HealthyCell DNA Repair – Cellular Synergistic Blend Of Micronutrients?


What Is HealthyCell DNA Repair?

Apparently, your health starts with your cells. Therefore, healthy cellular repair is vital to the overall health of your body. Your cells are damaged at a level of their DNA on a daily basis. And apparently, millions of cells are available each day.

DNA Repair by Healthy Cell contains 9 different nutrients that that help to support healthy DNA Repair.

How Does HealthyCell DNA Repair Work?

The DNA in each of your cells are said to be damaged more than one million times a day. Over a long period of time, this can lead to several different health concerns. The damage that is caused to your DNA is caused could occur from toxins, stress or other free radicals in the body. They can cause a chronic decline in cellular activity and health over the course of time.

DNA Repair is said to help by supporting healthy activity and will protect your body against things like aging and disease. It also helps by protecting and repairing the body’s cells and is critical for anyone who is trying to enhance their anti-aging. Its vital that you take the right steps to help your body repair itself.

HealthyCell DNA Repair naturally helps your body with cell repair and protects them from cellular damage caused by free radicals and toxins.

It works by using a powerful combination of ingredients that work at cellular level as powerful antioxidants that repair the cells of the body. Not only that, but it also repairs your body with essential phytonutrients that are proven to repair your DNA.

It also has some very powerful ingredients not found in other similar products. One such ingredient is said to be the most powerful substance at repairing the DNA. It’s an extract known as ac-11 and has been backed by more than eighteen years of scientific research and studies done in more than 40 publications.

HealthyCell has been designed by Nobile Prize Nominee and Physician D. Vincent Giampapa. He’s even been featured on the Discovery Science Channel. The show he was featured on was even narrated by Stephen Hawking. HealthyCell was created as the result of more than 20 years of expert research into ingredients and cellular research into factors that control and enhance the cells ability to improve or repair itself.

It contains ingredients and nutrients that are key catalysts. They lead to healthy DNA repair through the use of botanical antioxidants and phytonutrients. The body naturally produces enzymes that cause damage to the DNA.

These enzymes need catalysts like certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals that help with DNA and cell repair. Not only that, but they help the body with its proper function in an efficient and effective way. These key catalysts include Vitamins A, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Zinc and Selenium.

The main ingredient that repairs will DNA is ac-11. This is said to be a powerful organic ingredient that is found in the Amazon rainforest. It is an extract of the Uncaria tomentosa plant. The plant has been proven to support the health of DNA through the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Ac-11 is carboxy alkyl esters from Uncaria tomentosa.

The botanical antioxidants are designed to protect your cells from harmful free radicals. They are highly charged particles of damaging energy that is harmful to DNA. The body naturally produces free radicals when it creates energy from food. Free radicals also get into the body from the air we breathe and foods and drinks. Sometimes they can even be created by something as simple as the body’s reaction to sunlight.

Free radical damage is known to be involved in clogging the arteries and atherosclerosis. It is believed that these can lead to other issues like cancer, vision loss and other various conditions that are chronic illnesses. The botanical antioxidants minimize, the damage that is caused by free radicals and also protects cells from damage. They will basically neutralize free radicals through the use of Green Tea Extract that is 100% organic.

Through the use of organic cauliflower and wormwood, the phytonutrients include carotenoids and ellagic acid. There are also flavonoids, glucosinolate and phytoestrogens. The phytonutrients have some very powerful anti-inflmmatory properties that help the body with several different health benefits.

The Bottom Line On HealthyCell DNA Repair

If you’re looking to improve your health and reverse the effects of aging, then HealthyCell DNA Repair is an essential supplement that can help you protect your body.

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