Gwynnie Bee – Women’s Plus Size Designer Clothing?


Gwynnie Bee Review – High Quality?

Gwynnie Bee is an online store for plus-size women that allows consumers to rent clothing temporarily or purchase the products they like. This is our review.

What is Gwynnie Bee?

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing store that features a variety of fun and beautiful clothing for women that don’t fall into the “average” size of women that most merchandisers pay attentions to. All the clothing available on their website ranges from a size 10 up to a size 32, making it easier for curvier women to find an outfit that fits them properly, instead of trying to squeeze into a size that was made for a completely different figure.

Gwynnie Bee is a subscription service, which means that you can enroll in the program to be able to rent out clothing in your size, but without the need to commit to buying that particular outfit. Shopping for a plus-size figure can be overwhelming and difficult, since so few stores cater to the needs of these body types. Most pant sizes only go up to a size 18, if at all, while most shirts available are no more than an extra-large. However, Gwynnie Bee is here to eliminate the worry of being unable to find an outfit.

With a subscription to the Gwynnie Bee system, women are able to wear expensive clothes at a fraction of the cost. Then, you can send the item back as many times as you want for a new item. The latest trends get delivered right to your door, which means that you aren’t limited by what a retail store happens to have in stock. Shipping is free with every order, even when you have to return the item.

New products and styles are added weekly, so you could go years with a subscription without every having to repeat an outfit, unless you want to purchase the ensemble. If you do want to purchase clothing directly, there’s an option for that as well, depending on if you are ordering with or without a subscription.

Products Offered by Gwynnie Bee

There are many sizes and products offered by Gwynnie Bee. All clothing items start at a size 10, which means that plus-size women do not have to go through the embarrassing and uncomfortable process of having to just sit and hope that the largest size will fit. Gwynnie Bee produces a wide array of dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, cardigans, sweaters, blazers, and jackets to coordinate with other pieces in your wardrobe

Gwynnie Bee knows you need to be ready for anything, so they have clothing items available in styles for:

  • Workwear
  • Weekend
  • Casual
  • Dress/Up Formal

How Gwynnie Bee’s Subscription Program Works

Gwynnie Bee’s subscription program is fun and easy. With just a few steps, you will be on your way to wearing high-end, designer products that are specifically designed to fit a woman with a fuller figure.

  1. Choose to check out one, two, or three products at a time.
  2. Check out the different styles in the collections to figure out which collection fits your style of clothing.
  3. Once you make your selection, you will get your box in the mail. Usually, it only takes three business days to process your new item.
  4. Return the product and choose your next one. You don’t even have to wash it before you send it back, because Gwynnie Bee dry-cleans all their clothing.

When you check out any clothing item, you can keep it as long as you want. The program works in a similar way to the DVD rentals that Netflix provides in the mail.

If you decide you love the latest clothing item too much, you can purchase the product while you still have it at a discounted rate.

Pricing for Gwynnie Bee

Gwynnie Bee has three different subscription options, allowing you to take out one, two, or three products at a time. You get a free trial for any of the programs for the first 30 days, but you are required to put your financial information in the system when you sign up.

If you choose to take out one item at a time, you will pay a monthly fee of $49. If you choose to take out two items at a time, you will pay a monthly fee of $69. If you choose to take out three items at a time, you will pay a monthly fee of $95.

When you decide to subscribe to any of the program, you essentially will continue to be charged every month until you cancel the service. There is no charge to cancel, and you can make that change by going to your account profile.

Contacting Gwynnie Bee

If you want to speak with a Gwynnie Bee representative about a recent order or different product options, you can send an email to, or you can call 1-855-gwynnie (855-499-6643) any day of the week.


Plus-size clothing can be expensive to have to invest in. However, Gwynnie Bee is able to make these clothing items accessible at a reasonable cost. For example, a full-price top in a plus size store may cost upwards of $20. With this kind of pricing, a single month of unlimited clothing returns with Gwynnie Bee would be equivalent to buying two shirts. Gwynnie Bee is priced fairly and has a wide selection of clothing, allowing you to express your inner diva without spending like one.

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