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Branding yourself as a yoga instructor can make the difference between being a successful yogi and being an unsuccessful one. Learning how to properly brand yourself can help you be more successful in business, be more visible, and bring in referrals for your business as well.

Today we will be discussing an instructional course on branding your yoga business called the Yoga Branding Bundle, and helping you determine if your yoga business can benefit from this course.

What Is The Yoga Branding Bundle?

The Yoga Branding Bundle is a program that has 3 courses on how to build a profitable and purposeful online yoga brand presence. It will show you how to build your brand, gain exposure, and build your website. This can help your business become more profitable and successful, and help you build your business yourself

How Does The Yoga Branding Bundle Work?

The Yoga Branding Bundle comes with three courses on how to build your brand online. Each course has modules that will help you develop an online presence and build your business for yoga workout.

The courses in the Yoga Branding Bundle include:

-Personal Brand Game Plan eBook

The first part of the Yoga Branding Bundle is a Personal Brand Game Plan eBook. This part of the plan will help you set up your goals for your game plan, set up what you hope to accomplish for your website, brainstorm for blog posts, decide what you want to accomplish on social media, create your sitemap, and decide what you want to do with your money plan.

It will also show you the best tools to use to build your site. It can help you create your website and establish your online presence, as well as help you plan these items.

This part of the Yoga Branding Bundle also has the website branding tutorial videos that will help you walk through creating your brand and attract your ideal clients based on what you want to do with it. This helps you walk through creating your own site, so you don’t have to pay someone thousands to do it for you.

-Affiliate Marketing Course

The Affiliate Marketing Course is the part of the plan that is going to help you monetize your brand’s website. This teaches you how to earn a commission by recommending products and services that you would be recommending to your students/clients anyway. This will teach you how to monetize this aspect of your business and make it profitable.

This section will walk you through how to create these connections, drive affiliate income how to promote the affiliates, and how to build a following.

This has step by step walk through plan to help you with this part of the marketing. After they show you how to do it, they help you create your own action plan to implement specific goals on your site.

-eBook Mastery Course

This section of the material will show you exactly how to turn your thoughts into an eBook to make it more profitable as well. This will create additional passive income for your business as well as drive traffic to your site.

This part of the course will walk you through how to write and eBook and how to sell it in the Amazon market place.

Who Makes The Yoga Branding Bundle?

The Yoga Branding Bundle is made by a company called Higher Living Yoga. They specialize in material to help you create and maintain an online presence and how to build your business by using the internet as a resource to drive more income

Yoga Branding Bundle Pricing

The Yoga Branding Bundle is available for purchase online for $149.00. Higher Living Yoga gives a 30 day money back guarantee on the bundle, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the material you can get your money back. This ensures there is little to no risk to you for trying the material to build your online presence and enhance your business.

Yoga Branding Bundle Review Summary

If you are a yoga instructor who is looking to add an online presence to your skill set, already have an online presence and want to enhance it, or are looking to add more value to your business, the Yoga Branding Bundle may be the right product for you. For more information on how to use this bundle to enhance your business, visit their website

You can learn more about the Yoga Branding Bundle, read about the training modules, and place your order for the materials from their website at

There are also customer reviews from people who have purchased the product that you can read through and help determine if this product would bring value to your yoga business.


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