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Remember back in the days when animal crackers were a hit amongst a group of friends? Kids would admire the different types of animals each cracker took form. What if one was told that he or she can still enjoy an animal cracker?

Not the sugar loaded, cravings inducing types, but a healthier alternative full of natural and organic ingredients that ensures that consumers can eat cookies without feeling guilty!

With every packet of the Good Zebra crackers, consumers receive up to 12 grams of protein, no trace of refined sugars and thus ultimately achieving a natural good taste and feel down memory lane! Why is it called Good Zebra?

Are the crackers shaped as zebras? This review will provide consumers with all the answers needed in terms of what Good Zebra is, its ingredients list, and its nutritional value.

What is the Good Zebra?

The name Good Zebra might seem unusual for a brand that offers animal crackers, but there’s a brief story to it. A zebra is black and white, which emphasizes the fact that Good Zebra crackers come as indicated and nothing iffy goes into the making of these crackers. And no the animal crackers are not only in the shape of zebras, but they come in 10 other animal shapes as well.

There are 11 animal cracker shapes that have been inspired by tattoo art and with each packet of the Good Zebra, consumers also get a soul touching message that serves the purpose of uplifting and motivating one. Each Good Zebra is like a tattoo, detailed and meaningful in terms of one’s health on a physical and mental note.

Ingredients in Good Zebra

The following is a list of ingredients used to make these animal crackers: organic wheat flour, organic honey, palm oil, whey protein concentrate, organic coconut palm sugar, organic pea protein, egg whites, sunflower lecithin, organic natural butter flavor, organic vanilla flavor, baking soda, salt, baking powder and ammonium bicarbonate.

It is evident that the ingredients list gives away the fact that Good Zebra stays away from any form of processed ingredients and is attracted to all natural and organic ingredients.

Honey plays a crucial role, as it is used to bring a sweet factor to these animal crackers, as opposed to refined sugar found in other crackers. For consumers with certain allergies, keep in mind that this product does contain wheat, milk, egg and coconut!

Nutritional Value of Good Zebra Crackers

When it comes to the flavors offered, consumers can choose between vanilla, lemon or chai. All of these flavors contain the same nutritional value. Each serving contains 9 pieces of animal crackers with a total calorie count of 130.

The total fat content is approximately 7%, the carbohydrates is 5%, there are no Trans fat or fiber, but it contains as little as 8 grams of sugar and a whopping 6 grams of protein. Consumers need not be alarmed by the sugar content, as it is naturally found due to the honey used.

What is the Spirit Animal Quiz found on Good Zebra Webpage?

Good Zebra has taken a fun spin on the whole animal theme, by providing consumers with a series of questions that will result in one’s ultimate spirit animal that reflects one’s personality and characteristic.

The questions asked are quite out there and open therefore the end result will in fact truly reflect one’s personality. Good Zebra knows how to ensure consumers eat responsibly, while ensuring that consumers also take it a step at a time to completely get rid of their sugary cravings.

Overall, it is hard to find a sweet snack that truly contains natural sources of ingredients; most importantly natural sugar. Most crackers are filled with refined sugar and carbohydrates.

The Good Zebra takes a totally different approach on the nostalgic snack, by completely making it healthy. Consumers no longer need to feel guilty about consuming animal crackers because Good Zebra is all natural and organic.

From the moment it was made until the moment one consumes it, it is truly safe in terms of one’s overall well being. Each packet of the Good Zebra animal crackers is equivalent to one snack and is a great source of protein.

To learn more about this heartfelt snack, check out Good Zebra blogs at:


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