FHI Brands Stylus – Heated Thermal Styling Brush?


FHI Stylus Review Guide

The FHI Stylus is a thermal styling brush that is designed to give you loose waves throughout your hair. This is our review.

What is the FHI Stylus?

The Stylus by FHI is a hair tool that helps you create a beautiful hairstyle with little effort. Whether you style your hair every day or barely have time to style it, you know that a beautiful hairstyle takes work. You need to get out the right styling products, along with the right tools for the job. You risk overloading your bathroom’s outlet with all of the different tools you need to plug in, with only the goal of making your hair look effortless. However, the FHI Stylus can eliminate the excessive amount of products and tools in your bathroom, while making your hair look beautiful and full of life.

The FHI Stylus is a heated brush that helps you to achieve many different hairstyles. With the stylus, you are able to:

  • Add volume
  • Lift your hair at the root
  • Wave your hair
  • Curl
  • Flip
  • Touch up a second-day hairstyle
  • Smooth and de-frizz problematic hair textures

This tool takes a little time to achieve your look, but it is much simpler than fighting with your hair dryer, curling iron, or other accessories. By using a steady and slow pace, you are on your way to having the hairstyle you want all day long. You can use a little hairspray, but you won’t need any other products or tools to create a beautiful look.

How the FHI Stylus Works

The stylus works in a different way than your other hair appliances. Most other hair appliances require you to clamp down on the hair, which flattens it. If you prefer a flat hairstyle, then the stylus is not for you. The stylus features a heated brush, but you are able to achieve the volume you want because your hair is not wedged between two sides of a device.

The stylus is powered by an electrical cord, which allows you to get a consistent flow of heat to the device. Each stylus has six rows of nylon teeth, which help you to eliminate tangles as you create your latest hairstyle. The ceramic heating inside gives you the ability to keep your hairstyle all day long, rather than falling flat a few hours later.

Using the FHI Stylus

There are multiple tutorials on the FHA website that show you exactly how to use the stylus, which is much easier than having step-by-step instructions written on a page. To determine the heat level, you should use, adjust the temperature according to your hair texture, like this:

  • 250 degrees Fahrenheit: fine, fragile hair
  • 285 degrees Fahrenheit: fine hair
  • 320 degrees Fahrenheit: normal hair
  • 350 degrees Fahrenheit: coarse or wavy hair
  • 400 degrees Fahrenheit: thick and curly hair

To create body and volume for fine hair, take a section of the hair and place the Stylus underneath the layer. You need to twist in a C-pattern to get volume at the bottom. For lift at the root, place the Stylus behind the section of hair and let your hair rest on the heat for a few seconds. For volume on the sides of your hair, you need to section out your hair, place the stylus behind the section and continue to twist the brush as you brush down the section.

To control frizz and smooth your hair, start working through the hair by brushing and using the tool underneath the hair, brushing from the root to the base. You need to hold the hair tight, allowing you to create the smooth hair completely. Once you brush under the hair, you repeat the same motion on top of the layer. Maintain a slow and steady speed to achieve this look.

To curl your hair with the Stylus, choose a large section of hair. Brush through the hair, and then place the stylus on the top section of hair. Slowly rotate the hair around the brush’s heated area. The most important part of this process is slow.

If you want to add volume to short hair, start by simply brushing the hair to soften the texture. Place the stylus at the root. Using a C-shape, slowly turn the stylus and let the hair rest on the heated area of the brush. Repeat throughout your hair.

No matter what style you’re trying to achieve, allow your hair to cool before you handle it. Touching your hair while hot can cause you to lose the look you achieved, letting your hair fall flat. Once cooled, you can add hairspray.

Pricing for the FHI Stylus

The FHI Stylus is priced at $139.99. While this may seem like a high price, think of all the money you’ve invested in low-quality curling irons, hot rollers, and other curling appliances. These devices wear out quickly, and they rely on your skills in hair care in order to get the desired effect.

The FHI Stylus is so reliable that many high-profile celebrities and hair stylists use it to create beautiful locks on your favorite celebrities. The cost may be an investment, but it is a small price to pay for looking flawless every day.

The Makers of the FHI Stylus

FHI is a company that makes products for celebrity clientele, and is quite popular in the haircare industry. If you have questions about the Stylus or other products from the company, you can call 1-877-FHI-HEAT. You can also email the company at [email protected]

If you need to return your product, you will need to speak with a representative for the correct address. However, you can send general correspondence to:

FHI Brands

29003 Avenue Sherman

Valencia, CA 9135


Even if you are someone that often has a difficult time achieving the hairstyle you want, the FHI Stylus makes the process easy. While it takes a little bit of time to style your hair, you are able to achieve many different hairstyles and eliminate clutter in your bathroom at the same time.

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