Food Appetite Suppressants – Top 6 Weight Loss Aids That Work?


There are so many weight loss options that it can be difficult deciding on one that works. This, combined with the quest for a magical solution that will melt off fat, has resulted in many people chasing after juices, drinks, supplements, workout routines and hours in the gym, some with results, and others with less than satisfactory results.

The reality is that weight loss is often an input-output activity. If what you put into your body exceeds the amount of energy expended, you will gain weight and pile on the fat. So, if you want to lose weight, you’ll need to start with your food and diet.

You need to eat more food that works with your body to get you the results you need. Think of these foods as an essential part of your overall weight loss formula. These will be included in your diet, and will play a critical role in your weight loss process by helping you stay fuller for longer periods.

This is important because certain foods contain what is called empty calories. Eat them now, and even though your body doesn’t need any extra food, you will feel hungry. Foods like this lack appetite suppressing qualities.

However, when you incorporate appetite suppressing foods into your diet, you will find that you’ll feel less hungry for longer, develop a stronger appetite control, as well as eat only small amounts of those meals.

6 Food Appetite Suppressant:

1. Icelandic Skyr And Greek Yoghurt

These are different from the Australian Yoghurt in the sense that Australian is unstrained, while the Skyr and Greek yoghurt are strained. As a result, the Greek and Icelandic Skyr often contain higher protein quantities, taste creamier and often has a thicker texture.

As a result, they are often great for suppressing your appetite. While the taste, texture and thickness of the non-fat yoghurts are great, what’s responsible for keeping you satiated and full for a longer period of time is the protein content.

These usually contain between 15g and 17g of proteins per 5.3 ounce container. This is about 2x the amount of proteins you’ll find in regular yoghurts. You’d think that carbs would fill you up for longer, but studies have shown that people who include more proteins in their diets tend to feel fuller for far longer than those who take just carbs or fats.

This is even more so when they have access to all the carbs they want. One such study showed that when participants were allowed to increase their protein intake to 30 percent from 15 percent, and given access to more carbs, they ended up eating far less carbs -441 calories less- because of the filling nature of the proteins, and ended up losing weight –about 11lbs- during the duration of the experiment.

While these yoghurts are great, they can become somewhat expensive real quick. What you can do however, is ensure that you take more alternative sources of protein such as beans, milk or other dairy products, fish, eggs, steak, chicken or turkey, soybeans, lentils, beans and other rich sources of protein.

If you’re in doubt about how much proteins to take per meal, adopt a protein/carbohydrate ratio of 2:1.

2. All Forms of Hot Peppers

Foods that are rich in spices tend to fill you up faster and keep you feeling full for longer. This is why we recommend that you start adding some chili pepper into your meals. The reason you are filled quicker when you eat spicy foods is partly because you will end up drinking more water to cool down the peppery sensation.

Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a compound that is responsible for its hotness and has been linked to weight loss via appetite suppression. Studies have shown that people who eat foods containing decent amounts of chili pepper during breakfast, tended to have smaller appetites during lunch in the afternoon, compared to those who didn’t.

As a result, not only did they put off lunch until later, they ate less food when they eventually got to eat, thus causing them to lose weight and melt fat. If you are looking to further curb your appetite and eat less, you might want to add some pepper to appetizers.

Research has shown that this can help lower the amount of food eaten after, as well as dessert. This only works when the pepper is blended or chewed as against when it’s swallowed whole.

Eating pepper or peppery foods tends to activate your pain receptors resulting in increased energy expenditure, fat burn, and less appetite. If you haven’t been eating peppery meals, we understand that it might be difficult at first.

So, instead of going full steam ahead, you should start small. Add smaller quantities of pepper –powdered pepper sprinkled in small quantities on foods will do just fine- at first and then increase it with time as your taste buds adapt to the spicy sensations.

Some examples of other hot peppers include cayenne pepper, bird’s eye chili, serrano pepper, cherry peppers, jalapeno peppers, tabasco pepper and Thai pepper.

3. The Many Avocado Types

There are hundreds of avocado types, and all of them provide similar nutritional benefits. Some of these include Hass, Lamb Hass, Bacon, Fuerte, Zutano, Reed, and Gwen. Avocados are a very rich source of fats that are very healthy for the heart, acts as an effective appetite suppressant and quickly satisfies you.

This makes it effective at hunger control. Much of its goodness comes from its high oleic acid content. This monounsaturated fatty acid has been shown to help burn fat, and lower blood pressure.

It helps burn fat by suppressing your appetite and reducing hunger cravings. As a result, you’ll find yourself eating less frequently and in smaller amounts without even noticing it because you can go for longer without food. And when you do get hungry, it’s not the complete hunger that causes you to eat everything in sight. It’s healthy hunger.

If you cannot get avocados, there are alternative sources of oleic fatty acid. Some of these include seeds, nuts and olives.

4. Soups, Broths and Sauces

Did you know that taking soups, broths and sauces have been linked with lower obesity risk and weight control? A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition indicated that people who eat/drink more soups and sauces tend to have smaller bellies as well as are often less obese than those who don’t.

This study which had 20,000 participants and was carried out over the course of five years -2003 to 2008- also showed that consistent soup eaters were also likely to be healthy eaters as they ate more proteins, minerals, and vitamins, healthy fats and smaller amounts of carbs.

While soup, broth or sauces can be taken during and after meals, they are even more effective for weight loss and lower food consumption when taken before meals as appetizers.

In fact, research has shown that those who took soups before meals were often likely to eat twenty percent less calories compared to those who didn’t. How are soups, broths and to some degree sauces able to help curtail your appetite during meals?

It’s simple really. They contain considerable amounts of water. As a result, it is capable of pre-filling you up. Not just that, soups tend to stay longer in the belly, which means you will most likely, feel full for a longer period of time.

While soups are great, you should know that certain soups have higher calorie content than others. For instance, lobster soups can have higher calorific content, so you would need to take smaller quantities to reduce your calorie intake.

We’ll recommend that you take very low calorie soups, broths and sauces as appetizers –preferably one with 150 calories or less. Some good examples of this include cucumber soup, red lentil and chicken veggie soups.

5. Barley

Most people don’t know this, but Barley is also effective at suppressing your appetite. This is because it is highly rich in fiber.

Even though it is a carbohydrate, Barley is known for its ability to help regulate blood sugar courtesy of its beta-glucan soluble fiber which slows down the absorption of glucose, aids blood cholesterol levels control, and lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer.

People who routinely eat barley bread will experience increased appetite control and lesser hunger pangs during lunch. This is because of the aforementioned fiber which stimulate appetite suppressing hormones.

Interestingly, the benefits didn’t just stop there. A study showed that people who ate barley bread during every meal for 3 days also experienced a revved metabolism that lasted up to 14 hours after they had the meals. This means that not only does it help suppress appetite, it also plays a role fat burning and weight loss.

6. Vegetable Salads and Fruits

If there’s one food you must absolutely eat every day to suppress your appetite, keep you feeling full for longer as well as provides the necessary minerals and vitamins that most people lack, it’s vegetables and fruits.

These contain very high fiber content, helps regulate blood sugar by slowing down digestion, gradually releases glucose into the blood resulting in insulin control, and improved gut health.

You must always include sizable helpings in your daily meals every day. You can and should also snack on these vegetables and fruits whenever you feel the urge to snack on something. These tend to fill you up faster, controls your hunger pangs and improves your gut health.

Studies have shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables every day tend to have slimmer waists, less visceral fat, and are in better overall health and shape.

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