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Folicure Review

Folicure is a lineup of hair care products that promise to infuse your hair with the proteins and soothing herbs needed for thick, full locks. Here’s our Folicure review.

What is Folicure?

Folicure is a lineup of about 9 different hair products, including a shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, and moisturizer. The shampoo is the core product in the lineup.

The products are priced reasonably, with all Folicure products priced between $5 and $7.

The company claims that the unique Folicure formula will “transform your fine tresses into thick, full luscious.” The secret behind the power of Folicure lies in its proteins and herbal extracts. Here’s how Folicure’s manufacturer describes the formula:

“Folicure infuses your hair with strengthening soy protein, pantethine and jojoba oil along with a few soothing herbs.”

By using the shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer, you can boost the health of your hair – or at least that’s the idea.

Folicure stops short of claiming that it can cure balding – but many people buy it specifically for that purpose. Instead of claiming that it can reverse hair loss, the company makes claims that Folicure will moisturize, strengthen, and thicken your hair.

In other words, don’t use Folicure expecting a miracle cure for balding.

Folicure Products

There are a total of 8 products in the Folicure lineup, including all of the following:

— Folicure Flexible Hold Hairspray 10 oz: $6.99
— Folicure Moisturizing Conditioner 12 oz: $5.99
— Folicure Extra Hold Styling Gel 8 oz: $4.99
— Folicure Hair Spray: $5.99
— Folicure Extra Shampoo: $4.95
— Folicure Shampoo 12 oz: $5.99
— Folicure Conditioner 8 oz: $4.99
— Folicure Formula for Fine or Thinning Hair: $4.95

All of the products listed there contain the same Folicure formula that has made the brand famous. Certain products, however, contain slightly different variations.

The Folicure for Fine or Thinning Hair, for example, is specially designed to stimulate the scalp by removing sebum, which leads to thicker, fuller-looking hair. You’re supposed to use it in conjunction with the shampoo. First, you shampoo your hair using the Folicure shampoo or any “mild pH balanced shampoo”. Then, you part your hair into one inch sections and apply the Folicure Formula along the partings. You massage the formula into your scalp gently, then rinse it out and dry.

Folicure Ingredients

The full list of Folicure ingredients can be found on their website. The shampoo, for example, contains natural ingredients like jojoba seed oil along with rosemary extract, basil, parsley extract, and a number of synthetic formula like sodium laureth sulfate and disodium cocoamphodiacetate.

How to Buy Folicure Products

You can buy Folicure products from retailers like Sally Beauty, where they’re priced at the rates listed above (the prices above are for the smallest bottles, and you can save more money by ordering the 32 ounce bottles. The 12 ounce shampoo, for example, is priced at $5.99 while the 32 ounce version is priced at $12.29.)

When buying from the official website, you can choose to receive a one-time order for the full-price or choose the “Auto-Ship & Save” option, which gives you 10% off your entire order price. The auto-ship and save option lets you choose to receive the order repeatedly at your desired frequency – anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. If you choose that option, then the company will automatically ship your Folicure product to your doorstep that frequently.

You may also want to purchase Folicure from Amazon. You won’t find Folicure’s full product lineup on, but you will find the most popular options like the shampoo and hair thinning formula. You can bundle these products together and save money.

Prices are similar on both the official site and on The Folicure Shampoo 32 Ounce bottle, for example, is priced at $15.92 on Amazon. The Folicure Formula for Fine or Thinning Hair 12 Ampoules is priced at $18.99. Free shipping is available on orders over $35.

Who Makes Folicure?

Folicure is made by a company named Unilever, which as you may or may not know has hundreds of different brands under its name — AXE, Dove, Ben & Jerrys, Lipton, Klondike, and Vaseline just to name a few. Unilever describes Folicure as:

Folicuré is a brand of hair products available in Chile, specialising in combating hair loss by strenghtening fine or thinning hair.

You can see their website here: – But it is very incomplete.

Who Should Use Folicure?

Folicure is targeted towards men and women who desire thicker, fuller hair. However, Folicure never actually claims to help you regrow lost hair or cure balding. Instead, it works better as a supplement for existing hair growth. If you need an extra boost to the fullness of your hair, for example, then Folicure may be able to help.

Ultimately, Folicure is a relatively straightforward shampoo that contains several additional herbal extracts like jojoba seed oil that purportedly boost the proteins in your hair. If you’re looking for a miracle hair loss cure, then Folicure isn’t it. But if you’re interested in improving the overall health and fullness of your hair, then Folicure is a well-reviewed supplement backed by strong customer testimonials online.

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  2. Folicure Inc. IS NOT affiliated with the company who makes these products. Folicure Inc is a hair restoration salon based out of the Dallas Metroplex. DO NOT CALL the phone number that this website has provided.

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