Green Island Naturals – Low & Solvent-Free CBD & THC Tinctures?


Green Island Naturals is a company that offers tinctures, topical oils, and even hard capsules with extracts from hemp and marijuana plants. The brand only offers the product through local dispensaries in Canada, and cannot ship from an online order.

What Is Green Island Naturals?

Finding remedies that can soothe the body during illness is probably one of the most stressful activities, since most consumers just want relief now. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different companies that develop medication nowadays, and there are so many risks involved with taking any of them. Sometimes, the best solution is the one with the least amount of human interference, which is what Green Island Naturals focuses on.

Green Island Naturals bases all their remedies on scientific research regarding plant-based medicines, with a specific focus on marijuana and hemp. They aim to expand the opinion of the medicinal user, providing different treatment options that consumers can use in nearly every circumstance. The products are sold in multiple dispensaries, though the actual in-stock inventory will vary.

Products From Green Island Naturals

The only way to see the inventory available on the Green Island Naturals brand is to download a copy of the catalogue. All the products are sold in Canada, so consumers will need to make a special trek to get to them outside of that country.

Each remedy is a scientifically balanced formula to help treat the body. Choose from:

  • Honey tears, with a little honey, CBD or THC, and sugar leaf
  • Phoenix tears, with body hemp and marijuana as an edible concentrate
  • 1:1 CBD/THC tincture
  • 4:1 CBD/THC tincture
  • Chronic tonic tincture, which is 500mg THC
  • CBD or THC solvent-free tinctures
  • CBD dry capsules, ranging from 5mg to 30mg each
  • Restore, which is a topical oil with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD
  • Soar, a vapor fluid for the tinctures
  • Medico for Pets, with 100mg CBD

Due to the laws in different parts of the country, consumers will probably need to order these products from a local distributor. There are many dispensaries in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, and other cities that offer the products, so consumers need to find out the actual pricing there.

Contacting The Creators Behind Green Island Naturals

The website does not seem to give much information directly on the website, and there is no way to place an order on the website directly. Everything must be done through distributors, but consumers can learn more about where they can make their purchases by sending an email to [email protected].

Green Island Naturals Conclusion

Green Island Naturals provides solution for any consumer, if they follow the current laws for use. These purchases must be made inside the country, and cannot be taking internationally.

With THC and CBD available in the tinctures and oils, consumers can get the relief that their body already craves naturally. To find the pricing options, reach out to Green Island Naturals or a participating dispensary.

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