Hidden Door to Healing – Quick Back & Neck Pain Relief Solutions?


According to recent statistics, chronic pain affects over more than 100 million Americans, and 1.5 billion people worldwide. The question is, what exactly is chronic pain? In order to understand chronic pain, there must be knowledge of how the body works.

For the most part, acute pain is defined as a normal sensation triggered in the nervous system to alert the individual of possible injury and the need to take care of yourself, chronic pain is different. Chronic pain persists, over extended periods of time. Pain signals keep firing in the nervous system for weeks, months, even years.

The most common sufferers if chronic pain are older adults. Common chronic pain complaints include headache, low back pain, cancer pain, arthritis pain, neurogenic pain, or pain resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves or to the central nervous system itself.

The Hidden Door to Healing is a simple, inexpensive, 5-step solution to overcoming back, neck, and head pain. Guaranteeing effective and long-lasting pain relief, The Hidden Door to Healing encompasses a mind-body approach by directly targeting the source of a pain, awakening the sub-conscious, and starting the journey to pain free living. A step-by-step guide, this program is a safe and effective way to get rid of persistent chronic pain without medication or expensive treatment.

About The Hidden Door to Healing

For those who suffer with chronic pain, imagining a life pain free seems impossible. Instead of turning to expensive medical treatments, The Hidden Door to Healing offers a scientifically supported, 5-step healing methods that provides powerful insights into how the mind and body communicate. By taking control of the pain, users can have the opportunity to live life as they deserve – healthy and free of pain.

The Hidden Door to Healing is a natural healing method that uses knowledge that can be applied to all types of pain and illnesses. Because of the applicability of the method, there will always be a way to alleviate pain regardless of the cause of circumstances.

Amy Clark, the author of The Hidden Door to Healing, created this step-by-step method because she was a longtime sufferer of chronic pain herself. Determined to help others through their journey with chronic pain, Amy used her personal experience, as well as her qualifications as a counselor to reveal that there was at least one psychological or emotional component to every single disorder, ailment, and pain syndrome.

She came to the conclusion that in many cases, the emotional component may not just be a factor, but even the underlying cause of the chronic ailments. Based on scientific research, an expert neurologist has stated that many people who are diagnosed with physical illnesses do not actually have anything physically wrong with them.

In addition to the lack of physical causes, those that suffer with chronic pain also have shown to have symptoms that cannot be explained, as well as not reacting positively to medication. Because so many people suffer from chronic pain and show little improvement with traditional treatments, it is clear that there are underlying reasons that are not being explored. Currently, statistics show that back pain affects over 70 million Americans every year, more than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined.

Because the medical approach seemingly fails to realize the crucial role of the mind-body connection when treating pain and illnesses, and focuses on the physical symptoms only, The Hidden Door to Healing explores the power of the body and the mind – together. By treating emotional health as well as physical health, The Hidden Door to Healing treats all the aspects of well-being.

How the Hidden Door to Healing Works

It is no secret that every person, adult or child, possess emotions in which they are unaware. These emotions, though completely normal, are often pushed into the subconscious, becoming “hidden”. Not only can the repressed emotions agitate am already existing pain or illness, but it can manifest as chronic pain in the body – affecting areas of the head, neck, or back.

This type of pain will not go away even when using traditional methods such as physiotherapy, pain killers, hot and cold compresses, acupuncture, and osteopathology, which is why The Hidden Door to Healing offers a different approach. By freeing the mind of trauma and pain, the body will be free of pain and illnesses.

The key to discovering the true source of pain will allow healing from the inside out. The Hidden Door to Healing offers a 5-step solution to living a chronic-pain free life. By applying the knowledge, it gives the ability to heal. The program is designed to teach the fundamentals of how to connect pain symptoms with the mind and emotions, and use this connection to understand the real source of the pain in order to fully heal to the core.

This mindset body healing concept is based on years of scientific research and the unique insight was designed to uncover the “pain message” of the body, uncovering the hidden sources of pain. Focused on healing back pain, the program is universal and works for everyone. The Hidden Door to Healing explores how to frame release pain forever, and the step-by-step guide to understanding and applying the knowledge of The Hidden Door to Healing is detailed below.

Two Different Shoes Method: This proven formula is easy to dissolve mental blocks. With this method, the mind is clear and able to communicate freely with the body, allowing healing from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and much more.

Body Speak Guide: Essential in understanding the mind body connection, this will reveal how different parts of the body can reveal a life changing message.

Top Twenty Stress Test: This step is crucial in identifying how the daily stressors in life may be affecting overall health.

Body Whisperer Technique: This powerful secret method will help the individual to tune into their body on a deep psychological level, so that they may not only know what it is that causes the current pain, but also have the “insider” knowledge to help stop future pain before it causes irreversible damage. This step boosts self-confidence, so that the individual will feel in control.

Self-Talk Power Phrases: When these phrases are used, individuals are able to re-program and transform the “pain brain” into the “healed brain”.

Power-Pack Picture Technique: This step enables the user to not only see a life free from pain but the tools to make this happen.

Pain Personality Test: The Pain Personality Test will show whether or not the pain is likely to be linked to a specific personality.

Peace Release: This phase will uncover a secret that will calm your nervous system, rejuvenating the body and mind.

Trigger Response: Once this secret is uncovered, the individual will now have their own “inside” information and know what “tricks” the brain is playing, so they can outwit and overcome the pain.

Anytime Anchor Technique: The Digging Deep Questions will help you uncover vital answers that may have never been seen before.

Purchasing the Hidden Door to Healing

The Hidden Door to Healing is available online only, and is not offered in paper format. To download and have instant access to The Hidden Door to Healing program, customers must purchase it on their website (www.TheHiddenDoorToHealing.com). The prices for The Hidden Door to Healing are below.

  • The Hidden Door to Healing (online only) – $29.95

In addition to the program, for a limited time, The Hidden Door to Healing is offering 5 free bonus gifts.


  • The Hidden Door to Healing Complete Audio Edition
  • The Know-Ledge Audio Re-programming Medication
  • The Magic Microphone Audio Re-programming Meditation
  • Opening the Door Audio Re-programming Meditation
  • The Golden Breath Audio Re-programming Meditation

The Hidden Door to Healing offers a 60-day money back guarantee at time of purchase.

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