Hip Implant Lawsuit – What you Need To Know


Hip Implant Lawsuit Guide – Should You File?

Hip implant manufacturers have recently been in legal trouble due to health complications experienced by users. Here’s everything you need to know about the Hip Implant Lawsuit and how it potentially affects you.

About Hip Implant Lawsuits

Over the last few years, several major American hip implant manufacturers have become involved in lawsuits because of complications suffered by people who received faulty devices.

Plaintiffs allege that these manufacturers sold defective products and that they knew about these defective products while failing to inform the public about the risks.

One of the largest manufacturers, DePuy, is facing 12,000 lawsuits over its ASR hip implant and a further 3,000 lawsuits from those who received the Pinnacle hip implant.

DePuy is planning to pay $2.5 billion to settle 7,500 of the ASR claims.

Many of the lawsuits are related to problems where the hip implants failed prematurely after installation. Specifically, DePuy and other manufacturers claimed their hip implants would last a long time, only for those hip implants to fail prematurely in thousands of patients.

Why Should You Consider a Hip Implant Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one suffered complications from a hip implant, then you may be eligible for a significant amount of compensation under American law.

These lawsuits are designed to recoup any costs or damages you may have incurred as a result of your lawsuit. To date, tens of thousands of American consumers have been left with physical, mental, and emotional burdens following complications related to their hip implants.

By filing a lawsuit, you can receive compensation for some of the injuries related to your hip implants. Those injuries include:

-Medical Bills

-Pain and Suffering

-Lost Wages

-Damaged Relationships

-Punitive Damages

How to Proceed with a Hip Replacement Lawsuit

The first step when dealing with a hip replacement lawsuit is to find a lawyer to represent you.

There are plenty of personal injury lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice lawsuits, manufacturing defects, and pharmaceutical lawsuits. Many of these lawyers will offer free consultations.

During a consultation, a lawyer will discuss your needs with you. They’ll explain the best legal course of action for you to take and the expected amount of compensation you may be owed.

In general, there are three courses of action for you to take with your hip replacement lawsuit.

First, you can join a class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are filed by a large group of people who have suffered a similar complaint with the defendant. It’s a way of expediting the legal process while seeking maximum compensation for all plaintiffs involved. The legal costs are also spread out amongst everyone – so every plaintiff does not need to hire their own personal lawyer.

Lawsuits can also help you weigh the costs of a lawsuit versus a recall: device makers may offer a recall along with compensation. Sometimes a recall is your best course of action, while in other cases, you’re better off pursuing a lawsuit.

Lawyers will also push towards a settlement that works for you. Qualified hip replacement attorneys will seek a settlement that covers all of your damages. A fast settlement is the most desirable outcome for all parties involved. It minimizes hassle and gets compensation in your hands more quickly.

Sample Hip Lawsuits

Typically, hip replacement cases involve situations where a hip implant fractured apart or caused damage within the body.

One plaintiff named Diane Pingel, for example, filed a lawsuit against hip implant manufacturer Stryker. Pingel was forced to undergo five surgeries to repair tissue and bone damage after metal particles flaked off her Rejuvenate hip implant. Pingel has a Rejuvenate implant in both hips and may have to undergo more surgeries in the future.

Another lawsuit involved Loren Kransky, a former corrections officer who sued hip implant manufacturer DePuy after he experienced a stabbing pain following his ASR implant installation. That stabbing pain prevented him from walking and forced him to use a wheelchair. When doctors later tested Kransky’s blood, they found that it had unusually high levels of cobalt and chromium, both of which were poisoning his body. A Los Angeles jury would later award Kransky $8.3 million in damages.

These are just some of the examples of hip implant lawsuits underway across America. Hip replacement problems are a serious issue for thousands of Americans. There’s no better time to stand up for your rights than today. Talk to an experienced attorney to find out how you may qualify for compensation for your faulty hip implant.

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