Gold Elements Truffle Infusion Neck Cream Serum – Any Good?


When trying to prevent, reduce and minimize signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, people tend to focus on their face and so does most products on the market. However, there are some essential areas in the body that contribute to looking older and that suffer just as much from free radicals then the face.

For instance the hands and neck. It has been said that you can tell a person’s age by the look of their neck. Thus, it is crucial to also provide this area with efficient anti-aging solution.

Gold Elements a luxury skincare brand developed and distributes powerful products that are to be used specifically on the neck. These high-quality products contain rare and luxurious ingredients such as Gold and Truffles, Gold Elements has the aim to provide their customers with products of the highest standards.

Truffle Infusion Neck Cream and Truffle Infusion Neck Serum are potent products promoting a firmer neck by preventing sagginess reducing the visibility of wrinkles. With this combination of Neck Cream and Serum users will observe significant improvements in their neck’s appearance.

The Benefits of Both Truffle Infusion Neck Cream and Truffle Infusion Neck Serum

The Truffle Infusion Neck Cream formula contains common ingredients found in regular anti-aging products such as Rosehip Oil and Beta-Carotene contributing to improving both skin tone and health. In addition to more well-known ingredients, the luxurious neck cream includes rare components such as 24K of Gold and a Truffle infusion.

In the same fashion, the Truffle Infusion Neck Serum has been formulated with powerful and science-backed ingredients such as sweet Almond oil, Oat kernel extract, and Jojoba oil. These ingredients are also combined to 24k Gold as well as a Truffle infusion. This neck serum promotes a radiant and more youthful look. This product promotes a more radiant, smooth, and lifted skin.

Both Gold Elements neck products use Gold and Truffle in their formula due to the fact that these rare and expensive ingredients are powerful components that ensure the best results.

Gold has many beneficial properties for skin as it not only helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and pimples but also stimulates skin cells, improves complexion and slows the degradation of collagen. Furthermore, Gold promotes a more elastic and glowing skin supporting a firmer and youthful looking skin.

Truffle is a rare product that is difficult to harvest but is praised for its many benefits that don’t limit themselves to cosmetics as Truffles have many medicinal properties. Truffles are mushrooms found in France, besides being a great addition to any cooking recipe, Truffles support improved skin appearance and health. Truffles help diminish wrinkles, fine lines and prevent damages caused by free radicals as they provide a large amount of antioxidant.

In addition, Truffles provide intense moisture and promote a fuller and supple skin. By integrating a Truffle Infusion in their neck products, Gold Elements ensures their products efficiency and makes them suitable for any skin type.

These mushrooms provide essential nutrients such as vitamin A, C, and D and help combat eczema and acne as this ingredient can be used to soothe stressed skin.

The Truffle Infusion Neck Cream is to be applied onto previously cleansed skin using gentle circular motion to ensure and efficient absorption. Similarly, the Truffle Infusion Neck Serum is to be applied in soft circular movement. However, this second product’s results are suggested to be completed using Gold Elements Eye Treatment Serum.

For complete and optimal rejuvenating results the cosmetic brand provides a full line of Truffle infused solutions.

The Truffle Infusion Neck Cream and The Truffle Infusion Neck Serum Availability and Pricing

For those ready to invest in high quality and efficient products the Truffle Infusion Neck Cream and the neck serum can be ordered online from the Gold Elements website. The Neck Cream costs $799 USD and whilst the serum costs $849 USD.

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