Green Gorilla – Organic Hemp, Olive & CBD Oil Spray?


Green Gorilla Review – Is It For You?

Green Gorilla is a manufacturer and producer of cannabidiol infused extra virgin olive oils. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from the hemp plant and has a wide host of benefits.

About Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla is a group that has completely committed itself to making hemp based solutions more accessible to the world. Based on the belief that hemp is a powerful, renewable source that can be used as a medicine, fuel, food, textile, pulp, paper, and so much more, Green Gorilla has started discovering the best ways to use hemp in these manners.

The first set of products being released by Green Gorilla is its “Hemp and Olive” line. This line contains extra virgin organic olive oil that has been infused CBD. The products available in this line include supplements, pet care products, and cosmetics. While the company doesn’t have a huge selection of products currently, it will continue to release more throughout the year.

Green Gorilla uses plant-based, non-GMO, organic hemp to get their CBD extract. The active ingredient in hemp and marijuana, THC, is completely removed from the hemp plant before the CBD is extracted. This not only allows users to get the full benefits of CBD, but they can get them without the hallucinatory effects that THC causes.

How Green Gorilla Works

There are three basic steps to the Green Gorilla process. The first happens on their farms. Here, Green Gorilla grows huge fields of industrial hemp, completely non-GMO and organic. Because hemp is a fast growing plant, they are able to do this several times a year.

When the hemp is ready to harvest, Green Gorilla removes all the THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, from the hemp. This removes any hallucinatory properties from the hemp and makes it completely legal to sell in every state. Once the THC is removed, Green Gorilla naturally extracts the CBD. While many companies would end the process at extraction, Green Gorilla takes it a step further and purifies this CBD until it’s completely, 100% pure.

Finally, Green Gorilla takes its completely organic extra virgin olive oil and infuses it with the 100% pure CBD. By combining the two together, Green Gorilla assures that users are getting the beneficial properties of CBD in the most ideal delivery system, olive oil.

The Future of Green Gorilla

In 2016, Green Gorilla hopes to release its “Master Grower” line. This line of products will give growers everything they need to grow their own plants, successfully and conscientiously. These products will include organic fertilizers, beneficial organisms, commercial scale greenhouses, cultivation tools, harvesting tools, and processing tools.

The Master Grower line won’t just be for those who have committed themselves to growing huge fields or gardens. It will also be for the casual hobbyist or the person who is just getting started in gardening.

One of Green Gorilla’s big goals for the future is educating the public about hemp growing processes. Very few people cultivate hemp conscientiously and even fewer do it organically. By making this one of their main focuses, those behind Green Gorilla hope that providing an example of how to grow hemp healthily and in an environmentally friendly will slowly change how things are done.

Green Gorilla believes there isn’t a limit on the number of uses available for hemp. As the company expands, they hope to explore the number of products and uses they use hemp for, providing customers with solutions for all their needs.

What Makes Green Gorilla Unique?

Green Gorilla has committed itself to being a sustainable and ethical company, making sure every choice they make protects the future of the planet. Due to this deep commitment, they are able to bring some of the highest quality products and services. And, because they show their commitment in everything they do, their customers know that they’re getting the best products every time they shop Green Gorilla.

In addition to these high standards, Green Gorilla also works on the policy of 100%. Everything it provides is 100%. This includes:

-Plant Based
-Sugar Free
-Gluten Free
Pure CBD
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Green Gorilla Products

Green Gorilla offers an assortment of infused olive oil options, some flavored with lemon and mint essential oils. The company also provides these options in different concentrations, so customers can pick the dosage they want. While customers are free to do what they want, Green Gorilla recommends a minimum daily dose of at least 5mg a day. On the other end of the spectrum, some customers take up to 100mg/day to get the full therapeutic effects of the CBD.

Again, because these products contain no THC, they are in compliance with the US federal law and are completely legal to sell.

The shelf life of these oils is about two years. The bottles should be stored in a cool, dark area.

— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 150mg = $34.95
— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 150mg Lemon = $34.95
— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 150mg Mint = $34.95
— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 600mg = $119.99
— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 600mg Lemon = $119.99
— Hemp & Olive – CBD Oil, 600mg Mint = $119.99

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  1. My wife and I have been using the 600 mg Green Gorilla product for 3 to 4 months now. We were taking it orally and were getting some pretty good results. One night my wife was having severe Fibromyalgia pain in her feet and was in tears when I decided to tell her to try and rub it on externally. Within 1/2 hour she was essentially pain free and has been using it ever since as an external medication. She also uses it externally on her back and knees, and has had great results. I also have been using it externally for a severe itch on my back and also for my plantar fasciitis, plus taking 20mg a day internally and have found excellent relief from both conditions. As I realize that this is not a cure, it is doing what other medications could not accomplish. I am a retired Pharmacist and have become a believer in this product. Green Gorilla is an up and coming company that seems to have a wonderful future. The people I deal with at Green Gorilla are extremely knowledgeable about their product and very pleasant to work with. I would recommend this product as the results can be very beneficial for you.

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