Josh Parker’s Herpes Blitz Protocol: Curcumin Suppresses Virus?


Herpes is one of the most embarrassing and challenging conditions to deal with, whether it is type I or type II. The condition is often recognized by the cold sore breakouts that tend to occur around the mouth and the lower region of the body. While there are various remedies that men and women may want to consider in an effort to overcome herpes, very few options may work well enough to generate quality results and in a safe manner as well. With that, this review would like to introduce Herpes Blitz Protocol. This is a guide that may help men and women overcome herpes for good and through natural and potentially effective methods.

What is Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is a comprehensive guidebook that may provide men and women with the guidance and support that they need to overcome diabetes, regardless of which type they have. The system may be a promising alternative solution to most of the medications on the market. According to the program, the methods that this system introduces readers to are ones that are clinically proven to work and that are easy to implement into one’s lifestyle as well. By taking the right actions, users may be well on their way to better health and wellness.

The Source of the Methods

This program claims that it may be able to help “treat the herpes vires – both types 1 and 2” in as little as a few weeks. The secrets of the program are derived from “3 ingredients, enjoyed by the people of Morocco for centuries.” The ingredients that this system identifies are cheap, readily available, and they are delicious options that users can find at their local grocery store. The author of the program “stumbled upon” the ingredients through his journey to determine effective and natural remedies for herpes. By choosing a program that provides users with remedies that they ca easily adopt into their lifestyle, users may be able to avoid hassle and stress when it comes to overcoming their condition.

The Natural Ingredients

When choosing a program, it is best to opt for one that features natural and safe ingredients that users can trust. In this case, the ingredients are ones that are commonly used in health products, but not in combination. The primary ingredients in this formula and that are proven to combat against herpes include curcumin, quercetin, and resveratrol. Each of these ingredients is utilized in adequate quantities in the formula and it provides users with the quality outcomes that they are striving for concerning their health condition.

Clinically Proven to Work

It is also worthwhile to recognize that the ingredients in this product are clinically proven to work. The brand has extensively tested the ingredients and their impact upon herpes. For example, one study determined that one of the ingredients was able to produce “10 times more virus-fighting interferons in the blood than a placebo.”

With this quality and the others promoted by the ingredients in the product, users may be able to adequately overcome herpes and experience a healthier and better lifestyle.

The Phases of Herpes Blitz Protocol by Josh Parker

There are several key phases associated with this system. Here are the phases of this program so that users know what to look forward to:

Phase 1: The Search Phase

The first phase of this system is the Search Phase. At this stage, users are encouraged to implement a 7-day smoothie protocol that is clinically-proven to block the LSD-protein. This protein is responsible for causing the spread of herpes and by stopping it, users may ensure that their body is in a better and healthier condition.

Phase 2: The Destroy Phase

The second phase of this system is the Destroy Phase. Here, users go through a 21-day protocol that works to encourage the immune system to perform better so that users can adequately protect themselves from the spread of herpes and other conditions.

These are the two main phases of the program. Keep in mind that the best results occur when users apply the program to their lifestyle on a regular basis and as directed. In doing so, users may be able to effectively treat their herpes condition and not have to worry about adverse side effects and prolonging the condition as well.

Why Choose the Herpes Blitz Protocol?

There are several qualities associated with this program that may make it a prime go-to solution. Those who opt for this program will lean various methods that have been proven effective by research studies and individuals who have adopted the program into their lifestyle. Here are just a few of the main reasons as to why this program is a solid option:

  • Discusses the “wonder of Epigenetic therapy”
  • Based on breakthrough clinical trials and studies
  • Features 3 easy-to-find ingredients inspired by research and testing
  • Discusses the one amino-acid to avoid completely
  • May treat herpes in a matter of weeks

Clearly, there are several outstanding qualities associated with this system. Those who opt for this program may be well on their way for a healthier lifestyle that is free from the constraints of herpes.

Herpes Blitz Protocol Summary

Overall, those who are interested I the Herpes Blitz 28-Day Protocol may want to visit the brand’s website to learn more about the system and to place an order. Those who are dissatisfied with this program can contact the brand for a full refund within the return-period, which is for 60 days.

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