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Guthy-Renker Review

Founded in 1988, Guthy-Renker is one of the largest and well respected direct marketing companies. The company has made its name by developing and distributing products in the beauty, skincare, wellness, and entertainment sectors. Having worked with some of the most popular celebrities today, Guthy-Renker has won awards in production and marketing campaigns.

About Guthy Renker

Despite its exponential growth and success, Guthy-Renker has stayed grounded by its two founders, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker. The two men have worked hard to keep their company a model for trust, integrity, and better business practices in the industry.

Best known for releasing their product Proactiv over sixteen years ago, Guthy-Renker has continued to distribute products directly to consumers, all while keeping customer satisfaction at their center.

Guthy-Renker Products

While its direct to customer sales model has made it unique in itself, what really sets Guthy-Renker apart is that it has such a wide range of high-quality products. Due to the company’s focus on only selling products that make people feel, look, and live better, they have been a great success. These products have been embraced by everyone, including some of the most prominent celebrities today.

Below are some of the brands and products that Guthy-Renker discover, develop, and sell.


This three step system that completely changed the way the world treated acne was on of Guthy-Renker’s biggest successes. Created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, this first system was the foundation for their new product Proactiv+.

Proactiv+ is also a three step system to fight acne, but it has been completely redesigned and reformulated. This medication works to not only clear existing acne, but also aids in preventing future breakouts.

Proactiv+ uses the new and exclusive Smart Target Technology to deliver 50% more benzoyl-peroxide, the main component in most acne medications. This system clears the bacteria from the skin, so blemishes stop forming, while also reducing puffiness and redness.

The benefits of Proactiv+ include:

— Smoother, Even-Toned Skin
— Reduced Pore Size
— A Glowing Complexion
— Fewer Dark Marks
— Reduced Oiliness and Shin
— Reduced Redness
— Softer, More Hydrated Skin

Proactiv has won 28 awards and honors from different segments in the health and beauty industry.

Meaningful Beauty

This skincare system, endorsed by Cindy Crawford, was designed by French anti-aging specialist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. The Meaningful Beauty skincare system uses a special formula to reverse the effects of aging.

The Meaningful Beauty products support the body to increase its collagen levels, it fights free radicals, and it rejuvenates tired, dull skin. This is done through a very exclusive antioxidant compound found in French melons. By using these antioxidants to purify and restore the skin, Meaningful Beauty gives users the skin they’ve always wanted, smooth, clear, and youthful.

Crepe Erase

When skin starts to age, it becomes dry and crinkly, almost like crepe paper. The Crepe Erase system works to reverse this process, giving dry, wrinkled skin the treatment it needs to look young again. Crepe Erase with TruFirm has a two-step system that contains plant extracts to plump and firm aged, crinkly skin.

IT Cosmetics

Developed with the help of some of the leaders in plastic surgery, IT Cosmetics shifted its focus from covering skincare issues to treating them, while also providing coverage. The formulas in IT Cosmetics products are all designed around high-performance pigments, as well as protectants to provide a natural, light coverage that also heals the skin.

Perricone MD

So many products on the market today focus on making the body look younger or the face look younger. Often, this leaves on area overlooked: The neck. Perricone MD was created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a board-certified dermatologist and healthy aging expert. He created something called Cold Plasma Sub-D, a unique and patented delivery system that helps reverse the signs of age on the neck.

Wen by Chaz Dean

Wen is a line of hairstyle products created by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. The system uses natural botanicals and herbs, excluding the commonly used sodium laurel sulfate, which can damage hair. In addition to being more natural, Wen is known for not having any shampoos in its product lineup. This is due to the fact that the Wen hair products clean hair while it conditions, cutting out the need for shampoo.

Shampoo can be harsh on the hair, causing more damage than it prevents. Due to the damage that Dean saw over and over in his work, he stopped using shampoo completely, opting instead to clean his hair with conditioner. Now his entire product line is built around this concept. But there is now a Class Action Lawsuit against WEN hair care. So be aware of that.

Sheer Cover Studio

Sheer Cover Studio offers a line of makeup products that are aimed at making the process of putting on makeup easier. All the products of Sheer Cover Studio are designed around being easy to use and offering both a natural look and full coverage.

Sheer Cover Studio completely covers acne, uneven skin tons, age spots, dark circles, and even hyperpigmentation, leaving smooth, even skin behind. Those with more challenging things to cover don’t need to worry. Sheer Cover Studio foundation can also cover tattoos, spider veins, and birthmarks. All this is done through its patented True Shades Technology and The Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation.

Some of the products sold by Sheer Cover Studio include:

— Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation
— Conceal and Brighten Trio
— Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals
— Lengthening Mascara
— Lash Extending Fibers

X Out

Created by the same makers of Proactiv, X Out is a one-step wash in treatment that treats acne and prevents future breakouts. Like Proactiv, X Out kills the bacteria on the skin and in the pores that causes breakouts, leaving behind smooth and healthy skin. X Out also includes a moisturizing complex, so the face never dries out.

While X Out still includes benzoyl-peroxide to fight acne, it also has exfoliating microbeads that clear away dead skin, leaving healthy, smooth skin behind. Most importantly, X Out is created to be used in the shower, so there’s no hassle and no mess.

Principal Secret

Principal Secret is an anti-aging skincare system that offers a three step system that can be completed in three minutes. Because it is made up of multipurpose products, the system is easy to use and gives results.

Principal Secret offers three different product lines, so they cover every age and every skincare need. The product lines are Reclaim with Argireline, Principal Secret Advanced with Hyrdrospheres, and Color Principal.

Contacting Guthy-Renker

Guthy-Renker is based in California and has two bases of operation. They can be found at:

3340 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

The phone number for this location is 310-581-6250

41-550 Eclectic St.
Suite 200
Palm Desert, CA 92260

The phone number for this location is 760-773-9022

The Guthy-Renker customer service line can be reached toll free at 1-888-651-6602 or at 1-888-651-6607.

The company also has a contact form on their website that can be used to ask questions or request information.

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