FITLY – Practical Innovative Minimalist Running Pack?


Running is the most efficient cardiovascular activity consumers can take part it. Not only does it enhance one’s ability to run, but it also allows one to have better breathing and speed control. With every activity comes a downside, but with running it entails an external factor. What may that be?

The inconvenience of carrying one’s valuables is believed to be a con. First, it leaves consumers wondering where to leave their valuables. Second, it may increase worry, as theft is a serious concern. Most importantly, it is extremely difficult to run with one’s goods on their back, as it moves, creates discomfort and makes unnecessary noise. This is where FITLY comes into play.

By wearing FITLY, consumers can attain their daily exercise without neither having to feel uncomfortable nor getting interrupted. In addition, consumers can do so with their valuables on their back and front.

To better understand FITLY’s associated benefits, the following review will introduce it with respect to its purpose, its features, its uses, and its affordability.

What Is FITLY?

FITLY was created with the intentions of increasing one’s comfort levels, while allowing one to carry their belongings safe and sound. It is a type of belt referred to as the Thoracic Belt system, which is said to contain two pectoral front pockets that is strapped around one’s body.

What makes FITLY commendable is the different areas that have been considered in its overall design. Let’s take a closer look at its design to assess its smartness.

What Can Be Said About FITLY’s Features?

The main feature embedded in FITLY is the Thoracic Bet System. Its purpose is to allow consumers to conveniently retrieve smaller items closest to one’s reach. Second, its magnetic snap allows consumers to clip the FITLY around three different positions on the body.

Third, its no bouncing phone slot, as the name implies claims to manage the weight of a phone without luring one down. Fourth, it is said to be fabricated with the CODURA Fabric, which might be durable and resistant.

Next, its silent zipper tabs eliminates any form of noice while unzipping and zipping to reach for things. Most importantly, it claims to contain an odor eliminating protection. These are just some of many features embedded in FITLY.

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that FITLY has been perceived in different angles. Besides optimal comfort, factors like convenience, durability, lightness, flexibility and odor and water resistance has also been thought of. Of them all is that of dehydration, as FITLY can be used to carry a water bottle as well.

How Can Consumers Make Use Of FITLY?

Although, FITLY has been promoted as a mean that increases convenience while running, consumers can also carry it while travelling, taking part in activities like walking, kayaking or hiking or as a purse. In addition, it can be worn underneath one’s clothes to carry personal and important items like IDS or a passport.

What Can Consumers Expect In Terms Of Prices?

FITLY is said to come in three colors (emerald blue, classy black and mojito green), and 2 sizes. Consumers who normally wear sizes between XS and XL can benefit from its uses.

This being said the following is a quick price breakdown of what consumers can expect to receive for their money’s worth:

  • Early Birds: $59
  • Morning Birds: $69
  • Evening Birds: $79
  • Small Flock of Birds, which includes 5 FITLYs: $295
  • Hitchcockian Flock of Birds, which includes 10 FITLYs: $490

As FITLY makes it way through the process of seeking backers, now is the time to take advantage, as the prices are significantly lower. Once FITLY makes its way to retailers, consumers can expect to invest at most $99, which is almost double the Early Birds deal.

FITLY Review Summary

Based on FITLY’s properties and features, it is clear that it can come of use while taking part in physical activity, regardless of how intense or light it may be. As it rests nicely underneath one’s breast region, consumers can get their daily exercise done without having to worry over where to place their goods.

Most importantly, its overall support is said to be responsible for optimal comfort. Lastly, its size, which can be viewed as a miniature version of a backpack makes it far more easier to carry at all times. For more information, go to:

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