Burn Bullets

Grilla Burn Bullets is a fat burning supplement developed by Grilla Fitness to act as a rapid weight loss formula.

To learn more about this product and whether it is worth adding to one’s supplement regimen, see the review below.

What are Burn Bullets?

Burn Bullets are a supplement designed to maximize fat burning by increasing one’s metabolism while also suppressing one’s appetite using ingredients found in nature. The product is meant to be taken as two capsules per day in order to quickly burn calories.

How Do Burn Bullets Work?

A combination of natural, potent ingredients, are coupled with a diet plan to maximize one’s weight loss goals.

No weight loss plan can be complete without exercise and dieting, so Grilla Fitness has included a free diet plan for individuals who are interested in using their product.

What Ingredients are in Burn Bullets?


A fairly well-known stimulant that promotes the feeling of wakefulness and also acts as an appetite suppressant, although this effect wears off over time.

The caffeine found in this supplement comes from three sources: Brazilian cocoa extract, Green coffee extract, green tea extract and Guarana extract.

For those who are already drinking coffee, it is advised that a health professional be consulted as the dose of caffeine found in a day’s worth of supplements is 323 mg, which is approximately 3 ¼ cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine.

Green Tea Extract:

One of the more common ingredients found in weight loss supplements.

There is a chemical in green tea known as EGCG that has shown efficacy in some studies as a weight loss tool. Other research has found that it does not aid in weight loss, however, so more research needs to be undertaken to demonstrate whether this ingredient works as advertised.

Cayenne Extract:

This ingredient has been found in some studies to increase metabolism, but the effects diminish over time.

There is also scant research on the effects of this ingredient for supplementation, so consumers should be cautious.

Hops Extract:

Brewers and beer connoisseurs will be familiar with this ingredient, more commonly found in a beer than in a supplement.

Hops extract seems to also be limited research on the effectiveness of hops extracts, although one study has shown that in overweight people it may be an effective supplement for weight loss.

No research has examined the long-term effects of consuming this addition, particularly, in the form of an extract.

If hops does work then it needs to be in the form of an extract, as opposed to beer, due to the high level of calories found in one’s average hoppy beverage.


Otherwise known as vitamin B3, niacin is an ingredient commonly found in energy drinks and weight loss supplements.

In the few studies conducted on niacin’s effectiveness as a supplement, the research seems to demonstrate no relationship to weight loss.

Acetyl L-Carnitine:

Found in many weight loss pills, research on L-Carnitine’s capacity for aiding in weight loss has only been shown for people who are deficient in L-Carnitine. Most people get enough through their regular diet.


Found in black pepper, this ingredient is supposed to potentiate the effects of other supplements.

There seems to be little available information about this supplement online, and so consumers should be aware that the intention of this supplement is to maximize the effectiveness of other ingredients.

Burn Bullets Pricing

Grilla’s Burn Bullets can be found on Grilla Fitness’ website, and ordered online. Grilla has also includes a free diet plan, with the total for the supplement coming out to £29.99.

The supplement can also be ordered in the form of twin or triple packs for consumers who are interested in bulk purchasing for a discounted price.

The website for ordering these products can be found here: http://grillafitness.com/grilla-burn-bullets

Burn Bullets Review Summary

Many of the ingredients found in Burn Bullets have limited research on their efficacy as weight loss tools, however, Grilla fitness seems to be examining more modern research and taking a new approach with their supplementation. Consumers interested in novel dieting techniques may find this pill useful.


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