Fruitocracy – Squeezable Juice Pouch Made Of Actual Fruits?


There are thousands of different types of fruit drinks and fruit snack products available on the market, but very few are designed to complement the fitness and health lifestyle that is growing in popularity.

In today’s busy modern world, the balance between professional and home life can make the process of providing nutritional snacks for your family hard. Tt can be difficult to find a quick and healthy fruit drink or snack that’s dedicated keep your child nourished, healthy, and feeling great that’s not rich in saturated fats, sugars, or synthetic preservatives.

Fruitocracy is a new product designed by natural organic health food company Dole. The new Fruitocracy range consists of squeezable fruit pouches that contains real fruit extract.

Designed to function as a healthy snack after school or as a lunchtime or recess treat, this squeezable fruit pouch by Fruitocracy is designed to add hydration during and after any sport activities, or workout session.

With its easy to carry packaging and easily stored pouch design, Fruitocracy Snacks can easily be packed inside a lunchbox or backpack, suitable for both adults and children alike.

In this article we’ll take a close look at why Fruitocracy is a great option as an alternative, natural snack to give your children, while providing a detailed breakdown of the ingredients in the Fruitocracy formula to help you decide whether Fruitocracy Fruit Pouches are the healthiest choice for your family.

What is Fruitocracy?

Fruitocracy is made by Dole, an American health food and nutritional supplement company with origins in the early 1900’s.

Founders Samuel Castle and Amos Cooke, two entrepreneurs both originally from Boston, together set up their trading company in Hawaii during the former half of the 20th century with the intent of creating a healthy alternative to the sugary snacks that were typically available at the time.

Primary founder James Drummond Dole came to Hawaii after completing his education at Harvard's School of Horticulture & Agriculture and begins growing pineapples in Wahiawa on the island of Oahu. He then established the Hawaiian Pineapple Company.

The development of this company caused Hawaii to becomes synonymous with pineapples.

In 1907, Dole moves his pineapple plantations to Honolulu and places advertisements in U.S. magazines to promote his products.. James Dole’s original pineapple ads are one of the first nationwide consumer advertising campaigns in America.

Over the ensuing decades the Dole company created and distributed an extensive range of fruit based products through their business platform.

In 1999, The Dole Company introduced a range of Fruit Bowls to the American Market, which quickly became a household name for healthy, fruit based snacks. Since then they have been churning out fruit snacks in cups, pouches, tubes, and cans, with the latest iteration of their nutritious products being Fruitocracy health snacks.

With a worldwide team of growers, packers, processors, shippers and employees, and a strong commitment to consistently providing safe, high-quality fresh fruit, vegetables, and food products, Dole and Fruitocracy adhere to production methods that protect the environment in which its products are grown and processed.

Dole's dedication to quality is a commitment solidly backed by stringent quality control measures, comprehensive programs for food safety and state-of-the-art production and transportation technologies.

Dole utilizes scientific crop protection programs, continuous improvement through research and innovation, and dedication to the safety of their employees, communities, and the environment.

Dole is committed to nutrition education to communicate to the public the health benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Dole is a founding member of the National 5 A Day for Better Health Program and is a leader in developing technology-based nutrition education programs for children.

Fruitocracy Health Snacks- What’s in it?

A key point of difference between Fruitocracy Fruit Snacks from Dole and other snack providers is their commitment to ensuring that the ingredients that go into their products are free from artificial preservatives, genetically modified raw materials, refined sugars, gluten or other unnecessary toxins.

Dole maintains a comprehensive corporate philosophy of reducing and minimizing the effect of their manufacturing process on the environment and adheres to a policy of ethical conduct in both their internal organizational structure and manufacturing process.

May snacks available on the market today contain high fructose corn syrup that is extremely high in caloric content and glucose, a leading contributor to the endemic child obesity in the United States.

With Fruitocracy fruit snacks, parents can relax knowing that the constituent ingredients of the snacks they are supplying their children actually assist and promote a higher state of health instead of detrimentally affecting the weight and health of their family.

Fruitocracy also use BPA-Free packaging in their products, which significantly reduces their environmental impact. BPA products are derived from bisphenol, which is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.

BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles.

These packaging materials take thousands of years to break down and contribute to a large percentage of the landfill that damages the environment through the refuse disposal process and is exceptionally difficult to recycle. By using BPA free packaging, Fruitocracy offers an eco friendly alternative to environmentally damaging snack products.

Fruitocracy fruit pouches are made from completely organic, natural, delicious, 100% fruit.

The Fruitocracy Slogan represents the design philosophy behind their products- “Fruitocracy, Straight Up Fruit, Straight Up You.”

Fruitocracy Pricing & Availability

Fruitocracy squeezable fruit pouch drinks are available for purchase at thousands of local grocery stores, supermarkets and retailers both in the United States and Worldwide.

In addition to brick-and-mortar retail stores, Fruitocracy products can also be found online through retailers such as Amazon, Freshdirect, Boxed, Peapod, Shoprite, Kroger, Jet, Target, and Walmart.

Fruitocracy is priced at $2.24 USD for 4 squeezable snack packs, and is available in 6 flavors: Apple, Apple Strawberry, Apple Mixed Berry, Apple Pineapple, Apple Banana, and Apple Cherry.

If you’re looking for a healthy, natural and synthetic free snack solution for your family, Fruitocracy is the best and safest choice.

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