Goodie Girl Cookies – Healthy Gluten Free Cookie Snacks & Recipes?


Who doesn’t love cookies? We are told that cookies are not very good for us because of the gluten, carbs, sugar, etc. so sometimes we skip our favorite snack in favor of ‘healthier’ options.

What if I told you there is a gluten free cookie option that takes the guilt out of cookie snacking?

Goodie Girl Cookie Company makes cookies that are gluten free, artificial ingredient free, and peanut free.

Their products are a perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth without some of the guilt that comes with regular cookies! Today we will be discussing Goodie Girl Cookies and helping you determine if they are a good company for you to indulge your cookie cravings with!

What Are The Goodie Girl Cookies?

The Goodie Girl Cookies are cookie snacks that are changing the way that the treats are made.

They are made with nothing artificial, including colors, preservatives, and other ingredients. They also are gluten free and peanut free and are making cookies a staple in the healthy snack department.

With ingredients such as quinoa and natural peppermint oil, these cookies are an alternative to some of the other sugary treats out there (while being conscious of the ingredients that go into the treats).

How Does The Goodie Girl Cookies work?

The Goodie Girl Cookies are made with natural ingredients, are gluten free, and contain no synthetic ingredients.

The creator wanted to make a cookie that was a perfect gluten free snack option, because so many gluten free options do not have the same quality as the cookies that contain gluten.

Shira Berk wanted to change that and create a cookie that was both delicious and gluten free, so she created Goodie Girl Cookies.

Some of the flavors the Goodie Girl Cookies come in are:

Chocolate Chunk: A decadent chocolate chunk cookie made with quinoa and natural cocoa. A perfect gluten free substitute for your favorite chocolate snack

Midnight Brownie: This is a dark cocoa brownie that has chunks of chocolate baked right in. It is hard to believe this one is gluten free!

Oatmeal Raisin: Who doesn’t love a cookie classic like oatmeal raisin? Indulge in your childhood favorite with toasted oats, raisin, and cinnamon.

Toffee Crunch: The toffee crunch cookies have chunks of toffee, crispy rice, and chocolate chips baked into a perfect, indulgent cookie.

Mint Slims: The Mint Slims are a dark chocolate cookie with a hint of peppermint oil. It’s like a gluten free Girl Scout™ Cookie!

Vanilla Slims: Try the Vanilla slims for a vanilla flavored cookie coated in chocolate. Did I mention it is gluten free?

Cocoa Slims: For all you chocolate lovers out there, this is the ultimate cookie snack! It is a gluten free chocolate cookie that is covered in chocolate!

Go Paks: The Go Paks come in 1 oz and 2 oz pre packaged snack packs.

How Will The Goodie Girl Cookies Benefit me?

In addition to being made with high quality ingredients and having no artificial add ins, these cookies can satisfy any taste or craving there is.

They come in so many flavors and different varieties that everyone is sure to find something that they love

Who Makes The Goodie Girl Cookies?

The Goodie Girl Cookies are made by a company called Goodie Girl Tribeca.

The Goodie Girl Tribeca Company is dedicated to Goodie Girl Cookies and only sells these products.

For more information on the cookies and the company, visit their website.

Goodie Girl Cookies Pricing

If you want to buy the Goodie Girl Cookies one package at a time, you can search for retailers near you that carry their products as the online ordering only allows you to order in bulk.

The prices for the different varieties of the cookies vary, but for a case of 6 boxes of cookies the price starts at $35.94 plus shipping and handling.

The one and two ounce snack packs can be purchased in packages of 36 packs that start at $35.94 plus shipping and handling also

Should You Buy The Goodie Girl Cookies?

If you like healthy snacks, are looking for a cookie treat that does not have any synthetic ingredients, or just want to try something new the Goodie Girl Cookie Company may be the right company for you to try.

From their great selection of cookie snacks to their healthy ingredient add ins, these cookies are forever changing the way that cookies are enjoyed.

For more information on flavors and ingredients in the cookies visit their website.

Gluten free means guilt free!

Where Can You Learn More About The Goodie Girl Cookies And Purchase The Products?

You can learn more about the Goodie Girl Cookies, read about their founder and the story behind the cookies, and find out what stores you can purchase their products at, and place you order for a limited number of their products directly at their website at

You can also read customer reviews that were written by people who have purchased and used this product as well.

Goodie Girl Cookies also has a blog on their site and have a link to recipes for natural food products. You can contact them for more information if you have any questions about the cookies

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