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In recent years, attaining proper healthcare has become much more difficult. Insurance companies are clamping down on coverage, premiums are skyrocketing, and you tend to find yourself fearful of having to visit the doctor. Obviously, this can make taking care of your health an unpleasant experience – and things really should not be this way.

Fortunately, one company is working hard to change the system by providing you with a custom healthcare solution. Called HealthTree, this custom program gives you access to healthcare professionals so that you can get the proper healthcare that you deserve. If you are ready to reconsider your healthcare options with this program, then here is everything you need to know about HealthTree.

What is HealthTree?

HealthTree is a network of medical professionals who are dedicated to providing you with premium-grade, attentive, high-quality, and effective healthcare in a convenient and simplified manner. Unlike many other healthcare companies, HealthTree truly aims to provide you healthcare at an affordable price so that you never need to second guess your decision to go to the doctor. By caring for your health and addressing every concern, you can make sure that you remain healthy over the long term.

As the brand explains, its program is akin to “having a Dr. in your pocket; on call to meet your needs and the needs of your family.” This is a fairly good characterization of the program and with all the qualities it has to offer, you’ll find it to be one of the optimal healthcare solutions on the market.

A Form of Telemedicine

HealthTree is a leader in what is termed as “telemedicine.” Telemedicine is the process of attaining a remote diagnosis and treatment solutions through the use of telecommunication technology. Basically, instead of visiting your doctor at his or her standard office, waiting in line at clinics, and watching your time waste away at appointments, you can now communicate with your doctor through telecommunication technology. This type of technology includes computers, videos, tablets, and anything that can help you get in touch with your doctor, without requiring you to visit the office.

Some argue that telecommunication is not effective because your doctor does not physically see you. In actuality, you visit your doctor when it is necessary – such as when you have an emergency. Otherwise, there is no need to go to the office. The telecommunication technology also provides you with the following qualities:

  • Improved access
  • It is cost efficient
  • Improved quality of care
  • Your demands as a patient are met

HealthTree functions as a telecommunication type of health care and it highly effective for those who want to achieve more access to their doctor and to receive an improved quality of care. The doctors in this network are highly responsive to your needs as a patient so that your questions, concerns, and the like are always met.

About the Medical Professionals

This healthcare solution is a unique and personalized system that provides you with access to an intelligent, knowledgeable, and expert network of medical professionals who are board certified. The board certification ensures that you receive access to medical professionals who are able to provide you with care and to meet your needs as a patient.

The entire network gives you access to 500,000 doctors. You can reach your doctor at any time of the day throughout the entire week. After all, through HealthTree, your health is a priority. The doctors are always on call and if you do not like a certain doctor, then you can easily switch. With this system, you achieve total control of how you receive your health and how your needs are met.

Moreover, when you are a part of this program, all of your information is protected and confidential. The doctor-patient privilege still applies, even though you are a part of a telecommunication network. Therefore, whatever you discuss with your doctor is completely confidential and your rights are protected through HiPPA. The entire program is HIPPA compliant. For more information about HealthTree’s standards, simply give the company a call and speak to a representative.

Coverage for Your Entire Family

Another advantage of choosing HealthTree is that you can receive coverage for your entire family at an affordable rate. As the company explains, you can save on average over $3,000 per year. These savings are significant. When you sign up for the program, there are no additional costs involved when you choose to cover your entire family.

The ability to receive healthcare for yourself and your children at an affordable rate is key to a positive quality of life. With this system, you can achieve instant access to a medical professional within the network whenever you need to. The medical professional will address your concerns so that you can take care of the issue before it becomes worse.

No Contract and No Commitment

For those who are worried about commitments and are uncertain as to whether this program will work for the long term, the good news is that there are no contracts or commitments involved. You can sign up for this program and if you dislike it, then simply cancel at any time. You are free to make your own decisions of this program and you are not locked-into the system.

To offer you another level of protection in case you are dissatisfied, HealthTree also offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. The guarantee starts from the day of purchase and if you find yourself having issues at any time within the 30-days, you can receive your money back by contacting the brand.

A Monthly Subscription Fee

Once you enroll in the program, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. As the program explains, “the monthly subscription fee is equivalent to the cost of two cups of coffee.” As a result, you’ll find the fee to be completely affordable and a great investment into your healthcare.


Health Tree is an amazing programs that delivers you premium-grade health care through a network of board-certified medical professionals. If you are ready to start taking care of your health the right way, then visit the HealthTree website today. It is very easy to sign up for and you can get set up in minutes.

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