GFB Gluten Free Bar

Consumers who are looking for a snack bar that is not only high in protein but also offers delicious flavor will want to consider products by Gluten Free Bars.

The Toasted Cranberry Bar combines non-GMO ingredients and is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Please read below to learn more about GFB Gluten Free Bars and how to purchase.

What is the GFB Gluten Free Bar?

Manufactured by a Michigan based snack food company, these delicious Toasted Cranberry Bars offer twelve grams of protein per bar.

People who are practicing a gluten free diet will appreciate not only the nutrition but also taste available in these bars. GFB offers other flavor varieties as well and consumers have the option to purchase a mixed flavor case through their website.

The Gluten Free Bar Company Details

Founded in 2011, GFB was created by two brothers Marshall and Elliott, who are both gluten intolerant who were tired of bland tasting snack food options.

Specifically, they wanted a high protein bar that offered not only nutrition but also great flavor. The two brothers along with their business partners operate their manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

GFB is committed to using only non-GMO ingredients and is a Certified B Corporation. Further information can be found on the GFB company website at

Ingredients in GFB Gluten Free Bar

Unlike many other snack and protein bars, GFB bars do not contain any chemicals, synthetic ingredients, or gluten. With GFB products the label is easy to read and the complete ingredient list is familiar and easy to understand.

Toasted Cranberry Protein Bar combines natural ingredients including almonds, agave nectar, dried cranberries, and sea salt with a mix of proteins like brown rice and pea protein to deliver a bar that is not only nutritious but also tastes great.

All of the protein bar range is made from non-GMO ingredients as well as being soy-free, gluten free, Kosher certified, and are also vegan.

GFB Gluten Free Bar Pricing

Consumers can purchase the GFB Gluten Free Bar delicious bars online through the GFB company website, Amazon, or Lucky Vitamin.


  • Twelve Bar Case: Each case of twelve Toasted Cranberry and Almond Bars is available for $28.00.
  • Customized Twelve Bar Case: This option makes it easy for consumers to try all of the flavors or mix and match their favorites. Each twelve bar case costs $28.00.

For people who prefer to purchase bars in retail store, GFB offers a Store locator feature on their website making it easy to find businesses nearby their home or office to purchase from.

All purchases totaling $50.00 or greater ship for free. GFB also offers a Subscribe and Save program giving their consumers an opportunity to save twenty percent off every item they choose to get on auto-delivery.


Amazon offers the same price on twelve bars as GFB, $28.00 for twelve bars. What gives this site a more competitive rate is that currently Amazon is offering an additional fifteen percent off first time orders of GFB Gluten Free Bar.

If consumers enroll in the Subscribe and Save program they can save an additional five to fifteen percent off this purchase depending on how many items they have on subscription.

Lucky Vitamin

This website offers the most competitive prices on these bars as well as the option to purchase individual bars.

  • Single Bars: Each 2.05 ounce Toasted Cranberry Bar is available for $2.26.
  • Twelve Bar Case: By purchasing in bulk consumers can save fifteen percent. Each case costs $24.42.

Lucky Vitamin offers quantity discounts when purchasing multiple cases. All purchases totaling $49.00 or greater from Lucky Vitamin ship for free.

Should You Eat GFB Gluten Free Bar?

Protein bars are a popular option for people who need a quick grab and go snack to help get them through their day. With so many people developing gluten intolerances or choosing to go gluten free for better health, GFB is reaching a niche market by offering these gluten free protein bars.

Further details can be found online at


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