Genos Review – Should You Try It?

Genos is a gene sequencing service that promises to give you real data on “what makes you, you”. The service will send you a DNA kit with 50 million points of your genome. Here’s our Genos review.

What is Genos?

Genos is a genetic testing service that offers a $400 whole exome sequencing package. You get a browsable map of your genetic variations including an interactive body map with personalized conditions displayed.

Just like with other online genetic testing services, Genos makes it straightforward to get the results of your tests. You sign up, receive a genetic testing kit in the mail, then ship Genos a sample of your DNA in the form of a saliva sample. Then, you examine your genetic information online to discover more information about yourself.

Genos is a small company that spun off of Complete Genomics. As of July 2016, the company had 12 full time staff and consultants. The company is privately-funded.

Instead of actually performing the testing itself, Genos outsources genetic sequencing to third parties. However, all sequencing is done in labs with Illumina machines.

The company provides CLIA-certified sequencing done at 75x on-target coverage. After testing, you can download your own VCF files, which can then be explored using the company’s proprietary software, Genos Explorer.

Genos Features

When you sign up for a test with Genos, you get all of the following services:

  • $399 for whole exome sequencing
  • High-quality, 75x on-target coverage, CLIA
  • Browsable map of your genetic variations using the Genos Explorer software.
  • Interactive body map with personalized conditions displayed
  • Board-certified genetic counseling sessions at a preferred rate
  • Printable summaries of your genetic information

Ultimately, the company wants to “help you navigate your genomic discovery, dynamically.” After the company identifies your genetic makeup, it consults scientific literature from reputable sources to help you understand what that genetic makeup means. Your genome visualization is frequently updated to reflect the latest health discoveries and information.

It all starts with signing up for Genos (which is currently only in the beta phase). Then, you receive a saliva testing kit in the mail and send it back to Genos. Within a maximum of 90 days, you’ll receive feedback on your genetic makeup.

Genos makes a big deal out of “owning” your genetic data. Genos claims that conventional genetic testing labs take your data and use it for profit through “broad consent” laws. At Genos, on the other hand, you own your own data. Genos claims you’re the only one who ever sees your genetic data (along with anyone else you choose to see it).

What Makes Genos Different?

Genos offers CLIA-certified whole exome sequencing data. Genos claims the exome is the most revealing and functional part of the genome. The exome includes 50 million genomic loci and over 50x the number of loci compared to the most popular consumer sequencing offerings.

Exome sequencing also continuously covers entire targeted regions – so it doesn’t focus on individual., specific loci with SNP array.

Another thing that makes Genos unique is its ability to display the data in an understandable way. Instead of getting a bunch of genetic information you don’t understand, you get data presented in a visual, informative, and scientifically-accurate manner. It’s important to state, however, that Genos simply gives you “the best opportunities for keeping your data actionable”.  The company is careful to say that it “does not interpret genomic data for members” and cannot legally provide information for diagnostic purposes.

The final key thing that makes Genos unique is that you own your genetic data. You’re the only person who ever sees your genetic data.

Genos Pricing

Genos is currently in beta. A whole exome sequencing costs $399.

Genos does not currently accept orders from New York or Florida for legal reasons. You must be 18 years of age or older

The company plans to have a worldwide launch in fall 2016.

About Genos

Genos is a small genetic testing company that connects average individuals like you with genetic testing labs. The company recently launched a beta for its $399 whole exome sequencing service.

You can get in touch with the company by phone at 415-300-4477 or by email at [email protected]

Ultimately, Genos is a genetic testing service currently in the beta stages of its launch. The company aims to differentiate itself from the competition through its helpful Genos Explorer visual presentation technology as well as by giving you complete ownership of your genetic data. You can get started today at



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