with a doctor or healthcare professional prior to starting Humanotropin.

Humanotropin Ingredients

This supplement works due to a custom blend of ingredients called the Humanofactor Blend. This blend contains growth factors that support fibroblast growth, nerve growth, skin cell growth, and connective tissue growth.

Additionally, Humanotropin is formulated to support fat loss, boost energy, and increase testosterone levels. Consumers will see the most benefit if this supplement is used consistently for a long term period.

The product listing on includes a full ingredient breakdown for consumers who want to know more specifics. This website also offers a detailed explanation of how this supplement works within the body.

Who Makes Humanotropin?

Manufactured by Supreme Science Enhancements, this workout supplement company was founded by Ross Erstling who also owns and operates Herbal Innovations. Supreme Science Enhancements was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Humanotropin Pricing

Available for purchase through and also the Supreme Science Enhancements company website.

Each bottle of Humanotropin contains 120 capsules and costs $39.99.

Supreme Science Enhancements:

Each ninety capsule bottle is significantly more expensive at $54.99.

Supreme Science Enhancements offers free shipping for all purchases over $199.00. This company also offers worldwide shipping.

Should You Use Humanotropin?

Humanotropin is a good supplement to consider for men who are aging and just feel like they are losing the strength and vitality they once had. This is in part due to the decrease in HGH levels within their body.

By taking a HGH supplement, men can support their body in maintaining and developing muscle mass and also strengthening that muscle mass. Additionally, Humanotropin supports testosterone levels and improves sleep quality. More information about this product can be found at

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