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Glow30 Review – Will It Work For You?

Glow30 is a 30-day program that helps you to achieve your weight loss goals by changing your lifestyle, rather than temporarily engaging in a fad diet. This is our review.

What is Glow30?

Many women struggle with the ability to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Some women have medical conditions that make it difficult to drop the pounds, while others can credit it to their damaging eating habits. It doesn’t matter if you can’t put down the candy bars or if you make late night trips to your kitchen – these bad habits must be stopped. Luckily, the community and resources at Glow30 can start you on the path to better eating.

Glow30 is a 30-day program that helps you to kick-start your weight loss with healthy eating habits, leaving the days of insufficient nutrition behind. Most of the time, the thing that causes women to overeat is the lack of nutritional value in the junk foods they consume. By replacing this junk with foods that actually have substance, you feel full and do not have the cravings that you used to.

However, changing the food you eat isn’t the only way you need to attack your habits. You need to fill in the gaps with new and healthy habits, which the Glow30 program is also available to teach you.

Don’t allow yourself to excuse your bad habits by saying you are “too busy” to handle these different problems. Glow30 is all about making weight loss easier for women who have busy work schedules, or that have to worry about raising their families.

How Glow30 is Different

Most weight loss programs will detail the calories and carbohydrates you need to balance throughout your meals, which is a great start. However, this is not where your mission ends. You are responsible for eating healthier, but none of that matters unless your change is a lifestyle change.

Diets set you up for failure, but you never read about that in all the books. In fact, very few programs give you remedies for beating those cravings after you finish the program. Once your 30 days are complete with Glow30, you still have resources to show you how to handle your body after reaching your goal weight.

How Glow30 Works

There are five steps that Simona, the founder of Glow30, reveals to consumers as the way to completely change the way they handle their weight loss. Those five steps are:

  1. Stick to lifestyle choices that are based on science, rather than following current diet trends.
  2. Maintain the right mindset.
  3. Eat healthy and delicious food that you will actually enjoy eating, rather than filling your plate with foods that don’t appeal to your palate.
  4. Choose to change your lifestyle, rather than temporarily changing your food choices.
  5. Maintain a supportive group of friend and loved ones.

What You Get in Your Glow30 Package

The Glow30 Package you receive actually has a wealth of resources to help keep you on the path to a healthier body. Once you pay the indicated fee, you have lifetime access to multiple guides and resources. This lifetime access only is available while the website is up, but there is no indication you will be losing access any time soon. Here’s a little information about each of the guides you will have access to, along with the online Glow30 book.

Weekly Glow Guides

With access to four different PDF guides, you are privy to multiple tips and delicious recipes, which are essential to maintaining your weight-loss success. You can access these guides from any device that has the latest PDF reader downloaded.

Girl Talk

These training sessions are part of the Glow30 community. With three sessions a week, you have access to a total of 12 sessions, which help you to gain more information about being successful in your weight loss program. The sessions are handled by a guest trainer online.

Survival Guide

Most women find themselves successful in their new weight loss routines, but find it hard to keep up with the demands of the changed lifestyle after. Once you’ve completed the 30-day program, this guide helps you to adjust to your new lifestyle, battling against cravings and habits that your former self would struggle to resist.

Access to the Glow30 Community

If you’ve ever worked out with a friend or asked someone to join you for moral support in any task, you understand the importance of including others in your journey. This community is full of women who are also embarking on their weight loss goals, making it easier for you to feel supported, rather than secluded.

Pricing for Glow30

For access to all of these benefits, you will pay a one-time fee of $37. You will instantly be able to access the digital copies of all of this information, which means you can start on the path to wellness and a fit body fast.

In addition to the listed items above, by ordering now, you are able to gain access to various bonuses with the program, including:

  • “How to Boost Your Happiness” with Peggy Hall
  • The “At-Home Workout Routine” with Olivia Keane
  • The “Ideal Body Visualization Session” with Marilyne Woodsmall
  • The “Holiday Survival Guide” PDF Game Plan

Contacting the Glow30 Team

If you need to speak with a representative about the program or the online community, you can submit inquires with the online fill-in form. You will need to include your email address for a response, but there is no information to indicate how long it will take to receive a reply. You can also email [email protected], once you are a part of the program for clarification on any of the changes.


Glow30 focuses on your weight loss in a way that other diets rarely do – by changing your habits, along with your food choices. By changing your habits, you are able to break away from the junk food addiction that has ruled your digestive system for years. The low price is a great incentive to urge consumers to start today.

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