Growth Xtreme: Effective Performance Enhancer To Increase Muscle Mass?


Fact: anyone who has spent hours in the gym trying to gain muscle mass but still gets asked “do you even lift bruh?” is probably familiar with the different shades of performance enhancers out there. And so, is understandably cautious about trying out new products that make what seem like “wild goose chase” claims.

What Is Growth Xtreme?

Growth Xtreme skips all the hype and gets down to the science of gaining muscle mass with this very simple truth: elite athletes aren't born ripped. They get their physic by constantly pushing their bodies an extra mile and supplementing their diets with the EXTRA nutrients their bodies need to put on well defined muscles.
So the formula for muscle gain is simply: extra effort + muscle food
Note that while most enhancers do their best to improve your body's definition (by providing the extra nutrients your muscle needs to grow after an intense workout), growth xtreme has found that some of these don't turn out significant results for their users because these users usually don't reach their peak performance (maintaining over 95% heart rate for prolonged periods) before giving up on the gym for the day.

Science Behind Growth Xtreme Ingredients

Active Ingredients, L-Arginine Magnesium & L-citrulline – Cut Recovery Time And Improve Stamina
L-arginine is an amino acid with a long history of improving athletic performance by increasing blood flow and being a catalyst for energy production in the body. It's also useful in synthesizing lactic acid, produced during anaerobic exercises (like weight lifting), which makes your muscles hurt. By increasing your blood flow (your heart converts this lactic acid to oxygen), your stamina increases and you won't feel woozy.
Some studies have shown that consuming L-arginine alone won't significantly improve your stamina. But they have found that combining it with other supplements like magnesium and L-citrulline, both of which help increase blood flow in the body, ergo stamina, can increase your endurance by over 70%.

Increase Muscle Mass – Active Ingredients, L-arginine

L-arginine's main function here is in its ability to increase the secretion of an endogenous growth hormone. And of course, it's ability to synthesize creatine (a component that helps muscles synthesize protein). You'll find both L-arginine and creatine pedaled as supplements, but you can still get the recommended dosage in a single growth Xtreme pill.
A research found that a combination of arginine with another compound, lysine, caused a 2.7 fold increase in plasma growth hormone concentrations. And a further study showed an elevated growth hormone composition, in the blood work of marathon runners, than would have otherwise been present without arginine consumption (
These growth hormones are obviously responsible for the increase in the mass density of pro athletes. So that no matter how hard you train at the gym, your body won't produce the same levels of growth hormone without taking supplements.

Growth Xtreme Benefits

  • Cut down recovery time by improving endurance
  • Trigger release of growth hormones for muscle mass growth
  • Fast acting and sustainable results.

Growth Xtreme Side Effects

As with all supplements, moderation is key. Different people have different body systems and despite xtreme's best efforts, using natural ingredients and making it non-laxative, some people may find themselves reacting just mildly to the pills. While others will find themselves developing biceps big enough to have gym memberships.
The point is, no one can tell you how you'd react to it, unless you try it yourself.
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