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When it comes to choose a health supplement store online to shop from, making the right choice can prove to be an overwhelming experience for many. The sheer amount of brands and websites to choose from can make it difficult for one to decide on a brand, as well as the potential risks of fraud and faulty product.

Fortunately for shoppers everywhere, the advent of third-party review sites has made it easier for one to choose a company that has safe and reputable product's. These review sites contain listings of hundreds of online retailers and lists them in order of affordability and the quality of their merchandise. One supplement brand in particular that has had numerous positive reviews is the Health Ranger Store, a company that was launched in 2012 by entrepreneur and claimed health expert Mike Adams.

What Is The Health Ranger Store?

As stated previously, The Health Ranger Store is a leading supplement brand online that sells a variety of supplements and health food product's. Their inventory consists of many popular brands that can be found on competing sites, as well as supplying their own brand of supplements that are sold at competitive prices.

The company states that the business was built from the ground up, with their own fulfillment center and inhouse customer service team. The Health Ranger store is located on the East Coast of the USA, offering their users responsive customer service and friendly phone support via email or online chat across the country.

As part of the company ethos, the Founder, Mike Adams, had made the following promises to his customers:

  • Every product is supported by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While this should not be confused with a money back guarantee where the customer is entitled to a refund for whatever reason, the company claims that it will happily exchange the item for alternate brand promptly and professionally in the case of disappointment.
  • The company has a strict data security policy. What this means is that one’s email address and other personal details will never be sold to a third party.
  • The company claims that all of their products have been personally reviewed and endorsed by the founder himself.
  • In general, the product's offered by the Health Ranger Store are 100% organic. Although Adams admits that there are some products that are manmade. These supplements are known to be ‘wildcrafted and ‘pesticide free’, which are ostensibly higher quality than their organic counterparts.
  • Each product is selected for its quality of ingredients and least possible chemical exposure. All the products sold are accurately labeled with their organic status, meaning that one knows exactly what’s inside the formula.

What Products Are Sold By The Health Ranger Store And How Much?

As previously stated, the Health Ranger Store sells a wide variety of organic and manmade supplements at competitive prices. Each product is reportedly tested by the owner himself, giving each brand his personal endorsement and earning a stamp of approval.

The product's can easily be purchased through the Health Ranger website, as well as through their network of retailers and independent distributors nationwide. There is a heavy presence of retailers on third-party sites such as Amazon and Ebay, but some are selling their products at slightly inflated prices than normal. Users are advised to purchase directly through the manufacturer's website, as one may pay more when purchased via other means, as well as forfeiting the security of their money back guarantee period.

The product's range in prices, with some of the cheapest supplements and health foods starting at $20, which includes delivery, through to $100 or more. These prices include a personalized delivery service with their courier company FedEx. What this means is that one can specify delivery instructions if one thinks they may miss their shipment.

What Are People Saying About The Health Ranger Store?

It should be noted that the company has only been in operation since 2012, which means that it does not have an extensive history to back up the company’s claims of legitimacy and quality of their product's. Some competitors have existed since the 1960s or longer, with most of the older manufacturers evolved from brick and mortar stores to the digital marketplaces we see today.

Nevertheless, The Health Ranger Store does have many positive reviews to give credibility to their claims of service and quality. In fact, many of the compliments the business receives are posted publicly on the Health Ranger Facebook page. Customers expressed that they were satisfied with the quality and performance of the goods sold to them, as well as reporting a positive customer service experience when they called or emailed the business.

It should be noted that the Health Ranger Store was also subject to some criticism from their customer base. The most common complaints were from users that experienced problems with their orders, with late and missing deliveries being the most common points of contention. The Health Ranger store took responsibility where it could in these cases by providing store credits and working to resolve the issues promptly and professionally.

The Bottom Line – Is The Health Ranger Store Recommended?

When deciding on a supplement brand there can be many factors that contribute to the decision making process. Reputation and a solid track record is one of the key requirements for the skeptical online shopper today, and the Health Ranger Store more than satisfies this pivotal requirement.

One key advantage that the Health Ranger Store has over its competitors is that the owner personally tests each and every product before they are listed for sale. This can be compared to the lack of personalization and care exhibited by the company’s most established competitors.

In conclusion, if one is looking to settle on becoming a loyal customer to a supplement company, then the Health Ranger Store could be a good choice. The quality of their product's is sound, and they offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. All of this is supported by a money back guarantee, so the risk of disappointment is minimal.

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