FORIA Awaken CBD – Organically Grown Cannabidiol Skincare?


About FORIA Awaken CBD

Looking to heighten your sex life, with or without a partner? Awaken by Foria Wellness could be exactly what you are looking for. This blend of eight (8) natural aphrodisiacs, delivered through essential oils will bring you to heights you may have never imagined possible.

Increase your arousal, encourage natural lubrication to happen, heighten your senses and sensation, experience more intense and easier to achieve orgasms and even increase arousal, are all within Foria’s repertoire. Shouldn’t it be added to yours?

And, on the other side of the bedroom, FORIA Awaken CBD is also helpful to people who need to relax a little, feel more comfortable and release physical tension in order to experience a sensual experience.

In other news, you can enjoy the effects of Awaken with or without a partner. Whether it be solo sex to increase your sexual experience, or that with a partner – you won’t be disappointed. The reviews available of this product are intriguing to say the least. One writer from Cosmo wrote;

‘While I tried FORIA Pleasure with a partner (and loved it!), FORIA Awaken has made solo sex a whole lot more interesting. It smells great, heightens sensation and doesn’t leave a weird sticky residue. I especially like that the all-natural product has the ability to make sex so fun with or without a partner. When I used Awaken with a partner, that often elusive orgasm was suddenly not so hard to achieve’

Hard to argue with that type of feedback, isn’t it?

Described as delicious both in taste and smell, a perfect addition to any bedroom.

What Is The Blend Of Oils Found In FORIA Awaken CBD?

As mentioned above, there is a synergistic blend of oils included in this blend to help you achieve the sexual satisfaction you deserve in the bedroom;

  • Kava Kava
  • Cacao
  • Hemp
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon

The other three (3) oils are not listed on the website. However, cannabis, has a long history of being an aphrodisiac and this has inspired FORIA Awaken CBD to deliver a product line such as Awaken for people of all over.

FORIA Awaken CBD Wellness And the Sex Industry

The sex industry has often focused on males, especially in the area of sexual enhancement and when Foria first came onto the scene – their focus was on the woman.

They knew they wanted to deliver an all-natural product that is both vegan friendly and gluten free. They have a similar product called Foria Pleasure, however they found you weren’t able to take it everywhere you went if you were travelling. So, Awaken was born. And creating a blend that was safe to travel with was the key.

How To Order FORIA Awaken CBD

Foria Awaken, can be ordered online for $40.00 for one bottle. Each bottle contains 20-30 uses. If you buy two you can now get one free for a low cost of only $96.00. A great deal to take advantage of especially once you’ve experienced the heightened sexual experience of FORIA Awaken CBD.

Lastly, sexuality and sensuality is important to both relationships including the one with yourself. If you could heighten that experience, why wouldn’t you? This all-natural product designed with the woman in mind is a perfect complement to the Foria line (and your bedroom). Take time out to enjoy yourself and experience those fuller, longer lasting orgasms your body has been craving.

You and your partner (if that’s your groove) will thank you! Questions about its effectiveness? Take a few moments to scroll the website for literally dozens of reviews from both customers and outlets such as Cosmo, Vice and more!

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