Google Depression Quiz – Free Happiness Testing & Screening?


The Google Depression Quiz is an online quiz that consumers can use to determine if they are at risk for depression, or if they are simply experiencing a momentary struggle to bring them down. The quiz is free, though a diagnosis can only be made with a doctor.

What is the Google Depression Quiz?

Clinical depression is a significant problem, affecting about 20% of Americans at some point. Unfortunately, most people take a minimum of six years before they even begin to seek treatment, either voluntarily or because they do not understand the symptoms of depression. Most people that start to become aware of the changes in their mentality do research online, leading them straight to Google.

Even though most people consider Google to be just a search engine, they have collaborated with the National Alliance on Mental Health to create a quiz to help. Consumers are asked to go through the Patient Health Questionnaire to screen themselves. The quiz is only nine questions long, but it has previously been used by doctors and psychologists to determine the risks that their patients have. The quiz only takes about five minutes.

These results can show consumers if they have a great enough concern to approach their doctor with it. People all over the world suffer with mental illness from day to day, but without the understanding to see that they need help. The hope of the program is that this quiz raises awareness to figure out if this sadness is temporary, or if it is something that needs more attention to correct.

The Quiz

Upon opening the Google Depression Quiz, consumers will need to offer information on the following topics, basing their answers on the last 14 days:

  1. If the user has had little interest in doing things
  2. If the user has felt unhappy or hopeless
  3. If the user has had difficulty with their sleeping habits
  4. If the user has felt tired or minimally energetic
  5. If the user’s appetite has suffered
  6. If the user has felt like they have been letting other people down
  7. If the user has issues with focus
  8. If the user has issues with speaking slowly or being restless
  9. If the user has experienced suicidal or self-harming tendencies

At the end, the individual will select “View Results.” The website displays a scale, ranging from 0 to 27 to declare the likelihood that the individual is experiencing depression. Luckily, even a small number will come with an evaluation. Individuals who do not rank high in potentially having depression will usually see that they are experiencing stress or temporary sadness.

Upon receiving results, consumers will also be instructed about ways that they can remedy their circumstances, depending on the severity of their results. Even though there are recommendations and indications on the website to show the user’s likelihood of depression, users should speak with their doctor for an actual diagnosis and treatment plan.

Accessing the Depression Quiz

There is no website that consumers need to visit to access the quiz. Instead, once the user searches for “depression” on the website, they will see a questionnaire available, asking the user if they want to check themselves for symptoms.

All the answers that the user gives are confidential. Unlike other details that consumers normally enter in the search tab, the answers will not be stored for future use.

Contacting the National Alliance on Mental Health

Even with the information that consumers receive from participating in the quiz, consumers may want to explore more information with the National Alliance on Mental Health. The customer service team can be reached with a call to 888-999-6264.

Unfortunately, no email address is listed at this time.

Google Depression Quiz Conclusion

The Google Depression Quiz should be taken by anyone that has some concerns about their current mental state. The test involves important questions that consumers need to think about regularly to check in with themselves about their happiness and overall well-being.

Even if the individual receives a score that indicates that their diagnosis is low, they can still visit the website for the National Alliance on Mental Health. The website gives opportunities for consumers to help themselves, and to find ways to help others as well.

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