Garden Genie – Practical Dig & Plant Built-In Claw Plastic Gloves?


Gardening continues to be ranked as a favourite past time for men and women. Not only is gardening relaxing, enjoyable, and productive, the activity can be a great way of spending more time connecting with nature as well as developing strong arm muscles.

On the other hand, something that commonly prevents people from spending long periods outside gardening is that one’s hands often become sore and damaged from the various scrapes and bruises that can occur. For this reason, there are some gardening gloves that one can purchase to protect the user’s hands, which could mean that people can spend longer outside in nature.

One brand of gloves that has received some particularly good reviews recently is the Gardening Genie. These gloves allow you to perform simple gardening tasks with ease, as well as functioning as high density plastic claws.

What is the Gardening Genie?

As seen above, The Gardening Genie effectively replaces traditional tools used in gardening, as well as the need to use an extra pair of gloves. You won’t need to difficult to wield hand tools or other instruments when wearing the Gardening Genie.

The gloves make digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy, and is able to penetrate even the deepest of soil with ease. In addition to being flexible and easy to use, it is claimed that the gloves by the Gardening Genie are also puncture resistant to protect one’s hands, which could be an effective means of preventing cuts and blisters. Because the gloves were designed in a way to be easy to use, they are flexible enough for handling small objects.

The Gardening Genie comes in two different sizes to suit different shape hands, and they are machine-washable to keep your hands dry and clean.

Shoppers can easily get a hold of the Gardening Genie by checking out the company’s website. The gloves are also sold through a variety of third-party shopping and reviews sites such as Amazon and other niche stores that stock gardening products.

At the time of writing this article, one can purchase the Gardening Genie for only $10. This offer includes two sets of gloves to make gardening quick and easy.

What are the Benefits of Using Gardening Genie?

Users could enjoy a multitude of benefits by simply wearing these specialized gardening gloves. There could be other benefits that those listed here, but we have done our best to summarize the Gardening Genie’s core benefits.

  • Able to dig holes and plant seeds with ease
  • Spread and grade topsoil
  • Rake away and clear debris
  • Protect the user’s hands from cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Waterproof material
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable

Garden Genie Conclusion

The Gloves from Gardening Genie could do its part to make gardening an effortless and enjoyable experience for anyone who needs to do some chores outside. Not only do the gloves work to protect the delicate muscles and tendons found in one’s hands, they also double as a set of tools that could replace their more unwieldy alternatives.

If shoppers are curious about how the Gardening Genie will work for them, then best thing to do would be to check out the reviews left by other users on the company’s website, as well as through the various third-party websites that are licenced to resell the gardening genie to their own customer base.

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