Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit


Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuits

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before garcinia cambogia diet pills faced a major class action lawsuit. Now, it appears that time is close. Here’s what you need to know about the possibility of the upcoming Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit.

What Are Garcinia Cambogia Diet Pills?

Garcinia Cambogia is the extract of a fruit rind that comes from Southeast Asia. For years, that extract was used in traditional medicine to boost energy.

The fate of garcinia cambogia changed forever when Dr. Oz called it a miraculous way to lose weight. He claimed that people could take garcinia cambogia and lose weight without changing their current diet and exercise habits.

The garcinia cambogia industry exploded overnight.

Today, there are literally thousands of garcinia cambogia diet pills on the market. Many of these diet pills make enormous claims about the amount of weight you can expect to lose. They claim you can take this miraculous pill and lose weight while sitting on the couch all day – which is basically what Dr. Oz said when he first began to promote garcinia cambogia.

But can erroneous diet claims really lead to a successful class action lawsuit? Let’s find out what the lawsuit alleges.

What is the Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit?

The Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit isn’t one specific lawsuit: thus far, garcinia cambogia lawsuits underway across the country have not formalized into a real class action lawsuit.

However, various law firms across America are currently investigating some of the claims made by garcinia cambogia manufacturers. Those claims include:

— Garcinia cambogia is advertised, promoted, and marketed as a supplement that burns fat and controls appetite, despite the fact that modern science does not support any of these claims

— Certain garcinia cambogia products may cause liver damage and could spike liver toxicity

— Other health problems associated with garcinia cambogia include “adverse gastrointestinal effects”. In one Vancouver Sun report, researchers found that these effects were “twice as likely to occur” in the group taking garcinia cambogia compared to the placebo group.

— There have been limited human trials performed on garcinia cambogia thus far, with most of the trials taking place on animals. Many manufacturers offer misleading claims about the scientifically-verified claims of their garcinia cambogia supplements.

— Many garcinia cambogia supplements mislabel their ingredients. In one study, reviewed 11 of the most popular garcinia cambogia supplements on the market. Six of those supplements contained “significantly less HCA” than was indicated on the product labeling, while one supplement contained only 16% of its advertised amount of HCA. This led researchers to conclude that “most products on the market don’t actually deliver what’s listed on their labels.”

One garcinia cambogia lawsuit specifically focuses on nutritional supplements that contain 100mg of garcinia cambogia and 200mcg of chromium. This is a popular dose found in supplements sold across America.

In order to become a class action lawsuit, there needs to be a few dozen people who all have similar complaints against garcinia cambogia. Typically, there needs to be a minimum of around 20 to 50 people with similar damages before cases are consolidated into one class action suit.

There is Virtually No Scientific Evidence Supporting Garcinia Cambogia

In one garcinia cambogia study over a decade ago, participants were shown to experience a favorable change in body mass after taking garcinia cambogia.

Scientists have failed to replicate these results in most other tests performed to date. In fact, the only real peer-reviewed, high-quality studies on garcinia cambogia that indicated any weight loss benefits were performed on mice.

Mice taking garcinia cambogia were found to lose weight. Humans taking garcinia cambogia, in most reputable studies, have demonstrated no significant changes in their weight when compared to a placebo group.

Ultimately, the scientific evidence supporting any benefits of garcinia cambogia is extremely lacking. We don’t know much about its safety, efficacy, or potential uses.

Despite this lack of evidence, supplement manufacturers continue to gleefully make bold claims about the benefits of their supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia May Come with Dangerous Side Effects

Garcinia cambogia has been associated with a number of side effects, including that the diet may lower blood sugar levels. This can be dangerous for those who are currently taking diabetes medication or undergoing diabetes treatments.

Garcinia cambogia has also not been sufficiently studied in women who are nursing or pregnant. Its effects on the human body remain largely unknown – which is why these groups of patients (and anyone with any medical condition) should avoid taking garcinia cambogia.

Another problem associated with garcinia cambogia is liver toxicity. Specifically, certain ingredients in garcinia cambogia can lead to gastrointestinal problems and hepatoxicity (also known as liver toxicity).

Garcinia Cambogia Diet Pills Often Operate Autoship Scams and “Free Trial” Offers

Other lawsuits against garcinia cambogia diet pill manufacturers may complain about their use of “free trial” offers to attract dieters.

Basically, these free trial offers require you to pay a small fee for shipping and handling today. Then, you receive a full-sized garcinia cambogia supplement in the mail. Your credit card is charged the small fee for shipping and handling while also being quietly pre-authorized for a ludicrously high price for the full-sized supplement.

Some garcinia cambogia supplements charge your credit card $100 to $150 for a one month supply of 30 to 60 capsules, for example.

Worse, these free trials also subscribe you to an automatic shipment (autoship) program. That means you’ll continue to receive shipments of garcinia cambogia delivered to your doorstep every month and continue receiving charges on your credit card.

Many consumers have had trouble canceling their free trials and getting refunds. The scammy manufacturers using offers like this may be the subject of garcinia cambogia class action lawsuits in the future.

Who Should Join a Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit?

The garcinia cambogia class action lawsuits that are currently being prepared across the country are meant for those who have suffered real harm from a garcinia cambogia supplement.

If you or a loved one has suffered negative medical effects as a result of a garcinia cambogia supplement, for example, then a class action lawsuit can help you recapture some of the medical costs and other expenses associated with your damages.

These class action lawsuits might also tackle another problem associated with garcinia cambogia diet pills: autoship programs and subscription-based scams.

Some people may also choose to join the class action lawsuit because they feel they were victims of false advertising. If you purchased a garcinia cambogia supplement expecting to lose weight, and followed the instructions given, but were not able to lose weight, then you may have a claim.

Ultimately, there are a wide range of ways in which garcinia cambogia supplements have committed real damages against Americans across the country. If you’re debating whether or not to join a garcinia cambogia lawsuit, your best option is to contact a personal injury lawyer in your local area and setup a free consultation.

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  1. i have ordered the diet pills with the cleanse. and all of a sudden a week later i was in the hospital almost dead because the cleanse or the diet pill took all of my potassium and the ER said i was lucky that i came in when i did, cause if i would have waited a few more hours that they wouldn’t be able to pump enough potassium in my body in time before i died. then i got my potassium back up but then there was something wrong with my kidneys. I tried to get a lawyer but no one would take my case because no one has sued the company yet. Well the pills made it to where i developed Renal Tubular Acidosis. A kidney diseases. it took over a year to get my kidneys to start working better ans still have more time before I’m cured, if I ever do get it fixed completely..

    • how do I get added to the lawsuit? please add me to it or tell me how i can add myself. I’am still suffering with bad side effects.

  2. I also payed my money I called then to stop my acc and told them I not longer wanted then didn’t work for me and they made my stomach burn, making me sick and upset, I called then they wanted to send me more , why wood I want more, they already made my stomach burn , they said I wood get my money back in 3 days, that’s great but what about how sick I felt and the burning in my stomach, in three days we will see, and it will be days of months before I fill better, its very sad

  3. I have done a survey for Amazon and I was hooked up to the Garcinia cambogia and green coffee a s reward and now I have been charged for 6full months for this supplement that don’t even work I have I ask for refund and the these thief’s denied my money it $920. Please add me to lawsuit list.

  4. Yes, I’m interested. My daughter and I read and looked for scam like info on site, and I didn’t find anything odd. Emails went to her email address, so I didn’t see them. Didn’t know anything about the 14 day trial period, nor additional charges or autoshipment. The automatically added the mango extract to the order for an additional 7.95, w/out allowing me to uncheck it or opt out. Now I noticed two 85 charges. I called to cancel, and ask for a refund, they stated it was too late. They did cancel subscription supposedly. I will be getting a new bank card so they don’t charge it, and they charged it under my daughters name. It shouldn’t have went through. 2nd call to them, and they said there is no refund.

  5. Same here as all the others posting. Got the Amazon survey on what appeared to be the Amazon website asking to answer a few questions for a free gift. Free gift required cc number to pay shipping only. No mention of trial or subscription. Took 3 days for them to put in mail and 4 days to arrive. If I’m getting a 30 day free gift supply, why do I only have 14 days from the day I gave them my cc to return? Since I wasn’t informed it was a 14 day trial I get 0 days to try it because I’ll need those 7 days to safely return it to their office via certified mail so I meet the 14 day deadline. What’s the point in that?!

  6. SCAM!!!!!!!!


  7. Please include me in this lawsuit.
    I signed up for the free trial of Garcinia and probiotic cleanse and I tried to cancel yet person I spoke with informed I would need to return bottles for a restock fee and would cost $70! I got a bit upset and told him I didn’t lose any weight and followed the directions that’s why I want to cancel. He kept telling me he will work with me. I hope we get these crooks.

  8. I just found out they set me up for the auto delivery. I always check to make sure that I don’t get roped into something like that, that’s why I ordered it it mentioned nothing about it. I found the box it came in and the paper that was with it had no company name. Please add me to the lawsuit this is beyond being ripped off.

    • Same here. I feel for the free trial scam…PLEASE sign me up. I need a refund and they got me for the gardenia and coffee cleanse totaling 175.90. I tried to get a refund and she was so rude telling me most people read before they sign up for things. I did NOT say I would be auto billed.

    • Thank you for this comment. I placed an order about 2 weeks ago (not noticing the trial period anywhere in sight). Checked my bank account and seen a charge for $92.99. Called Garcinia Go to verify it was their debit since I hadn’t purchased anything from California except that and it was. I then asked for a RMA (which is a number to return and be refunded) but failed at the attempt 3 times because they said I was out the trial period and it was nothing they could do but let me talk to a supervisor within 24-48 hours. So, I went online to find this “Terms and Conditions” and I did but AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND IN VERY SMALL FONT THAT YOU CAM BARELY EVEN READ. So, I said ok I refuse to lose $100.00 on these pills! I googled “Will Garcinia Go refund money after 14 days” and that’s when I ran across these wonderful comments from people who have been scammed like myself. Fast forwarding to the success story, I took some notes from a couple of these posts and called back (for the 4th time) and started telling the CSR I had previously spoken to 3 representatives to see if they all said the same thing and they did. They somehow knew what I wanted before I even had the chance to say why I was calling “flag”. I immediately told him I’m glad I finally reached a fluently English speaking CSR and mentioned I’ve talked to an attorney who told me to give them 3 attempts to refund my account or we will pursue a law suit against them with the BBB and FTC (since there were already judgements against them for scams) and that I needed the full amount right away. He first said “Ok, I can refund you 50% which would be $46″….Blah, no way jose! I said NO 100% ($92.99) or I am scheduled to meet my lawyer Monday morning at 8 sharp (remind you, this is on a Sunday and they tell you that can’t do anything until the next business day). And BOOM just like that he says he’ll refund me 100% and I should see the funds in my account within 24-48 hours and I would receive an email. Needless to say, at this point he grew angrier and angrier and he said what he had to say about the refund and read the disclaimer and thanked me for calling and to have a great day! I was not asked if there was anything else I needed help with or nothing. However, at this point I really didn’t care. Just send my money back, buddy! So, thanks for your posts because I was going to sit around and wait for the supervisor to call who probably would have told me the same thing they did in the beginning. So, to all you out there who are or will be having this issue, DON’T GIVE UP…KEEP CALLING…IF THEY DON’T AGREE TO REFUND YOU, JUST MENTION THE “ACRONYMS: BBB (better business bureau) and FTC (federal trade commission). It really works! Hope this helps someone😉😊

  9. I want in too they got me 4 debits from account received one delivery sent back no refund and 3 more debits wth? Scam they should have to pay no fine print I have copies of ad and my email correspondence to them

  10. I have been trying to get my mo ey back since February 16, 2017 and have been unable to get my refund of $196. I have even contacted the better business bureau, and they can’t do anything because they can’t get I contact with the company either. What a scam.

  11. i ordered the colon detox & cleanse + pure garcinia cambogia extract as a group off amazon. i took the pills and never lost weight. i bought them on july 25,2015. my stomach hurt so bad so i went to the hospital and my colon was inflamed. they kept me for 4 days. please add my name to the list.

  12. I had all the same things happen to me! I was able to get 35% of my money back but couldn’t have it all because I didn’t cancel within 14 days that I never knew about! Also the trail started on the 7 of May when I ordered it !! Not when I received the product a week later !!!!Then on the 22 of May they took the money out of my account, saying I had my 14 day trail ????? My trail turned out to be seven days !!!!!I was out $1.99 free trail and after 14 days and extra $79.99. On that same order they scammed me into buying a colon cleanse!
    Which I didn’t want, but told my wife it was free for only $4.95 shipping !Same thing they added $69.93 for damn colon cleanse !!!!Count me in for a law suit!!!!!!!

    • That happened to me as well. I was so mad. When you talk to them on the phone they act like they can’t find your account. Something needs to be done.

  13. I would also like to be involved, i have been lied to and specifically questioned postage in future and will they keep taking money from my card – no its a free trial you will just be charged postage…what a joke. And i am in australia so said no i dont want to buy from overseas as the postage will be too much and he said it was being sent from an office in Perth …. the envelope that came is Swiss Post CH 8010 Zurich Mulligen If undeliverable return to ASENDIA SIN 002810 P??? I want my money back and these theives stopped.

  14. Side effects for me were four consecutive 20+ hour days in a row. Had a lot of energy but didn’t realize feet & ankles were swollen. So busy with all the extra energy, just pain that never had before. Took over the counter med for pain & kept going. Someone else noticed swollen ankles, (have never had this before) and could not find a reason for this except the garcinia cambogia. It’s been 2 days now since stopped taking them. Pain & swelling is subsiding a little. These side effects only took about a week to appear. Also some dizziness while sitting that I may have just attributed to the 20+ hr days. Anyone with similar results?

  15. I had all the same things happen to me!I had to close my accounts and get everything new. I was able to get 35% of my money back but couldn’t have it all because I didn’t cancel within 14 days that I never knew about! Count me in for a law suit.

  16. I too am subject to this scam. They are charging me the full amount for both products when all I ordered was the free trial just pay the shipping. I am usually very good at checking for boxes that are already checked, terms and conditions in fine print, but I did see anywhere on the website where it spelled it out that I was subscribing to a monthly charge. I sure wouldn’t sign up for being charged $88.00 for Green Coffee and $89.00 for Garcinia Cambogia when the product can be bought online for around $20.00. There was another charge for $29.97 I don’t even know what it was for from a ??? You cannot find these companies online as legitimate companies, why should we as consumers be held liable to their terms and conditions. I would like to go back and see where I missed it on the website. To see how they had it shown on their page.
    I contacted my bank to report fraud this morning and canceled my credit card. I called the company from the number that was listed on the credit card charge. That is when I figured out who the charges were from and what they were doing. The CS Rep said he would cancel my subscription but hung up when I told him I was going to dispute the charges.

    • I was specifically looking around for the language about additional charges or subscriptions, and didn’t see it either. It was always get started today for $xx.

  17. Add me to the lawsuit. they also lied about the product and refund and return policy and charged for restocking and I had to pay for shipping back

  18. I want to stop these crooks. I have called no luck in cancelling. I have sent back return to sender, no luck. I have paid to return and cancel so I have tracking number, no luck.

    Please help me stop these auto shipments and auto debits to my account.

    Thank you

  19. I ordered the product sample and did not like it so i called and told them to cancel the bottle so they did. but i got a bill for 89.95 two times. not remembering which one i ordered from i can’t get my money back. they sent me a note on my phone to get a refund back, but did not give a phone number or address. which i think was stupid. I was a stupid person for ordering the stuff. now i can’t get my money back. My advice is not to order anything on line that you don’t know about.

  20. I despise unethical advertising. Please contact me if there is indeed a class action lawsuit to participate in the legal recourse. I never agreed to an autoship and had specifically asked the customer service representative if there would be a one time fee or reoccurring. Of course she was untruthful. Since then my credit card was charged $89.96 twice. The representative I spoke with in regards to officially cancelling the subscription was nice and agreed to cancel. However, given their deceptive practices I don’t have much faith in her “word” and plan to cancel and request another credit card in hopes of avoiding future charges.

  21. They scammed me out of $160…. Cancelled after I realized I needed to. Even tho I just wanted my free trial…scam,scam,scam. I feel like an idiot that I fell for the free trial scam. Got my credit card bill and guess what,,,,they charged the hell out of me. Called them…they said I should have read the fine print…it was all on the website….so I cancelled my card and having my card company investigate and debating charges. I’m game for a fraud lawsuit. So many scams out there that you cannot buy anything with a credit card anymore. Time to go off the grid.

  22. I also didn’t know it was a14 day trial I was charged $89.95 on Dec and $84.90 on Dec 18
    they said it was a 30 day supply what a joke, for a bottle of vitamins and a bottle of the solution plus a couple of cookie bars
    they refunded the $84.90 but not the $89.95 . I will have my bank I investigate this and I’m also going to file a complaint with the post office for fraudulent use of the mail
    also maybe a Federal consumer con plaintiff
    these joker shouldn’t be allowed to scam people
    I’m 70 yrs old that’s a scam against a senior citizen which is a former of elder abuse
    I’ll join the class action suit when it gets that far, hopefully soon
    thanks for letting e vent

    • I read all terms and looked at all the boxes and did not see the 14 day trial.. if there was I’m usually good about cancelling BEFORE the trial period. I called and they specifically said 14 day was on the online ad. In any event 14 days is unreasonable. My credit card was charged the shipping fee of 4.95 on 5/6/17. They charged my credit cared 89.95 on 5/20/17. I hadn’t even had the product 14 days. In fact, I have only had the product a little over a week and have not used it yet. The bottle is sill sealed!!! Huge scam This bottle of 30 pills is 89.95. In the stores and online 89.95 buys a 90 day supply or 90 pills. The lowest pill count I saw was 60.
      TRUE SCAM. Wish I could post on their website, but no reviews page!!!!! I’m all for a class action suit.

  23. I also got charged over $500 dollars after my free trial. Called my credit card company they said they can’t do anything about it. Don’t get president’s choice MasterCard. They don’t help. Even if you cancel your card.

  24. I ordered this as a one time purchase, I was not aware of any subscription or trial when I purchased it. Then a while later they charged me $89.99, I had no way to contact them and I was forced to file an investigation with my bank. When I finally received a response to the investigation, I was only refunded $40.00 of what they originally took and was told it was a courtesy because I did not cancel the subscription in time. If a class action suit is built against these people, count me in.

  25. I am going through this with my daughter who is only 16 she got the medicine in the mail and got sick only 4 days later from it, called and cancelled the order from the same lady she ordered it from and the lady still charged her bank account $4.95 10 minutes later charged it again for $4.97. Even though my daughter cancelled before 14 days were up she charged her bank account another $69.97 at the beginning of the next month. Remember my daughter is a minor and I had her cancel the order while I listened. Since when do medical manufacturer’s start distribution to underage kids. I called and told the lady myself about everything and I wanted to refund her money to my child’s account and she kept hanging up on me and when I called back each time she would say she wasn’t hanging up and do it again I asked to speak to the supervisor and she says I am the supervisor. So I said I want to speak to who’s over her and she hangs up. Her number is 18884443410 don’t trust this lady. Let me know if there is a suit I’m all in.

  26. This is a scam, I had money taken out of my bank yesterday, of course it was late on a Saturday where I could not call my bank. I tried to call them(the free trial for Garcinia Camgogia) and got put on hold then they hung up. I am out almost 170 bucks right now until I get to my bank tomorrow and see if they can stop payment. I doubt it. All because I took a survey and got a free friggin sample. What a rip off, anyone on here know a good Lawyer. If we have at least 50 people I am pretty sure the Lawyer will say we got a chance. Scam is Scam. We need to put this friggin company away and recoup our loss.

  27. We need to put this frigging company out of business, I got the free trial offer paid the shipping and then they added the Diet clense to it. Dang I hate myself for taking the survey then taking the free offer. Anyway, today I checked my bank account and these pricks took out 77.84 and 86.94 out of my checking. Can not get a hold of anyone. I have left a message with my bank and I will be there tomorrow morning to see if they can stop the payment, if not I am out. But I dam sure want to sue these suckers. Maybe if we got enough of us and one good attorney we can recoup some of our money. By the way the crap made me ill, and had no energy. It is a scam people.

  28. SlimGensis took advantage of me recently. I received the two bottles and within week a huge debit appeared on my account twice. I phoned and was given options that did not satisfy. I use a p.o. box and had not known about the 14 days time limit since there was not an invoice in the package, and I picked it up a week after it was sent to my p o. box. They are full of themselves and overconfident in screwing people out of funds. this is Christmastime and these stolen dollars have hurt my budget. I do not want to kick myself for these and I am distressed bigtime. I also broke out with hives after consuming 1 capsule two times . How do help in this quest to fight these scams creeps?

  29. I purchased my pills through a company on Thank God I wasn’t scanned as far as the cost went butt after an emergency room visit I was diagnosed Hepatamagaly [spelling that wrong] and come to find out the function of my kidneys was way too low..
    I have type 2 diabetes, which is why I originally wanted to try these pills. And I figured maybe losing a little weight along the way wouldn’t hurt either. But now I have to wait a year at least to be able to see a nephrologist through my medical plan. My appointment for the cardiologists is coming up and this is because my doctor wants to rule out my heart being the reason for my liver enlargement.. I never even thought to mention that I was taking these pills.. I’ve already taken two and a half bottles.. I thought they were working because my A1C went from 11.5 down to 7.1… So I was happy until I got sick.. I guess now I know why… the saddest part is that every article I read on Garcinia Cambogia said it was all natural and safe so I bought some for myself and my mom.. My mother has lupus which directly affects her liver and I gave her these pills and now I know they only made it worse and that’s why she’s sicker.. Ugg how can people put these things on the market knowing full well what they can do to someone.. thank you all for sharing your stories I am going to do my research and contact an attorney in my area..

  30. I bought this product at Walmart, took about 15 pills, and ive been rushed to the E.R. twice because it has cause me severe gastrointestinal disease which I have never had before. None of these lawyers have even gotten b
    back with me because I have contacted them. It seems pretty open and shut to me. Ive raked up at least 80 grand in hospital bills, and I don’t have any health insurance. I think its a dam shame I cant get any help. I need to see a gastroenterologist, but I don’t have the money to do so. This is serious and I’m not getting any assistance

    • Bless your heart. How are you now? I’ve also had some scary side effects. Am curious to know if any Law service firm has contacted you yet to proceed with the class action lawsuit or if we need to look elsewhere

  31. I would also join the class action suit. Got caught up in payment scam and contacted my credit card company about the product. They are investigating and watching my card for transactions. I will be sending back the next shipment my first was only sixteen days ago. If worse comes to worse I will have my credit card change my information.

    • Good luck with that. I just went through that senerio with my credit card company and Supervisor from garcinia camboa elite. I lost my dispute. Company saying I agreed to terms and conditions. Would not let me return the other pkg I just received. These people know exactly what they are doing. Citibank advised me they get hundreds of calls a day for the same complaint as mine. Count me in on the class action lawsuit.

  32. I was charged $160 from my debt card I got no information just two bottles of pills. I called the number from my card and they said I had to send the pills back unopened in 14 days to cancel. they charged $89 a bottle. A $25 charge of the 89 was a one time fee for setting up my account. out of the 160 I got 60 dollars back. It was a scam. I gained 10 lbs in one week.

  33. I would also like to join a suit regarding this company. We got the product and in less than 30 days was billed for almost $80. Called, and they said we had passed the 14 days to return product and we were placed on automatic ship, as well. We were offered 20% refund … finally got 50% refund offer and they cancelled future shipments. We felt we were scammed.

    • I too am subject to this scam. They are charging me the full amount for both products when all I ordered was the free trial. I received this phone number from my credit account 1-888-312-9976. After an hour of discussing this with two different representatives they gave me a RNA number to return the only product that I have received but and they will refund this. But as far as the free trial which I paid my shipping and handling I was told they will not return any money because I had 14 days to call and stop shipment. Was not aware I had to do this was only trying the free offer. This is a scam and I have them in dispute of payment through my credit card.

      • So if I called and cancelled it on the first day that I ordered it do you think they will refund me the shipping and handling fees?

  34. $264.69. That’s what a company from Missauga, Ontario charged me on my credit card for a free trial offer of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee. I got the free offer and a surprise on my credit card statement. I’ve been trying to get a refund and after hours on the phone with two representatives of the Missauga Company all I’m getting is 50% refund. How can this be legal? No where in the free trial did I see a sign up for monthly deductions from my account. Has anyone else had the same problem from this company from Missauga?

    • Yup they have done the same thing to me here in Ludlow mass but I called within the 30 days witch is when I figured I’d have to call by cuz that’s how many the gave me but yet when I called in they gave me a bunch of bull and tried to keep me on but said I wouldn’t get charged ohh noo I surely did once I seen it I called in right away they told me oh well u are paying for what we gave u!!! It’s supposed to be a free trail offer what the hell!! But got no where after arguing with them about all of it! Still ended up paying and no refund.

    • I don’t know if this is the same company but the address to return the product says it’s in Toronto, Ontario. I thought that because I was a Canadian that they had a HQ here in Canada. I am livid at the fact that I’ve spoken to 3 CS reps and none of them get my point. I read the terms and agreements for trying a 14 day trial. In the fine print, it states “the 14 day trial period will start 2 days from the date that you place your order”. It also states in fine print, “the order receipt enclosed with your shipment will state the end date of your trial period”. Also one more point that I should add is they say “you must contact customer service at least 1 day before the trial period end date”. So I was aware of that and understood the terms. I ordered on Oct. 26th. 2 days after that would be oct. 28 (the beginning of my trial period). To cancel and avoid that 100something dollar charge, I would’ve had to cancel on the 10th, according to their terms and agreements. Got the product (first of all, there was no receipt enclosed and there was. O thing that stated the end date of my trial period. 1st red flag.) I tried it out, figured that it wasn’t doing much for me so I called CS to cancel today (the 10th) to avoid further charges. She offered me other products, offered to lower the price to 39 bucks. She DID NOT want to cancel my “subscription” but eventually she did (2nd red flag). I called my cc company to check if they had charged me AND THEY DID. I called the CS rep number and the new CS rep said I had passed my 14 day trial and that it started on the date that I placed my order. I brought up the terms and agreements and told her what it stated and she continued to tell me that my 14 day trial was up and it started the date that I place my order (3rd red flag). I could tell by her voice that she was getting frustrated and that she knew I was right so I asked for a manager. She put me on hold and said the manager/supervisor there was no one available and that they would tell me the same thing and will not refund the charges. She ended the conversation saying “we have resolved the issue, is there anything else I can help you with?” I hung up and called back for a different CS rep. Exact same thing happened. I notified my CC company, I called 3 times, I am frustrated as hell, and those charges are still there, and mind your I was charged twice by two separate companies that do not even show up in google. Bottom line is, I thought I was playing it safe but I was scammed.

  35. Same here it’s a scam if anything I put weight on and I can’t find how to cancel so I got a new card number. I would like in the law suit to it’s false advertising. And that’s against the law especially if they give out different numbers and it isn’t even them it’s another business.

  36. I ordered 2 items as a gift, believing this was a 1 time purchase. I was initially charged about $80 per item for a monthly subscription service that i never wanted nor needed. Since i disputed through my bank & ended up losing the dispute. I called the customer service line, & i was told that there was nothing that could be done for me. This company is shady, & has extremely bad business practices & ethics. I pray that this business fails & never recovers. I’d love information on the class action lawsuit against them if possible.

    • I’m right there with you. I cancelled my “unsolicited” subscription after I had been charged $100, put in a dispute with my bank and 3 months later, the amount credited by my bank was charged again along with a overdraft.

  37. Would like to know when there is a lawsuit on the company as well. I didn’t know there was a 14 day trial either, but regardless I wasn’t looking for it to be over $100 either! I haven’t lost any weight, just money.

  38. I took this product and developed a severe reaction on my skin. My whole body was cover with this breakout. I went to several doctor and my dermatology did a biopsy and determined that the reaction was from the Garcinia Cambogia. I spent a month in recovery and then I developed breast cancer. I would really like to find out how I can join a suit.

    • Oh my! How are you? I’ve had scary side effects also. Let me know if I can help with your lawsuit

  39. I placed an order and in 7 days i decided to cancel it. I called and I was given a hard time about my cancellation. I had my son record the whole conversation and then their attitude changed. When i originally place the order for the 14 days trial, I didn’t have my credit card but i did have my debit card. I went to the bank on the 7th day and had my bank account cancelled and reopened another bank account, with a number and transferred my funds in new account, so, they won’t get my money. I’ve learned, its easier to cancel a bank card vs a credit card. I’ve learned a valuable lesson, from a previous incident that happened to me, when someone took out $1,340.00 out of my account from a hotel scam last year. Someone called my hotel room saying that their computers went down and needed all my info again. Not going by gut instinct, (which i did received) i gave them the info that they needed. Within 35 minutes, they wipe the account clean and I was out of town without any family. I had to make a police report and 3 days later, my money was back into my account because the company where they were trying to used my credit card number, kicked it back. Be careful of the new hotel scams too.

  40. Frustrated and out over $380 dollars. I ordered product more than a year ago, cancelled within the 14 days and 15 months later they charge my card 4 times for the product without my authorization and my bank will not reverse charges because at one point I had authorized it a one point. Ive made several calls and all they say is that it has been processed to be reversed. Going on 4 months and I’m still waiting for my money. ????

  41. I was also lied to by flawless garçinia. I called to cancel once I got my second shipment. After calling to check my bank account, hearing that it was negative 51.00, I called the number that came with the package and cancelled, letting them know I will be returning it to get my money back, I was informed that even if I returned it I would not get my money back. I told them that they were the reason I had to cancel my bank card. I’m still going to return the product. Unless they send me a check, they will be stealing from me out right.

  42. I would like to file suit as well got charged from two different companies on my credit card when I was told I only had to pay 4$ and had to pay 186$ instead I don’t have money to just give away like that I was deceived and I want something done about this.God will handle them in the end.

  43. It messed up my ovulation cycle, made me think I was pregnant, I bled in between cycles, had pregnacy symptoms, and it made me have a seizure because it made my estrogen levels increase. I did reasearch on it after going through a lot of drama with my doctors office and found alot of women who claimed the same side effects I had. So yes, I want to be part of the class action suit. I saw Dr. Oz promote this “supplement” and thought I could trust his recommendations!!!! My body is still suffering from the side effects!!! Please tell me how to join the lawsuit!!!

    • Sorry to hear you had such awful side effects. Mine seem insignificant now. How are you? Let me know if I can help to support your claim in a lawsuit against them for your suffering

  44. I would like to know when this becomes a lawsuit I purchased these pills it said that I would lose weight and didn’t. They charged my debit card in 14 days and I was unaware of the 14 day trial when it said 30 day trial I couldn’t get my money back.

  45. Looking for lawsuit on the company for false advertisement, lying about offers and taking hundreds of dollars from consumers.

  46. I would really like to be in contact with someone to join a suit. I took this, bought on line, and ended up in the hospital with liver failure. The team of doctors did not think i would make it 24 hrs. To their amazement i did, but was in hospital for a long time and am still in physical therapy.

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