The Gerovital Anti Ageing Secret – Ultra-H3 Anti-Aging Formula?


There are thousands of different products available on the market today today that are designed to help reduce or even reverse the effects of ageing. From herbal diets and botanical extract supplements to cosmetic surgery procedures, there are many choices when it comes to minimizing the effects of premature ageing on the body, especially the skin.

As the first line of defense against external bacteria and pathogens, the skin is subject to the most damage out of any part of the body and is the first place that the signs of age begin to show. Choosing the right treatment for your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet can be a long and complicated process, with many different conflicting sources of information obfuscating the best and safest treatments.

While injectable botox solutions and surgical procedures can deliver results, they carry a risk of severe health complications such as facial paralysis and scarring, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, requiring months of recovery time with no guarantee of positive results. Herbal solutions, although demonstrated to be effective over long periods of time, vary in efficacy and can cause digestive complications. While some medications are effective at reducing the telling signs of aged skin, many products hide their formulas behind proprietary brand names that make it difficult to determine if the ingredients are compatible with your skin type.

When selecting a product designed to help reduce the appearance of tired or damaged skin, there are several key factors to look for to ensure you find a product that will have the best effect on your skin without any negative side effects or dangerous chemicals.

The safest and most effective solutions that renew and rejuvenate damaged skin have multiple peer reviewed clinical trials that conclusively demonstrate their effectiveness as anti-ageing treatments, but some solutions are more controversial than others. One particularly controversial solution to the problem of prematurely ageing skin, Gerovital, has been the topic of debate between physicians, dermatologists, doctors and even dentists for almost three decades, and has recently seen a resurgence in popularity due to its potential efficacy at smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

Gerovital, also known as Procaine or Procaine Hydrochloride, is typically used in dental medicine as an effective local anaesthetic and antiarrhythmic pain blocker that slows nerve impulses from the applied region to the brain. Research conducted in recent years, however, has shown that Gerovital has a dramatic effect on skin health, healing and renewing skin cells to reverse the effects of age on the body and present a more youthful, healthy and vibrant skin tone.

Developments in modifying the biomechanical action of Procaine has led to the development of a product called G3 that is officially listed in the Merck Index as Vitamin H3, although it receives little attention as an essential nutrient for a wide variety of complex reasons.

In this article we’ll examine the history and science behind Gerovital and provide an analysis of both its positive and negative effects to help you decide whether Gerovital is a healthy, safe and effective solution to help you reduce the effects of age on your skin and achieve an overall brighter and renewed appearance.

What is Gerovital?

First synthesized in the 1950’s, Gerovital was first discovered by the Romanian National Institute of Geriatrics, a research institution devoted to determining the biological causes and effects of senescence, or ageing on the body. Nicolae Ceausescu, a chemist and scientist, was a vocal advocate for the use of Gerovital in reversing the effects of age on the body.

Gerovital treatments were administered to a number of celebrities and famous individuals such as President John F Kennedy, Kirk Douglas and Salvador Dali. Widely popular for several decades, Gerovital increased in popularity until a 1973 news article published in the New York Times denounced the treatment as ineffective and potentially dangerous based on three separate reports from the British Medical Journal, despite thousands of other trials providing evidence to the contrary and demonstrating strong evidence for the anti ageing properties of Gerovital.

As a result from the public backlash generated from the news article, the FDA banned the use of Gerovital as an anti ageing treatment in 1994, but it is still legal for use as a nutritional supplement. Despite this ban as a treatment many individuals seeking the renew and refresh their skin use Gerovital as a daily skin treatment, citing studies such as a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial conducted that tested fifteen thousand workers. Members of the test group that were given controlled doses of Gerovital demonstrated increased libido, lessened the symptoms of peptic ulcers and showed vast improvements in arthritis, joint pain, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and skin tone.

How does Gerovital Work?

As a nutrient, Gerovital works on a cellular level to deliver nutrients to tired skin and kickstart the natural restorative processes of the human body, rejuvenating not only the skin but the organs, muscle tissue and brain matter, offering an overall reduction in the effects of ageing and acting as a pro-vitamin. GH3 has been scientifically recognized as causing the body to produce more vitamins and essential nutrients that are critical in maintaining healthy skin.

This effect allows Gerovital to renew the skin by increasing collagen and elastin levels, which tones and returns the skin to a firm, youthful state. Gerovital also plays an important role in melanogenesis, or the process of skin and hair pigmentation, offering effective treatment for greying hair.

Should You Use Gerovital for Healthier Skin?

Although not officially endorsed by the FDA, there are hundreds of case studies pointing to the efficacy of Gerovital as an anti-ageing supplement and nutritional aid. With very few side effects even in large doses, there is little evidence to demonstrate any potentially harmful causes from Gerovital and as part of a balanced nutritional diet and regular low impact exercise, Gerovital may very well assist you in reversing the effects of age on your body.

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