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HUM Gut Instinct Review – Is It For You?

HUM Nutrition is a beauty nutrition business that provides personalized nutritional products to customers. What makes HUM Nutrition unique is that it connects users with personal nutritionists. Users will then provide the nutritionist with information about themselves, their lifestyles, and their goals. Once the nutritionist has reviewed this information, they will put together the micronutrients that the user needs to reach their beauty and health goals.

By combining personalized nutrition with its subscription plan, HUM Nutrition has changed the way supplements work. Now, customers can get their minerals, vitamins, and botanicals delivered to their door knowing that everything included in the products will aid in helping them reach their health goals.

The Creators of HUM Nutrition

HUM Nutrition was created by Christ and Walter. For years, Walter had struggled with skin problems. Despite trying creams and prescriptions drugs, he still struggled. The worst part was that the solutions that were supposed to help him ended up scarring him. This struggle gave Walter the idea that there must be something tied between his nutrition and his skin. The problem was, there was very little research that connected the two.

Walter met Chris, a nutritionist, in London and the two soon found that they agreed with the two were connected. By changing his nutrition, Walter was finally able to clear his skin.

Deciding that this concept could be made into a business, Walter and Chris moved to California to meet with leaders in the nutrition field. Together, they were able to make a system that helped people get personalized nutritional recommendations. These nutritionists were also able to help the founders of HUM Nutrition formulate supplements based on new nutritional research that helps customers of HUM reach their health and beauty goals.

How Hum Works

HUM Nutrition is very easy to use. First, users will log on to the HUM Nutrition website and take a three minute quiz that will help nutritionists create a profile for the users. This profile will include a personalized vitamin and supplement recommendation. After the quiz is taken, users will receive a nutritionist report from a registered dietitian. This report will show the nutrients recommended for the users.

Finally, customers will be able to pick the vitamins that fit their profile from the HUM Nutrition website. These vitamins cover a wide range of issues and conditions. HUM Nutrition vitamins are created to match users’ needs perfectly, so they can have the boost they need to get healthy and beautiful.

Benefits of Using HUM Nutrition

There are several benefits for using the personalized vitamin solutions offered by HUM Nutrition. First, the supplements made by the company are all of premium quality, only containing the best ingredients that are made to target specific needs. These vitamins have been clinically proven to be effective, making all of the HUM Nutrition products based on scientific evidence.

HUM Nutrition is also recommended by the country’s leading nutritionists, which doesn’t come as a big surprise, since HUM Nutrition employs several nutritionists to make sure everything is working properly. These nutritionists put the health of the clients first, making sure that they’re getting the vitamins they need to live a full and healthy life.

The ingredients included in HUM Nutrition vitamins are all pure and 100% natural. This makes them some of the most potent vitamins on the market. Because the HUM Nutrition vitamins are so carefully crafted, users are able to see results sooner. HUM Nutrition vitamins are also gluten free and GMO free. These steps were taken to make sure that when customers are using HUM Nutrition, they’re only putting the best of the best in their bodies.

Not only are the products offered by HUM Nutrition extremely beneficial, but ordering from the company is extremely easy. Users can sign up for one of several plans on the website, customizing their schedule to best fit their lives. And, HUM Nutrition offers free shipping on all orders over $50. In addition to easy ordering, HUM Nutrition also offers easy returns. If, for some reason, users don’t feel their product is meeting expectations, they can return it and get store credit. Unopened product receive full refunds.

HUM Nutrition’s Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct is a probiotic blend offered by HUM Nutrition that is packed full of good bacteria. These bacterium help keep the digestive system working properly, so the body is clear of toxins and pollutants. Gut Instinct includes Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, two probiotics that have long been associated with aiding the digestive system. They suppress the bad bacteria and help boost the immune system.

Gut Instinct can be taken at any time of day. Only one capsule is needed a day and it should be taken without food, but with a full cup of water. A months’ supply of Gut Instinct only costs $25.

Ingredients in Gut Instinct

There are exactly 10 active probiotics found in Gut Instinct. These probiotics are listed below with a brief description of their benefits.

Acidophilus: Reduces bloating and helps produce vitamin K and lactase.

Lactis: Often found in dairy, specifically yoghurt, Lactis resists microbes that could harm the body, supporting the immune system. It also supports the intestinal tract and stomach.

Longum: A probiotic that helps protect the colon, longum also helps digest protein. Longum is also an anti-inflammatory that helps protect cells from toxins.

Rhamnosus: A powerful anti-inflammatory that helps with gut health.

Paracasei: Often found in yoghurt, paracasei supports good bacteria health in the intestines, giving the immune system and digestive tract a boost.

Breve: Breaks down food and supports gut health and the digestive tract.

Casei: Helps protect the gut from problems caused by antibiotics and infections.

Salivarius: Produces enzymes that kill harmful bacteria and helps protect the immune system.

Thermophilus: Enhances the immunity and also improves digestion.

Plantarum: Boosts the immune system and fights disease. Also helps cleanse the body of toxic microorganisms.

Other HUM Nutrition Products

Gut Instinct isn’t the only product offered by HUM Nutrition. Each of the 24 products offered by HUM Nutrition are designed to treat a specific issues, to give users just the boost they need to stay healthy and beautiful.

Each of the vitamins offered by Hum Nutrition comes in a fun colored bottle and has a descriptive, interesting name. The goal of Hum Nutrition was to make its vitamins as unique as its customers.

Raw Beauty: Helps boost energy, radiant skin, and the metabolism.

Red Carpet: For glowing skin and shiny, fuller hair in six weeks

Runway Ready: 30 convenient daily packs for glowing skin, shiny, fuller hair, and strong nails

Daily Cleanse: Helps clear the skin and body from toxins

Cleanse to the Rescue: 21 Day Cleanse set for radiant skin and a flatter stomach

Skinny Bird: New weight loss program

Flatter Me: New digestive enzyme

Gut Instinct: Potent probiotic that benefits your skin, health, and beauty

Ripped Rooster: The original fat-burning program

OMG! Omega the Great: Supports even skin tone, a healthy heart, brain, and body

Flawless + Fearless: 14 day trial pack to help reduce breakouts and achieve clear, healthy looking skin

Arctic Repair: Rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles

Turn back Time: Age-defying cell protection

Collagen Love: Supports skin elasticity and firmness

Big Chill: Helps users keep calm, focused, and cope with stress.

Uber Energy: Supports consistent energy through adrenal strength

Beauty zzZz: Helps promote a restful beauty sleep

Base Control: Key nutrients critical for good looks and health

Base Control – Iron Free: Key nutrients critical for good looks and health

Killer Nails: Supports stronger nails and longer hair

Here Comes the Sun: Boosts D3 deficient bodies

Pimp my Calcium: A system to strengthen bones and teeth

B12 Turbo: Vegan B12 vitamin

Wing Man: Used for liver detox and related dark circles around the eyes

Air Patrol: Supports skin and bodies exposed to air toxins, such as smoke and pollution

Moody Bird: An aid to help combat PMS

Purchasing HUM Nutrition Vitamins

These vitamins can be purchased on the HUM Nutrition website, where those interested in the products will be able to find the quiz that will give them their personal nutritional report. Those who already know what HUM products they need can either purchase them on the website or at Sephora. The national beauty chain is now stocking HUM products in select Sephora locations as well as on their website.

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