Flexispot Deckcise Pro – Adjustable Exercise Bike & Standing Desk?


Developed to keep the human body mobile and fit, the Flexispot Deckcise Pro allows users to work and study while exercising on a stationary bike.

Please read on for more about this adjustable, mobile exercise bike.

What is the Flexispot Deckcise Pro?

Research indicates that prolonged periods of sitting are not ideal for the human body, which has developed through centuries for continuous movement throughout the day.

Hours at a desk negatively impact muscles, joints, and posture resulting in tension, displacement, and soreness. Lower back pain, one of the most common complaints among office workers, is largely due to this disadvantageous positioning.

Aimed at reducing the time spent seated at a desk, the Flexispot Deckcise Pro is a combined standing desk and stationary bike with an adjustable desktop for users to continue working or studying.

Magnetic resistance allows users to manipulate difficulty while wheels allow for easy transport of the bike between rooms.

How Does Flexispot Deckcise Pro Work?

Each bike is delivered pre-assembled for immediate use. Ideal for use at home or in the office, the Deckcise Pro works as a stationary bike with a comfortable seat with an adjustable desktop for the ability to concurrently read, study, work, or watch television while exercising.

Users can exercise throughout the workout day to break up prolonged seated periods or can increase the intensity for one exercise session per day.

Features of the Flexispot Deckcise Pro


With a fully adjustable full-motion desktop, the Deckcise Pro can move forward, backward, up, or down for optimal positioning of laptops, books, or any other materials.

This allows users of different body shapes to comfortably read, work, or watch television while continuing to pedal. Such movement also allows the Deckcise Pro to function as a standing desk by bringing the desktop forward over the bike seat.

Magnetic Resistance:

Varying levels of intensity are available with eight different resistance settings to get a more dynamic workout or to follow a steady pace while focusing on other tasks.

Additionally, a quiet pedaling system insures that other people in the house or office will not be disturbed.


Wheels with 360-degree swivel movement allow users to easily move the bike through different rooms while gravity sensor locks prevent wheel movement while the bike is in use.

Height Adjustment:

A simple lever allows users to adjust the height for optimal comfort for those between 5’1” and 6’1”.

No Assembly:

The bike is ready for use directly out of the box, eliminating the need for consuming or time-consuming assembly.

Flexispot Deckcise Pro Pricing


Through Amazon, the Deckcise Pro can be purchased for $499.99 with free shipping.


For the same price of $499.99, this product can be purchased through the manufacturer, FlexiSpot.

Should You Use Flexispot Deckcise Pro?

Developed to improve daily physical positioning and movement, the Deckcise Pro allows users to fulfill their daily responsibilities while simultaneously keeping their bodies in prime condition.

It seems that users would benefit from this product even if they followed a slow, steady pace throughout the day rather than attempt an intense exercise circuit. For that reason, this might be an ideal solution for office workers with joint stiffness or muscle tension.

Interested readers can find further information at: https://www.amazon.com/Flexispot-Exercise-Office-Adjustable-Standing/dp/B0762FFNQ4/.

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