Glossier Review – Right For You?

Glossier is an innovative company that creates safe cosmetics and skincare products for consumers and makeup artists. This is our review.

What is Glossier?

Glossier is a cosmetics and skincare company that aims to create “new essentials” for a variety of different age groups. Their products are simple and easy to apply, making them incredibly user-friendly.

The company did not start with cosmetics or skincare products, though. This company started with a blog called Into The Gloss. The blog was created by a woman named Emily Weiss, who just had a “passion for beauty.” While Emily ran her blog, she brought her camera along as she interviewed a variety of people she admired about the products they used and what made those products work for them. She was able to interview models, makeup artists, and other women whom she had friendships with.

Once the blog started having more success, Emily was able to quit her day job and continue to pursue her goals. Into The Gloss is currently a resource for beauty tips in many areas, which is available to the everyday consumer. Emily has personally tried a variety of the products that she developed and discovered.

Emily decided to create a product line that has a modern version of many “staples” in your beauty regimen. The formulas are safe for your skin, and are highly durable.

Products Available Through Glossier

Each product with Glossier is safe for any type of skin. According to Glossier, their formulas have been tested by dermatologists. Every product created is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, paraben free, and alcohol free.

Additionally, these products should be maintained at room temperature. The products don’t have a specific date that they should be used by. However, if the products remain unopened, they are safe to use for up to three years. If you open the product, you have six months to use it for the best results.

Glossier offers both makeup and skincare products, along with specific sets that give you more value for your money. Additionally, with each product, you’re able to make your purchase a single transaction, or you can subscribe to receive the product on a regular basis.


The skincare category is fairly minimal, which makes it easy for consumers to find a product without sifting through a bunch of ineffective and unnecessary additional products. The skincare line includes two different categories:

  • Daily Essentials
    • Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18)
      • Massage 1-2 pumps onto wet skin to cleanse, or use 2-3 pumps on dry skin to remove makeup
    • Soothing Face Mist ($18)
      • Mist onto the face after cleansing, but before applying moisturizer
    • Priming Moisturizer ($25)
      • Massage into skin after washing your face
    • Perfecting Skin Tint ($26)
      • Smooth on cleaned and moisturized face
    • Balm Dotcom ($12)
      • Apply to any dry skin on the body
    • Coconut Balm Dotcom ($12)
      • Apply to any dry skin on the body
    • Special Treatments
      • Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22)
        • Apply this mask to freshly-cleaned skin, then allow it to set for 20 minutes before washing.
      • Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22)
        • Apply this mask to freshly-cleaned skin, then allow it to set for 20 minutes before washing.


The makeup category is even smaller, including just three products:

  • Boy Brow ($16)
    • A brow filler, and shaper, which is available in three different colors
  • Generation G ($18)
    • A lip stain that is available in four different colors
  • Stretch Concealer ($18)
    • A smooth concealer that doesn’t crack or smudge


If you choose a set, you are most likely to get the most value for your money, which is essential when you are buying high-quality products. The two sets focus on skincare and makeup separately.

  • Glossier Phase 1 Set – Skincare ($80)
    • Includes Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint, and Balm Dotcom
    • Select your skin tone from five different options
  • Glossier Phase 2 Set – Makeup ($50)
    • Includes Boy Brow, Generation G, and Stretch Concealer
    • Select individual colors for each product

What Makes Glossier Different?

The main difference between Glossier and other cosmetics companies is the ability to create a simple and easy-to-use skincare line that doesn’t put too much emphasis on applying a variety of colors. Young women constantly focus on dramatic eye makeup or bold lip colors, but this company focuses on the basics of taking care of your skin, which is the most important part of any regimen.

All of the products are designed to enhance your skin and revitalize your complexion, rather than cheap products that result in breakouts and a cracked, dry foundation.

Where to Buy Glossier Products

At this time, the only place you can buy Glossier skincare or cosmetics is directly through their website. Glossier is able to ship to every state in the US, and also Puerto Rico. If you do not live in the contingent United States, shipping time may take longer. Right now, international shipping is not available.

There are four shipping speeds offered when you make your purchase:

  • Standard (5-9 business days): $4.50
  • Ground (4-6 business days): $8.00
  • Expedited (2-3 business days): $12
  • Rush (1-2 business days) $18

If you choose the Phase 1 set, however, you are able to get standard shipping for free.

Discounts on products are presently available for makeup artists who want to use these products for their clients. Right now, makeup artists are able to get a 25% discount, as well as free shipping if you apply and are accepted into the Artistry Program.

Contacting Glossier

If you still have questions for Glossier about their product line or your orders, you can email the company at [email protected] There does not appear to be a phone number that customers can call at this time.


Glossier simplifies your daily routine, which makes it easy to determine which products are what you need. However, the limited product line does not offer some staples for every young girl, such as eyeliner or eyeshadow. Luckily, the products listed have been researched thoroughly and are safe for any person’s complexion.


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