Goodbye Stretch Marks – Linda Smith’s 7 Day Program?


Stretch marks, known medically as ‘striae’, are reddish or purple marks on the body that appear in places where large amounts of fat is or has been stored. While stretch marks disappear over time, they are a common source of dissatisfaction in body appearance with many individuals and thus there are a great many different solutions available on the market that assist with the removal of these marks. Over 90% of mothers will develop stretch marks after childbirth, and a large population of people will develop stretch marks from weight gain and loss or muscle mass increases.

Outside of cosmetic solutions such as makeup, there is a vast array of topical creams, gels and lotions that are created by cosmetic manufacturers that claim that their products are able to remove stretch marks. Essentially skin moisturizers, these products are good for the skin and while they provide nourishment for the outer layers of the dermis they are unlikely to be able to permanently remove unwanted striae. Laser therapy, another popular choice, is used in beauty clinics and medical settings to collapse the blood vessels beneath the stretch marks, but these treatments are often expensive and time consuming, requiring multiple visits and long periods of recovery and regeneration.

Some cosmetic surgery procedures offer a guaranteed cure for stretch marks, but the process, known as abdominoplasty, can cost tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars and is not guaranteed to deliver results without significant scarring. Cosmetic surgery, specifically around problem areas such as the thighs and stomach, requires invasive and painful surgery and takes up months of calendar time in consultation, treatment, and convalescence. The best practice for reducing the appearance of stretch marks that has been agreed upon by skin specialists and doctors around the world consists of a balanced diet and exercise regime to allow the skin of the body to heal by itself.

Goodbye Stretch Marks, a groundbreaking new self help book by Linda James Smith, is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to reduce and even completely remove unsightly stretch marks through noninvasive, non medical self help methods and is guaranteed to work. In this article we’ll provide a breakdown of the Goodbye Stretch Marks method and an analysis on the features and benefits of the book to help you decide whether Goodbye Stretch Marks can help you return your skin to a healthy, smooth appearance.

What is Goodbye Stretch Marks?

Goodbye Stretch Marks, written by author Linda James Smith, is a simple, easy to follow step by step system that helps readers take control of the natural restorative functions of their body to remove and clear away unwanted stretch marks. Providing detailed information on the causes of stretch marks and how to avoid them, in addition to a seven day comprehensive method of getting rid of stretch marks naturally in the comfort of your own home, Goodbye Stretch Marks promises more effective results than any topical treatment or expensive cream.

Any kind of stretch mark can be removed with the Goodbye Stretch Marks method, from striae caused from giving birth, to weight loss stretch marks and everything in between. All skin types can take advantage of the Goodbye Stretch Marks system, with both light skinned and dark skinned readers of both sexes able to comfortably and organically train their body to clean away stretch marks at home. Smith also offers advice on how to prevent stretch marks from occurring again in the future, even if readers plan to lose weight or give birth again.

How Does Goodbye Stretch Marks Work?

Striae, or stretch marks, can appear all over the body, but are most common in places where weight is typically stored, such as the thighs, stomach, sides and hips. Other areas prone to striae are the navel, breasts, upper arms, back and underarms. These marks are caused by the stretching of the skin, and an excess of a hormone related to stress called cortisone. High cortisone levels is associated with higher risk of skin stretching and stretch marks, as it affects the skin by preventing critical collagen and elastin fibres from being manufactured by the body.

As the skin grows tighter from weight or muscle gain or pregnancy, the dermal layer is torn, which creates scars in the form of stretch marks. This scarring occurs in the middle tissue layer of the skin which functions as a structure that allows skin to retain its shape. In pregnancy, the distension and stretching of the abdomen causes stretch marks that are associated with high levels of estrogen and cortisol, the stress hormone. The connective tissue of the pregnant body has a higher water content than normal, and is more susceptible to stretching and tearing than skin in a homeostatic state.

Goodbye Stretch Marks works by providing a step by step process on identifying the elements in habit and diet that lead to exacerbated stretch marks and then removing them. Readers are encouraged to take up a specific exercise regime and follow a diet rich in foods that promote the creation of collagen and elastin in the body. Collagen is a critical ingredient in the process of skin repair, and by elevating levels of collagen in the bloodstream the body is able to heal stretch marks faster, resulting in clear, blemish free skin. Following the Goodbye Stretch Marks system has the added bonus of reducing and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the body, as the overall health of the skin and body is enhanced with this program.

Pricing & Availability

Goodbye Stretch Marks by Linda James Smith is available as a digital download at a price significantly cheaper than the average hardcover guide. Customers purchasing the Goodbye Stretch Marks guide are also offered several bonus guides including a Top Secret Fat Loss report, a guide on superfoods and herbal cured, a guide on pharmaceutical secrets drug companies don’t want you to know, a daily guide for healthy living, and an ebook on how to boost your metabolism to better promote fat loss.

Goodbye Stretch Marks is priced at $29.97 USD and comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee that covers the reader for 60 days of following the program. If you’re looking for a way to naturally minimize and remove unwanted stretch marks, Goodbye Stretch Marks offers a natural, effective and fast acting solution.

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