Her Break Up Pill – Eliminate Emotional Stress & Pain?


Her Break Up Pill is a supplement that helps you feel emotionally stable and happy, even after your significant other has broken your heart. This formula is available in multiple packages, helping you to get the discounts you deserve.

What is Her Break Up Pill?

During your lifetime, you may find yourself to a be victim of a breakup. Even though plenty of breakups are mutual and therapeutic, this may not be the case in your scenario. You may realize that you need to change things when you wake up crying or you eat an entire carton of ice cream. None of these ways can help you to heal and start dealing with the changes, but the Break Up Pill can.

The Break Up Pill is specially formulated to meet the mental needs of someone who is enduring emotional turmoil. There’s not much you have to do on your part, besides remembering to take the formula. If you use these capsules, you can:

  • Improve your self confidence and self-esteem
  • Restore a healthy appetite without overeating
  • Minimize your perception of loneliness

Most people don’t deal with breakups well at all; Instead of seeking guidance with a counselor or speaking to a friend, you may be one of the many that ends up at the bottom of a tequila bottle or crying at home for days. These options may feel gratifying at the time, but you’re setting yourself up for long-term damage over a small moment of your life. If you’re looking to heal from your previous relationship, the Break Up Pill can help.

How Does the Break Up Pill Work?

Finding a way to get through a bad breakup can be interesting, since most supplements only focus on giving your digestive system what it needs. However, this formula is made with all-natural ingredients, helping you to even out your mood with helpful botanicals and herbs.

When you feel upset and depressed after a breakup, your body releases certain hormones to protect itself. One of the main natural chemicals is called Norepinephrine, which makes you feel fatigued and lethargic, not wanting to participate in the normal things you enjoy doing. Your body also releases a great deal of Cortisol, which is known for making you feel stressed out in high abundances.

To help your body even out these chemicals, the Break Up Pill contains:

Read on below to find out the role that each ingredient takes on.

St. John's Wart Extract

St. John’s Wart is a well-known natural remedy for fighting depression. However, it’s main function is to increase your energy levels, helping you to feel more excited and lively.

Fish Oil

Many consumers take fish oil on a regular basis to help support the cardiovascular system, since it helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol and fat buildup in the arteries. However, the use of it in this pill is helpful in reducing inflammation and nerve damage that can worsen your emotional distress.

Borage Oil

Borage oil is specifically helpful in eliminating the signs and symptoms of autoimmune disorders. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the brain, which can impact your mood.

Saffron Extract

Saffron extract has many different functions in the body, helping to reduce your appetite and improve your weight loss goals. However, it is included in this pill for its ability to even out your mood.


This ingredient works hard as a necessary amino acid. It has many ways that it can impact your mood, but the most prominent one is that it can fight off depression.


Inositol is a natural brain food, balancing out your mood in a way that is safe and healthy for you. However, it can perform this task by using neural pathways to brighten your attitude.

Using the Break Up Pill

If you’re considering taking this formula, you probably endured a horrendous breakup. However, the formula should not be used until it is necessary to bring up your spirits. You don’t need to take any large or strange doses; in fact, you only need to take one pill a day to get the desired results.

Long-term use is the key to maintaining your new demeanor. Per claims on the website, you have over a 98% change of being cured if you stick with the program for at least six months. The formula can be used to mend the broken heart of a man or woman.

Pricing for the Break Up Pill

Your total cost for the Break Up Pill will depend on the amount of the formula you get at once. Some people are apprehensive about the effects of the formula in their own life, which is why the one-month supply of the product is one of the most popular options at $39.99.

To motivate you to make a more sizeable purchase, the creators behind this supplement offer different discounts as you order more of the supplement at once. There are two options to purchase more of this pill in a single order.

The first option charges you a total of $79.98. This package allows you to purchase two bottles of the formula, while receiving a bonus gift of an extra bottle. Since you are purchasing more than one bottle, you will be eligible for free shipping.

The other option allows you to purchase four bottles at once, which will earn you a bonus of three extra bottles. The total cost of this package is $159.96, and it comes with free shipping.

Contacting the Creators of the Break Up Pill

Unfortunately, there is no contact information for the company on the website. If you wish to reach someone from the customer service team, you will need to refer to the label of the Break Up Pill to potentially find a phone number for correspondence.

It is unclear if this information will be added to the website later.

Her Break Up Pill Conclusion

The Break Up Pill isn’t a narcotic or harsh medication to make you feel happy. This formula is specifically created to boost your mood and help you get over the pain of losing someone you love by (their) choice. To start down the road to healing, buy your supply of the Break Up Pill today.

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